Dear Eonni: A BLINK from Brazil says BLACKPINK member Jennie is the joy & strength of millions of other girls

In the latest edition of Dear Eonni, Natasha Gomes from Brazil dedicates her sweet letter to BLACKPINK member Jennie. Read her letter below.
Dear Eonni: A BLINK from Brazil says BLACKPINK member Jennie is the joy & strength of millions of other girls
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BLACKPINK truly has a loyal fandom, aptly named BLINKS, who forever light up the sky with their complimentary words for the popular South Korean girl group. Haters have no place in BLACKPINK's area as BLINKS will fight tooth and nail to defend Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé, in the blink of an eye, no pun intended! Hence, the love shared between BLACKPINK and BLINKS is truly inspiring to witness.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Natasha Gomes to Jennie. Read her letter below.

Dear Jennie ...

My name is Natasha Gomes, I'm seventeen years old, I'm Brazilian and it's been two years since I started thinking about writing this letter, but I always wrote, erased or threw it away, because I always thought that the words were meaningless. but for a while now I decided I would do it, and here I am. Jennie you are a fantastic woman, you are intelligent, charismatic, friendly, kind, selfless, funny and very, very, very beautiful. I got to know BLACKPINK through you ... I always loved seeing fashion shows, or just reading about big fashion brands, and one day I read an article about you, and wow ... I saw that incredibly beautiful woman and I thought "who is she?" And it was then that I took the trouble to research, and honestly I am very grateful to that, because not only did I know you as the girls (Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé). I am not very good with words, but I will try to say in this letter because I love you.

To begin with, I love you for the simple fact that you are you, I see several artists who end up letting their fame go up, but you, even with such success, remain the same. I love your solo music, I really love it, I try to sing or dance every time I hear it. But I love you because you are my inspiration ... I am not a popular girl, or even important, and due to some negative comments I ended up thinking that I would never be able to fulfill my dream of being a visual artist and writer. But when I met you and started researching you and seeing the amazing girl you are, I started to get inspired (I made a panel in my room full of drawings I made of you) I am so grateful to that, because I got a scholarship for English arts and literature and if I have someone to thank, it is you, really. You motivated me to follow and conquer my dreams, I have a book ready and the protagonist's name was in her honor.

I know that being famous can be quite a challenge, and I honestly hate to see all the nasty comments that are directed at you, I really feel bad. I just want to tell you that you are amazing, at just 25 years old you have become one of the greatest divas on this planet, you represent great brands, you have a voice that borders on perfection, you own an extraordinary beauty, and you make me go out screaming at home, at school or anywhere else when I see you lol ... If there are a thousand heaters, remember that there is more than twice as many BLINKS who love you and want your good. I wouldn't put you in a pot, because your talent has to be shown to the whole world. Arrows will be shot at you, but we will be your shield Jennie. I have emotional problems and when sadness comes, I watch videos of your videos, or just a photo and I am so happy, always remember that Jennie, you are the joy and strength of millions of other girls. Thank you for existing, thank you for being this incredible woman that you are, thank you for inspiring me and giving me strength every day. I hope to meet you one day, not only you but the BLACKPINK girls too. In the end ... I wish you well Jennie, and that you continue that wonderful woman that you are.

With love Natasha
Ps: B-Blinks love you all

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Yeah, she is right Jennie is only girl who inspired me also. I am Akansha from India love you eonni you my inspiration girl you I get attitude to never give up from you. I love you so much