Dear Eonni: A MAMAMOO fan from India explains why Hwasa is her ideal role model

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Dear Eonni: A MAMAMOO fan from India explains why Hwasa is her ideal role model

As part of our Dear Eonni series, we receive a number of letters addressed to numerous fan groups where fans express their love and gratitude toward the group and their members. In today's edition, we've received a letter from Jagruti, who is a fan of the K-pop girl group MAMAMOO. The fan from India revealed she became a Moomoo in 2019 and her life change thereon. While she loves the whole group, she feels Hwasa, in particular, has changed her life. Find out why in her letter below: 

Hii my name is Jagruti and I'm from India and I want to tell the story of how I started to became a fan of most amazing girl group MAMAMOO and how they changed my life specially Hwasa 

Now let's get started ;) 

I became a Moomoo (Mamamoo fandom name) in 2019 after HIP era (hmm I know that it's late but still I love them a lot and I will always) sorry for that crying :(. 

I never knew them before but 1 day there was a Mama awards performance of song HIP in my  YouTube recommendations and I was like let's watch it, and after that performance, I was like“ who are they?? Wow, they are awesome!!! “I want to get to know them more!!!!" And after that, I started to watch their music videos and also I started to watch their funny movements video and don't know how but I started to be a moomoo and started to fall in love with their charms, talent, uniqueness  and kindness

MAMAMOO all members are super beautiful, talented, kind, unique and also crackheads when became a Moomoo I was like!! “aah I like Solar"!! “no I like Moonbyul "!! No, I like Wheein!!! no, I like Hwasa!! 

(Really it is a struggle to choose a bias in MAMAMOO cause if you choose a bias you'll always get wrecked by another member) 

Even it's hard to choose bias in Mamamoo still 1 member of Mamamoo always catch my eyes and it's none other than Hwasa I really don't know how she manages her duality when she is on stage like she is so cute in off stage but when she is on stage she is literally like a lioness and the most important thing that I love about her that she always inspire others to love yourself and to not to give up on dreams her most iconic line that I'll always remember is “if I don't fit in this generation beauty standards I will become my own"  and this line has inspired a lot of people plus me as well. 

I can't describe in the word's that how much I love Mamamoo and Hwasa specially Hwasa cause she has been an inspiration to a lot of people and also she is like my role model cause she also had inspired me to love myself more and not to give up on dreams  

Dear, HWASA unnie I hope that you know that you are so amazing person in this world and also that you have inspired a lot of peoples plz take care of yourselves unnies and don't take those haters seriously you're amazing the way you are and once again Thanks MAMAMOO for being yourself and to inspire a lot of peoples 

Lol this letter is so long I'm sorry for that 



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Anonymous : hwasa duality is the most elegant!
REPLY 0 5 months ago
Anonymous : Love Mamamoo. Believe in Mamamoo.
REPLY 3 5 months ago
Anonymous : HWAITING!!
REPLY 3 6 months ago
Anonymous : Truly can feel your sentiments as I went through the same !! I happened to find then during Starry Night ... And Hwasa is just an amazing person ... The amount of confidence I have gotten and the self love that she taught is never enough !!
REPLY 4 6 months ago
Anonymous : Yesss queeennn!!! Taste- Hwasa changed my life too -fan from the UK
REPLY 3 6 months ago
Anonymous : Mamamoo is the best, and I'll never regret stanning them <3
REPLY 6 6 months ago
Anonymous : Iam also a mamamoo fan iam from India only since I love kpop 2010 onwards. mamamoo is first woman group l love them they teach me be your self because these 1 groups that different from another group in2020 also.
REPLY 4 6 months ago
Anonymous : Mamamoo is a quite unique women k-pop band with such hidden artistic talents.I hope people would recognise their talent rather than pointing towards their (Hwa Sa) Korean ideal type of girl band with aegyo expressions...Luv u guys keep on rocking.Saranghaeo.......from bottom of the ❤️
REPLY 7 6 months ago
Anonymous : Mamamoo is queen . They are humble talented and having best songs
REPLY 10 6 months ago
Anonymous : Hwasa is my role model too, she's one of the most genuine persons I've seen. I hope people stop hating and misunderstanding her and start to realise how a iconic she is. Mamamoo are our beautiful and talented queens. MAMAMOO OUR QUEENS WE LOVE YOU.
REPLY 6 7 months ago
Anonymous : Yesss Hwasa is amazing I hope anti's stop hating on her. She deserves the world. Mamamoo superior- Our queens deserve everything including respect and its about time people realise how talented they are. Thankyou for stanning our Beagle Queens !
REPLY 1 6 months ago
Anonymous : Because Mamamoo are genuine, they are not idols but artists.
REPLY 8 7 months ago