How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous And Get His Attention

Read on to discover how to make your boyfriend jealous and avoid being taken for granted without causing any outbursts and misunderstandings.

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How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous
How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous

Women who wish to reinvigorate the same passion their partners expressed towards them during the early days of their relationship can view jealousy as a potent arsenal to win back their boyfriend's attention — and you are likely to be in the same boat if you want to know how to make your boyfriend jealous. 

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Invoking a little jealousy in your partner's mind can be a healthy thing as it indicates possessiveness and concern and can keep one from being taken for granted. The withdrawal of your lover from moments of intimacy and date nights can be a real turn-off. The reasons for such behavior can be work-related stress but missing out on the little moments of joy may gradually disintegrate the foundation of a relationship and cause it to crumble. That is when the tingling feeling of jealousy can make a partner aware of the negligence he has been unconsciously showcasing towards their partner and can serve as a wake-up call to win back the attention of their loved ones.

Keep reading to learn of the most simple, funny, and easy ways to invoke this bitter-sweet feeling in your partner's mind. 

Will Jealousy Work?


When we speak of invoking the green worm in our bae’s mind we mean activating it through a series of tricks that are naughty, and nice with a sprinkle of wickedness. The same love the guy had generously showered on his girl in the courtship days when seems to be depleted with time, intimidates women, and even raises questions of self-doubt. Hence many of them look up the internet, read books, and seek advice from trusted girls in their gang to understand effective ways on how to make their guy jealous and possessive about their relationship.   


First, it helps the partner prioritize the relationship over anything else, along with instilling a fear of losing out on their loved one. Secondly, it also manifests in the form of a strengthened degree of possessiveness that both partners have lost for each other due to the mundane regularities of daily life. Thus if cultivated properly and executed diligently, the emotion of jealousy can be a powerful tool for change and a modernized way of reinforcing passion in their relationship.  

However, incorporating these tricks is like skating on thin ice — a little bit of negligence can cause your relationship to drown.

Although jealousy stimulates the feelings of care, concern, and fear in your mate's mind, one cannot deny the fact that it is an offspring of the family of negative emotions like rage, anger, sadness, loneliness, guilt, and shame. 

Hence, gaslighting your partner to invoke feelings of envy is like taking the bull by its horns, and if not performed diligently it can lead to arguments, misunderstandings, and even abuse. Just the way too much salt and sugar tends to spoil the taste of the entire dish, overdoing these tricks of jealousy may manifest in the form of aggression in your partner's mind and make way for questions with regards to one’s fidelity. 

In this article, we will explore tried and tested ways of how to make your boyfriend jealous without triggering any feelings of rage, shame, and frustration within their minds. Scroll away to explore the most relevant ways.

26 Ways to Make Boyfriend Jealous And Reinvigorate Fading Love

How to Make your Boyfriend Jealous

1. Get Going with Your Girl Gang 

Although it may sound a little skeptical, the curiosity guys have towards girl gang gossip is similar to a girl's earnestness towards ‘boy’s talk’. Hence, once in a while or every second day when you plan a trip with your girlfriends, it is a subtle way of reminding the guy that you have a life outside of him and can be happy even without his presence. This will instill a feeling of being sidelined in your guy's mind and he will want to become the apple of your eye and not divide his share of the rightful attention with anyone else. 

2. Accentuate Your Self Love 

The increase in the frequency of your salon visits and your expensive manicure procedures, coupled with flaunting sensual dresses may not be instrumental in making him jealous instantaneously, but it may slowly snowball and raise doubts within your baes mind and he might suspect the presence of something fishy. 


3. Fake It Till You Make It

How to Make your Boyfriend Jealous

The easiest way to arrest your baes attention is by pretending to be engrossed in your phone and constantly giggling while scrolling through the best deals on Amazon. This constant smiling will set your loved one on fire. He will then try to investigate the truth behind these smirky smiles. In short, create the illusion of talking to someone and allow him to doubt your loyalty so that he finds it irresistible to scroll through your phone when you are away. 

4. Reconnect With Your Guy Friends from High School And College 

How to Make your Boyfriend Jealous

Although, self-explanatory as it seems, guy friends stick out like a sore thumb for boyfriends; they see them as a potential threat aiming to arrest the attention of their lady love while trying to bond over lost memories of school, college, and the workplace. Thus, your guy friend can be a potent arsenal if you are trying to win back the attention of your boyfriend.

