EXCLUSIVE: Youngjae on SUGAR, GOT7’s comeback, So Not Worth It & a playlist of his lifetime

The 25 year old soloist is trying new things and succeeding at them, marvelously! Read the exclusive interview with Pinkvilla below.

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Youngjae: courtesy of SUBLIME
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Melody comes naturally to GOT7 member and soloist Youngjae. Having pursued music from a young age, Choi Youngjae, has an infallible base of strong vocals and a charming assemblage of dedicated fans to let him know just how pleasing his singing is. Debuting with a solo album in 2021, calling it ‘COLORS from Ars’, his songwriting alias has credits dated back to 2016 when he wrote for his seven member group GOT7 and that hasn’t changed since.

A harmonious build of his many facets, Youngjae has never hindered his growth to one field, having explored his artistic abilities in several nodes of the music industry that continues to welcome him with open arms. Along with singing and songwriting, Youngjae has made quite the name as a musical act, having led ‘Midnight Sun’ in 22 shows. He has previously tackled radio DJ-ing in 2020 and now serves as one at MBC FM4U’s radio program ‘Close Friend’.

Youngjae’s widespread conquest includes his ambitions of being a noted actor as he first made his debut in Netflix’s ‘So Not Worth It’ as Sam, a character that left his fans in splits. He returned with a brooding role as Kim Seung Hyu in ‘Love & Wish’ that once again allowed the audiences to have a peek at his growth. An oftenly spotted name in the OST albums of many popular K-dramas, Youngjae seems to have mastered it all.

His next challenge? The 25 year old wishes to focus on soaring as a singer and we have no doubt that he will. His voice is honey filled, just like his eyes, that have fans bewitched with a spell of the two combined. He’s an animal lover, a dog father, an organ donor and an otter to Ahgase who adorably refer to his giggling tendencies as one. All this in one man? Youngjae is your go-to fill of everything heartwarming and genuine. Catch him in a candid conversation with Pinkvilla where he spills about his many dreams and plans to visit India.

Congratulations on your second mini-album. 'SUGAR' is your first solo comeback. How differently did you approach the new album release? When did you begin preparing for it?

Youngjae: I think I've been preparing for it since March. In this album, the young talents who are the works of Ars have been revealed further.

You've taken on a more chic look this time. What side of yourself are you trying to portray through 'SUGAR'?

Youngjae: I actually wanted to express a slightly chic look! Along with that I wanted to show a more performance-centred style.


GOT7's comeback was a month ago so you must have been getting ready for your solo release around the same time. How did you have to change your mindset each time you approached the two releases?

Youngjae: I didn't really have a lot of time to prepare, so rather than thinking like that I thought that- GOT7 suits GOT7’s color and my solo suits my liking. This was the most important thing to me.

Having done singing, songwriting, dancing, hosting, radio DJ-ing, drama acting and musical acting, you've touched on a moundful of artistic fields. Are you hungry to try something new even now? What would that be and why?

Youngjae: I don't want to challenge anything new but instead wish to have more affection for singing.

Which one of your many endeavors has been the toughest to tackle? How did you manage to overcome any difficulties?

Youngjae: I think it's consistency. More than overcoming it, it’s all about having an attitude of- even if you’re lazy, set a practice schedule and even if you have to force yourself, practice.

'So Not Worth It' released a year ago and your first acting lead role came with 'Love & Wish' last year as well. When can we see actor Youngjae next? What characters are you looking to take up?

Youngjae: In the future, I want to do better with another mischievous character like the one in ‘So Not Worth It.’

Are Choi Youngjae the person, YOUNGJAE the solo artist, YOUNGJAE the GOT7 member and Ars, all different people? If no, how? If yes, what is their core similarity?

Youngjae: They are not all different but the same person. I don't think a person can be separated into many things, and I just want to define it as someone just trying to do things in various ways.

All the members of GOT7 reunited and Ahgase couldn't be happier. What were your exact thoughts when you finally released the album?

Wow, we finally did it!
Youngjae (GOT7 member and soloist)

Youngjae: Wow, we finally did it! I thought that - if you try, you can do it. Moreover, I was so happy that I was able to meet the fans.


Do you miss the days when all seven of you used to be together all the time? Does being solo scare you in some way?

Youngjae: I miss it (being together) all the time and at first I was actually afraid of going solo, but now I always shout with my heart to just enjoy it comfortably.

You have the opportunity to create a playlist of your lifetime. What are 5 songs that definitely have to be in it? Why did you choose these? (Do not have to be his own songs)

Justin Bieber - Peaches  
Jung Jae Wook - 잘가요 (Goodbye)
Kim Kwang Seok - 사랑했지만 (Love Has Gone)
GOT7 - Girls Girls Girls
Morten Harket - Can't Take My Eyes off You

The reason is because they’re the songs I've been listening to a lot since a long time ago and even recently.

Do you plan on coming to India to meet Ahgase? What message do you have for them?

Youngjae: I'm still trying to make a plan. Wait for a bit. I'll be there soon, you know what I’m saying?

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