The Hair Makeovers - Sonam Kapoor

The Hair Makeovers - Sonam Kapoor 0

I have to say, it was hard doing these on Sonam as it made me realise that she has a small and delicate face and not all hairstyles do justice to that.

I love the redhead look.. it looks very cool!


the most beautiful :))

she will look really good with bangs...

i loved 2nd and 5th look.....btw, she looks like david beckham in 5th pic...Sonam is very beautiful and cute, love her never-ending smile :)

SORRY i meant Victoria Beckham

looks like raveena tandon in 3rd pic

she is going to look really good in short heair i feel

maybe a shaven head...hahah lo joke

haha ...she looks chinese in the last picture..looking good

She's one person who doesn't need any make over. she's always so trendy and up to date. unlike the other bollywood celebs.

2, 3 ,4

i like the second one


SORRY none ! lol

Loveeely!! last one is my fav!

She looks good in all of them.....Last 3 I loved! :)

Sonam always looks good no matter what.All hairdo's suit her.She's too hot...too cute..and too sexy

gives us all a different perspective!

SUGGESTION: MakeupCritic, can you do one for Katrina Kaif?

last & 2nd last short definately suits her

Looks like chitrangda singh..

She looks good in all of them

She looks super cute in 2,4 and 5. Awesome job makeupcritic!

looks good in all of them

original sonam is better..

Looks just like Raveena first pic

sorry but in some of these,she looked like Chitrangda,Raveena and Prachi Desai o_o

she looks good in bob

gr8 post but you might have tried on someone else because on sonam nothing looks good

prachi desai and Penelope cruz combo

Ravenna and Somali bendre= sonam


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