5. Drool over a Celebrity Crush 

Though your celebrity crush may be just an eye candy for you, your male better half views him as an intruder in his relationship with you. The mention of your celebrity crush invokes feelings of insecurity within your man's mind. He identifies with the individual and emulates his traits into his personality to capture the attention of his lady love. To add on, it is one of the safest ways of making him jealous because it doesn't backfire or trigger any misunderstandings, as the third person (the celebrity) is least aware of your existence.

6. Replying to His Texts And Calls Later Rather Than Sooner 

Your guy may start to imagine the worst possibilities once you begin to reply to his texts, his Instagram stories, and his calls in a delayed fashion. However, overdoing this step can deeply upset your partner. It may lead to a feeling of being ignored and he may also try to intrude into your personal space through fair and unfair means. Therefore, practicing this ploy once in a while is enough to stir doubt into your partner's mind

7. Casually Flirt with His Male Friends 

How to Make your Boyfriend Jealous


As guys try to be the alpha male and the center of attention among the pack, flirting with their male friends will instill a feeling of insecurity. Their subconscious mind will view their male buddies as a threat and instill a fear of losing out on the affection of their lady love. However, overdoing this trick can lead to a lot of misunderstandings. Hence, one has to be cautious while implementing this trick. 

8. Don’t Give in to His Requests Easily 

During the days of the 'initial chase', the man left no stone unturned to grab your attention while you continued to pretend to ignore his efforts.  While you don’t need to reject all his efforts, you can appear unimpressed with insincere efforts or lackluster attempts at wooing you. This will send a clear message that he needs to make improved attempts to reinvigorate the dying intimacy between the two of you.

9. Withdraw When He Tries to Initiate Physical Intimacy 

An easy-peasy way of triggering jealousy within his mind is pretending to be fast asleep or disinterested in holding hands, or cuddling. It may seem difficult to pull away when he embraces you with those lovely hugs from behind, but a little bit of resistance from your side towards this short-term pleasure can keep the sparkle alive in your relationship for a long while. 

However, the staged act of pulling away from moments of physical intimacy may hurt his pride and instill a feeling of rejection. Hence make sure not to overdo it. 

10. Do Not Be a “Helicopter” Partner 

Thoughts of your bae's wellness and his regular activities may bother you, you may want to instantly run to him and enquire whether he has had his lunch or taken his medicines on time. However, take a step back and realize that you are not his mom and he may be getting too much of your attention. Hold on, and take a break from the constant love that you have been showering on your partner. The sudden disappearance from his life will compel him to introspect his approach towards this relationship and motivate him to undertake efforts to revive the fading love.

11. Walk Away When He Tries to Initiate Conversations 

Another way with negligible efforts to make him jealous is to pretend to be busy elsewhere or walk away pretending to be on a call while he is enlisting his experiences of the day. As men tend to get easily insecure, this lack of interest will provoke them to take on actions of your interest like buying flowers, tidying the house, and even cleaning the dishes to win back your affection. 


12. Use Social Media as Your Arsenal to Create an Illusion

How to Make your Boyfriend Jealous

Although many people have questions regarding the authenticity of people's lives on Social media, virtual media tools can be a potent tool to evoke a FOMO within your boyfriend's heart. So curate that share-worthy pout with the most ravishing reds, wear that pricey backless dress, and create the illusion of having a great time by sharing it on your social media platforms. Your boyfriend will then imagine all the guys ogling at you and feel jealous and protective.

13. Recollect Experiences from Previous Relationships And Praise Your Crushes 

Reminiscing the bitter-sweet experiences of your previous relationships without giving away too much is a lightning-fast way of making your boyfriend jealous. These tactfully concealed details will drive him crazy and he will try to get friendlier and closer to you.

14. Educate Him About the Male Attention You Are Receiving 

Show him a flirt text or the captivating comment your work colleague made about your appearance on your latest Instagram post. At first, your bae may find it very causal, but frequently repeating the same will trigger him to suspect something fishy, and his overthinking may lead him to think that he has been losing out on his relationship and hence, make more efforts to reconnect. 

15. Plan Outings with His Male Friends

How to Make your Boyfriend Jealous

One thing ladies need to be sure of while executing this step is to make sure that they dress to impress. Make sure you post Instagram stories while you are on an outing with their friends so that it generates a feeling of insecurity within their minds. Also, do brag about the night's experience for days after the plan is executed. The triggered cocktail of jealousy and possessiveness will do the rest. 

16. Skip a Few Date Nights And State Reasons to Awaken Suspicion 

Avoiding a few date nights because it is that time of the month may initially frustrate your man, but if you tell him you held up at work with a male colleague, the plot is sure to thicken. But one needs to be cautious while executing this step as your partner's overthinking may lead to unforeseen misunderstandings and miscommunications. But, make sure you keep the communication crisp and act very casual as giving away too much information may lead to your boyfriend questioning your loyalty towards the relationship. 


