10 easy K-Pop Dances: FIFTY FIFTY’s Cupid, NewJeans’ Super Shy and more

Let us check out some of the easiest K-pop choreographies that anyone can follow.

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FIFTY FITY (Attrakt) NewJeans (ADOR)
FIFTY FITY (Attrakt) NewJeans (ADOR)

K-pop dances are incredibly hard to follow as they consist of intricate moves. However, let us look at 10 easy K-pop dances that are perfect for beginners to learn. From Girls’ Generation’s Gee Gee to NewJeans’ Super Shy, the list contains beginner-friendly choreographies that can be mastered in no time. These dances offer a fun way for newcomers to dive into the world of K-pop choreography and build their skills gradually. With dedication and practice, even the most complex routines can become second nature to dancers of all levels.

10 easy K-pop dances for beginners to learn today 


FIFTY FIFTY's Cupid went viral thanks to its catchy tune and cute lyrics. But it wasn't just the music that drew fans in, the music video's vibrant colors also caught their attention. Not only that, but the dance choreography is simple and enjoyable. With just a few attempts, anyone can easily remember the whole routine. The girl group that comprised of Sio, Saena, Aran, and Keena danced to the song with joy and grace.

Super Shy - NewJeans
Super Shy, by the newly formed K-pop group, was everywhere during its release. The members of the group include Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. The quirky beats along with the enchanting music video where everyone was seen dancing their hearts out quickly became a viral sensation. However, not just because of the music but also because of the exciting dance challenge. The bit was extremely easy, and everyone started doing it, including K-pop idols and fans. The choreography is so simple yet enjoyable that anyone watching would feel like joining in.


Gee - Girls Generation
The iconic song by the equally iconic group has one of the easiest dance routines in K-pop. Instead of intricate moves, the choreography emphasized on the small movements that accentuated the members’ visuals. With straightforward steps and repetitive motions, such as the iconic hip sway and hand gestures, the song is the perfect introduction to K-pop choreography. Its playful and upbeat vibe adds to the overall fun of learning the dance, encouraging enthusiasts of all skill levels to join in and enjoy the experience.

Psycho - Red Velvet

The song isn't your typical cheerful tune, instead, it sets a creepy mood. What really stands out about the song is its music video, where the members capture the essence of the song perfectly. Although some dance moves may seem challenging, they're actually quite easy to learn. When dancing to the routine, it's important to tap into your inner appreciation and let the rhythm guide you. The song's adaptability also allows for different interpretations, promoting personal expression while staying true to its emotional core.


BANG BANG BANG by BIGBANG is an absolute sensation in the K-pop world, dominating airwaves and dance floors alike upon its release. Comprising of members such as G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Daesung, Big Bang's charisma shines through in every performance. The song's infectious beats and electrifying energy quickly propelled it to viral status, with fans around the globe eagerly joining in on the dance craze. What makes the song particularly remarkable is its straightforward yet captivating choreography. Even inexperienced dancers find themselves drawn to the song's rhythm, effortlessly grooving along to its catchy tunes. 


TWICE is particularly known for their catchy dance routines and complicated choreographies, which not everyone can follow. Nevertheless, this song in particular has one of the easiest dance moves. One can follow the movements along with the group just by watching the music video. Moreover, along with being easy, it also makes the performers appear visually appealing. The group is composed of nine members: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. 


Forever Young - BLACKPINK

Forever Young by BLACKPINK is an undeniable hit that has taken the K-pop world by storm. With members including Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, BLACKPINK brings their signature charm and talent to every performance. The song's infectious beats and catchy hooks make it a favorite among fans, and its lively choreography perfectly complements its upbeat vibe. The group usually performs some of the hardest choreographies, which require a lot of energy, but this dance routine consists of simple moves that anyone can follow.

Blooming Day - EXO-CBX

As soon as an EXO fan hears “Can I Be Your Boyfriend, Can I?” they know which move to make. The track’s catchy lyrics and consistent beats help one to not just follow but also memorize the routine for a long time. Moreover, the routine is suitable for anyone, and it blends with people’s different styles. If you dance to this choreography, you will just be one step away from becoming an expert.


With IU's soulful vocals and captivating presence, the song delivers a powerful message about setting boundaries and self-respect. Its catchy melody and unique rhythm make it instantly memorable, while IU's emotive delivery adds depth to its lyrics. The dance routine adds another layer of fun to the song. IU has included super easy moves for everyone to follow. Whether you are having a good day or a bad day, dancing to this song will make it all go away.

War of Hormone - BTS

The list would be incomplete without adding a song by the legendary BTS. However, they are definitely not known for their easy moves; on the contrary, they are rather extremely difficult. However, War of Hormone is one of the few songs that has a simpler choreography. The members are seen enjoying the song more with an easy dance routine. One can easily follow the steps and dance the way the Bangtang Boys do!


Tips for learning K-pop dance

  • Break down the dance into smaller segments and practice each part individually.
  • Regular, consistent practice is key to mastering K-pop dance moves.
  • Utilize online tutorial videos and mirrored dance practice to learn step-by-step choreography breakdowns.
  • Focus on details like hand gestures and facial expressions for a polished performance.

Above, we have covered only 10 K-pop easy dances, however, there are a lot more out there. Following beginner-friendly K-pop dance is the best way to learn and keep growing. Are you ready to dance along with your favorite K-pop idols?


Is Learning K-pop Choreography Easy?
It is easy if one practices consistently and regularly.

What is the easiest BTS choreography for beginners?
War of Hormone is one of the easier choreographies from the group.

Are K-pop dances hard to learn?
Yes, because it consists of many intricate moves.

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