Family Karma Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Anisha finds Anish, Vishal and Richa talk it out, Brian & Monica bond

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Family Karma Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Anisha finds Anish, Vishal and Richa talk it out, Brian & Monica bond

The third episode of Family Karma season 2 brought some sweet, light-hearted moments. While last week it seemed like the end of the road for Vishal and Richa, it does look like they may give it another shot, after all. Monica and Brian’s friendship is sweet and their friendly banter always brings a smile. Though they are seeing other people, there is some unmistakable chemistry between them. We still haven’t seen Amrit come out to his grandmom, but the trailers have been hinting that this is a major moment in the show.

Vishal and Richa talk it out, and so do Vishal and Lopa aunty

We finally saw Vishal and Richa sit down and discuss their issues. Vishal reveals to Richa his feelings about Lopa aunty’s secret condo purchase in Miami. Richa seemed annoyed and replied that she will always listen to her mom and do as she says. Vishal explains that he wants them to be a team and also wants respect from Lopa aunty. Vishal also is seen having a talk with Lopa aunty. Well, she certainly did not look happy when Vishal probed her about the condo purchase. All in all, a lot of misunderstandings addressed, and at least some matters settled.

Brian and Monica hang out

We saw Brian and Monica hang out, the first time this season. Just two homies teasing each other. When Brian asked Monica if she ever wondered how they would be as a couple, Monica says ‘no’. Monica says things worked out the way they were supposed to. Did we see a hint of disappointment on Brian’s face? Maybe..

Anisha finds her Anish

Anisha has started dating again, though virtually. She is seen talking to this eligible bachelor ‘Anish’. They seem to hit it off and are also seen talking about kids! What? That’s right. We wish them the best. Well, the names match, that’s a good start, isn’t it?

Anisha’s not invited to Monica’s outdoor Navratri

Monica throws a beachside Navratri bash and everyone is invited except Anisha. Well, Bali apparently did not want to go as she hated the combination of ‘Indian clothes and the beach’ (hilarious) but everyone else was there. It looked like a lot of fun where everyone was seen bonding with each other including Richa and Vishal.

The Aunties make up

Reshma aunty and Kalpana aunty facetime and sort out the misunderstandings from the Happy Hour episode last week. They conclude that they see each other’s kids as their own and well, that is how it does in many closely knit south Asian families and friends.

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