Get fresh look like Malaika Arora Khan.

Hey guys hope these videos are same you are looking for.I saw many comments in my post asking the make-up break down of Malaika Arora Khan hope you get the look in two videos.Please comment and let me know!

Apply concealor or foundation then use powder and blush after that use kajal in inner rim of your eyes.Then apply eyeliner smudge it or you can try soft smokey eyes don't forget brown eyeshadow and define your eyebrows.After completing your eye make up,apply lipgloss or lipstick as far as i am concerned your lipgloss or lipstick color should be similar to that of your blush.
1st video is for face make-up and 2nd is for eyes make up!
Its not exactly like malaika's make up but somewhere i tried.

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Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

She needed braces on her teeth loooongg time ago. Some parts are sagging (!) badly!

kans4561's picture

well that fresh look you see in these pictures are the work of many makeup experts
i think cleansing ur face regularly and moisturizing it can give it a healthy look and drink alooott
of water... :)

Anonymous's picture

aishwarya looking like princess...

Anonymous's picture

@ anonymous with melasma try a colored corrector first possible from bobbi brown their correctors are really good wait for it to set and then apply concealor and continue with your foundation routine.

Anonymous's picture

you should have chosen someone with malaika's skin color that would have given better idea coz things that look good on lighter skin don't work for darker skin tone ...

Anonymous's picture

Hi, I am 30 and i have melasma. I have consulted doctors and have realized there is no cure for melasma. Can you suggest something to camouflage the spots on my face.

Anonymous's picture

um dont you think you should give credit to these gurus? anyways in case anyone is wondering the first girl is michellephan and the second is itsjudytime

Anonymous's picture

beautiful as alwayz...

Anonymous's picture

Malaika looks fab kp it up gal.

Anonymous's picture

ey desigal thx 4 da videos they were 2 gud.....:)

Anonymous's picture

to Sat, 2010-12-18 21:37 — Anonymous

your comment made me smile:))) i have the liberty tosit at home and not to worry about job/ money

please suggest - what to do when you get bore? just the fear of getting bore makes me go every day at work :(

Anonymous's picture

Munni Bahut Sexy ho........

Anonymous's picture

I have a better idea for a fresh face and beautiful skin marry someone whos rich and relax! dont stress abt work or money.....


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