17. Develop Newer Interests And Invest in Self-development 

Investing in yourself to cultivate a diverse personality works miraculously both ways. Firstly, it helps you to have a broader perspective about a new skill and it also enlightens your man that your world does not only revolve around him. Hence, when your man sees that he is not the center of attention as he used to be previously, he will go tooth and nail to get back the same affection and attention. 

18. Compliment Other Men 

Just as women feel intimidated by the presence of other women, men also hate it when their ladies compliment another man’s gentlemanliness in front of them. Apart from raising the question “Am I not good enough?” somewhere subconsciously in their mind, your man also starts viewing other men as a threat and hence, starts to up his own game. 

19. Drop Hints About WorkSpace Colleagues And Neighboring Male Fellas 

For those wondering about how to make a guy jealous over text, the easiest way is to casually and organically mention the romantic approaches made by the boys in your workplace, neighborhood, and social media following. Also, telling him about the repetitive attempts made by these clingy guys to win your attention will instill doubts in his mind and it will make him wait impatiently for the next long weekend to visit you. 

20. Be Your Secret Admirer

How to Make your Boyfriend Jealous

This trick can work wonders for April Fool’s Day as well. Buy yourself gifts and chocolates and all those things you love and let him know they have been sent to you by an unknown secret admirer of yours. This simple exercise will awaken the Sherlock Holmes within your partner, and the feeling of romantic jealousy shall elevate the fear of losing out on you within him

21. Ask Your Friends to Speak Highly of You 

One of the simplest ways of reminding your boyfriend that he hit the jackpot when he met you is to ask your friends to praise you in front of them. Ask your besties to roll on the floor laughing at your jokes and shower you with unending compliments to rekindle the fading spark in your relationship and remind your partner of your worth. 


22. Fabricate White Lies That Are Too Good to Be True 

Play with your hair, fumble, and look away while he is enquiring about a late-night office party, a social media post with a male colleague, or the cheeky reply to an Instagram comment made by an unknown follower. Make up some white lies to keep him guessing and curious, but make sure you test the intensity and tone of his inquisitiveness before giving any further details, as it may cause misunderstandings and mistrust if you take it too far.

23. Be the Life of the Party

How to Make your Boyfriend Jealous

Slay the smokey eye look with the overtly revealing dress and dance your heart out with unending gusto to your favorite dance track at a club. With you grabbing all the stares, your boyfriend will now begin to understand your worth and value you even more than before.

24. Keep your Replies Short And Crisp 

Another magical way of making your man jealous over text is by using emojis and one-liners judiciously instead of writing lengthy messages with detailed explanations. A simple OK or a thumbs-up emoji will churn the rational wheels of his mind and lead him to think you have been busy elsewhere.

25.Contradict His Views During Heated Discussions 

Whether it is a discussion about who the next president of America is or just small talk regarding vegan alternatives to meaty products, make sure you contradict his views and present facts to draw awe-inspiring reactions from the audience. Your disagreement with his statements will make him respect you as an individual and also view other male members impressed by your presence as a threat to your relationship.


26. Buy Gifts for Common Male Friends 

Well, this trick is a no-brainer when it is about making your man jealous without inviting any misunderstandings. Spending extravagant money on gifts for friends, especially male friends common to both of you, will intrigue him to understand the bond between you and his male friend and introspect on what he has been doing differently in the relationship. 


Minute doses of jealousy can help strengthen the foundation of the relationship between two people and lead them to introspect and rework aspects that have been fading the initial romance of relationships. 

The carefully strategized tricks on how to make a boyfriend jealous are a set of bitter-sweet strategies, effective enough to regenerate possessiveness towards two people. However, overdoing or over-enacting these tricks can massively backfire and ruin your relationship forever. 

Therefore, make sure you execute these strategies carefully, and feel free to consult a relationship coach, or a couples counselor for additional help.

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What do I text a guy to make him jealous?
Texting your experience about your girl's night out and your time spent with your male colleagues is sometimes enough to initiate envy within your boyfriend's mind.

How do guys act when they are jealous?
Guys tend to investigate their girlfriends' devices like phones, laptops, and gadgets and also become extremely watchful of their actions as to what they are wearing, the makeup they are applying, and the people they are accompanying during night outs when they are jealous.

Why does a girl try to make a guy jealous?
A little bit of jealousy tends to reinforce passion that has faded away over time and brings the girl back to the top of the list of priorities for a guy hence girls try hard to make their boyfriend jealous.

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