EXCLUSIVE: Taecyeon REVEALS how Vincenzo co-star Song Joong Ki took care of him during Han Seok's death scene

*SPOILERS ALERT* In an EXCLUSIVE chat with Pinkvilla, Vincenzo's scene-stealing star and 2PM member Ok Taecyeon spoke candidly about why playing everyone's favourite "evil incarnate" Jang Han Seok was his hardest character to date and how his co-star Song Joong Ki made sure to take care of him while shooting Jang Han Seok's hellish death scene.

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Ok Taecyeon SJK Vincenzo Interview
Ok Taecyeon revealed that his Vincenzo co-star "Song Joong Ki was always gentle and nice on the set."

Amongst the most loved dramas from last year, Vincenzo tops the list for many K-drama enthusiasts. While Song Joong Ki showed us an avatar of his like never before as the flamboyant mafia consigliere, Vincenzo Cassano, it was also the other leading and supporting cast that deserves major props for bringing to life Vincenzo and making it such a delightful watch for viewers from across the globe.

This includes 2PM member Ok Taecyeon, who had his work cut out for him playing our favourite "evil incarnate" Jang Han Seok in Vincenzo. *SPOILERS ALERT* Taecyeon's gruesome transformation from goofy Jang Jun Woo to the animalistic Jang Han Seok in Vincenzo left viewers shocked beyond repair as we were stumped with every devilish action he took. That's testament to how effectively Taecyeon was able to breathe life in Jang Han Seok with his talent-driven, versatile acting range. Moreover, it's Jang Han Seok's eventual death scene that felt like a major catharsis moment, not just for Vincenzo on-screen, but also for fans of the show off-screen.

Song Joong Ki was always gentle and nice on the set. Before the shoot started, he made sure that the equipments used to kill Jang Han Seok will not hurt me.

Ok Taecyeon

I had the humble opportunity to interview Ok Taecyeon and couldn't help myself from asking him about his scene-stealing act as Jang Han Seok in Vincenzo. While discussing his hardest character to play to date, Taecyeon picked the obvious choice of Jang Han Seok. More importantly, the 33-year-old actor discussed shooting Jang Han Seok's hellish death scene and how his co-star Song Joong-ki made him comfortable on set while partaking in a sequence as intense as that.

Check out snippets from Ok Taecyeon's EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla for Vincenzo below:

From Cinderella's Sister to Dream High, Save Me to Vincenzo and now Secret Royal Inspector & Joy, your fans would agree that every character you play has a complexity so starkly different from the other which makes it so much fun to watch as an audience. Which drama character from these would you say is the closest to you and which was the hardest drama character to play and why?

Jang Han Seok of Vincenzo. No doubt about it. it was hard for me to portrait a character who happens to be a psychopathic killer and yet, the mind of a 7-year-old kid. The director of Vincenzo had a clear vision of how Jang Han Seok should be expressed and acted and even though the direction was clear and precise, it was a bit burden for me to act as a ruthless killer. 


As for the similar character, it's Ra Yi Eon [from Secret Royal Inspector & Joy], of course. Love for the food and people around him, I'd say Ra Yi Eon is Taecyeon of Chosun Era. While acting as Ra Yi Eon, I was very comfortable and I was able to try different ways to express Ra Yi Eon.

I have to ask you this as there are many Vincenzo fans in India. What did you think of Jang Han Seok's brutal death sequence in Vincenzo and how was it to shoot that particular scene with Song Joong Ki?

Through the death of Jang Han Seok, viewers were able to feel the catharsis. Jang Han Seok was hated by everyone and his gruesome death, even though it was not justified, in a way, it delivered justice. Song Joong Ki was always gentle and nice on the set. Before the shoot started, he made sure that the equipments used to kill Jang Han Seok will not hurt me.

Which was your favourite Ok Taecyeon scene as Jang Han Seok from Vincenzo? Share your personal picks with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

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