EXCLUSIVE: VIVIZ discusses GFRIEND, re-debut, Queendom 2, Grammy’s Global Spin & hanbok

Girl group VIVIZ’s Eunha, SinB and Umji unclasp the knot on their many sides in a candid conversation with Pinkvilla.

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VIVIZ: courtesy of BPM Entertainment

Vivacious with a pinch of starlit edge and a side of dazzling talent, VIVIZ can be described with words resting around their bright energies, a scintillating greed for breaking out of their shell and a breath of fresh air. Eunha, SinB and Umji decided to cement their footing in the world of K-pop by taking charge of their own futures and ensuring no stone gets left unturned this time around.

A second debut? Check. More power? Check. Unity? Triple check. The members of VIVIZ found themselves at the cusp of a challenging year as they presented the world with a new formidable entry that came around on February 9, 2022, with their first mini-album ‘Beam of Prism’ and lead song 'BOP BOP' that caught the waves with fans. Soon after, the trio went head first, along with their competitive spirit clutched on their sleeve, by participating in the second edition of a reality survival show that saw them pitted against other girl groups in the industry. While VIVIZ was up for a good time, they were easily marching on with more nods to their journey. Becoming the first K-pop girl group to have performed at the GRAMMYs' Global Spin segment, the three donned chic outfits that hinted of a Hanbok inspiration.

So much on their plate, finding a new name for themselves was surely not an easy task for Eunha, SinB and Umji who base their roots in the widely loved six piece GFRIEND, a precious memory they had to say goodbye to in 2021. Have the girls left their days being a sextet behind them? A reassuring “No” finds its way back.

Now embarking on a new path, releasing their second mini-album with a blast of bubbly fun tied to the mix, VIVIZ has met their well wishers with ‘Summer Vibe’. With an affectionate title song ‘LOVEADE’, the girls are more than ready to unfurl their excitement, shedding light on their growth.

Talking about their many stepping stones, VIVIZ’s Eunha, SinB, and Umji take the candid way with us.

A special remix of your title track ‘BOP BOP’ with Yves V is out now. How did this collaboration come about?

Umji: Yves V is a DJ with music that I look for when I want to listen to something upbeat. We were able to have this collaboration because thankfully, he said, “BOP BOP!” was charming.

Eunha: I really liked the intro that makes me feel like I’m in outer space along with the emphasis it puts on the vocals.

‘Beam of Prism’ achieved lots of records on its release. How excited are you to take this path of a trio? What can we expect next?

SinB: All three of us have different aspects of charming. We’re having fun every day haha. I hope you look forward to our bubbly energy and the synergy the three of us create. For music-wise, we’re trying to show you our various sides, so please look forward to it.

VIVIZ is a debut for the second time around for all three of you. In what ways did you approach your new beginning? What would you say has differed from the past?

Umji: We thought a lot about what kind of synergy the three of us will be able to create! We also thought, “Let’s not limit ourselves to a certain genre and be open to taking on diverse music styles!” I think what has changed from before is that we are experimenting with a lot of new things now. We plan on continuing to be open to all genres and make attempts and enjoy whatever comes our way.

VIVIZ recently became the first K-pop girl group to perform at the GRAMMYs' Global Spin. What are your feelings about taking this step?

Eunha: It was so cool! We were surprised to be able to participate in a GRAMMYs content, and it was even more amazing that we were the first. We were thrilled and happy throughout the whole preparation process. I can’t believe so many people like our music! We were ecstatic.

VIVIZ wore Hanbok-inspired outfits for the performance. What was the reason behind choosing it? Why did you think it was important to showcase Hanbok on a global scale?

SinB: We really wanted to show a Korean atmosphere. Also, we also had the desire to show the beauty of Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) and the wonderful aspects of Korea to the world. We believed it was important to do so as a K-Pop group.

You have re-birthed as members of VIVIZ. If you were to re-birth as someone else, who would that be and why?

Eunha: Rather than wanting to be born again as someone else, I am actually quite curious about the lives of others. However, if I had to choose, I’d like to be reborn as a person who is super wealthy, has supernatural powers, or is a genius to live a life with advantages! It’s a fun thought, right?

VIVIZ has participated in ‘Queendom 2’ as one of the 6 acts. What do you wish to accomplish by the end of the program?

Umji: It’s to let people know about our group, VIVIZ. That was also the reason for our participation in Queendom 2. Going forward, we want to show people that VIVIZ is capable of diverse performances and music.

Do you think you have an upper hand when it comes to the juniors on the show? On the flip side do you think there’s something that they are more fortunate with?

Umji: As the group that has been together for the longest, I think our greatest strength was not only being able to have great teamwork in creating a performance together, but also being able to come together to solve any emotional conflicts that arose throughout the course of the program. As for the strong points of other teams, they are all amazing and each team has their own charms, so I think their own unique synergy and charms were their advantages. There was so much they had to give, that was different from what we have!

You have always held your time as GFRIEND in high regard, going so long as to dedicate your first performance in ‘Queendom 2’ to both your debut days. With what thought did you choose to perform those 2 songs (Time for the Moon Night & Rough) and add January 16 to the stage?

Although we are working as VIVIZ right now, we are also still GFRIEND


SinB: Although we are working as VIVIZ right now, we are also still GFRIEND, and that performance was created with that in mind. GFRIEND is a group that is so close to our hearts and is inseparable from us. We don’t know when we would be able to perform the songs again, so the performance we put on in Queendom2 is very special to us and we will cherish it.

You have been known for the class synchronisation and powerful vocals that you bring to the table. What continues to be your motivation and approach towards your art?

Umji: Because we’re working together as a group, I think our synergy is important in backing up each other’s shortcomings and accentuating our strengths. With only three members, each of us stands out more, so we brainstorm and refine various ways to allow the individual member to showcase their unique colors, all while maintaining good teamwork. And that means we think of each other as motivation since we approach our work with our synergy in mind.

The members have talked about how previously you have struggled with self-esteem. What sort of pressure do you carry when it comes to working in this industry? How do you cope with it?

Eunha: Since our job has us being judged on everything we do or say, along with our performances, there were times we were hurt during the beginning of our debut. However, we’ve now become numb to such malicious comments and think, “Huh! We’re going to do better!” haha

What message would you like to give all the Na.V that have joined this journey as your supporters?

SinB: We’ll become a full-blooming flower for Na.V to come to rest and find comfort. *Smiles* We hope you gain energy and reassurance whenever you see us, NaV.

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