EXCLUSIVE: Why will I go for a vacation with Tiger's family if they have any problem with me? - Disha Patani on the Ayesha Shroff issue

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Last month, social media was abuzz  with the news that alleged lovebirds Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani were vacationing together. Both Disha and Tiger shared a picture on their individual Instagram accounts, which had a similar backdrop. In another set of reports, the two were said to be joined by Tiger's parents Ayesha and Jackie and his sister Krishna on this secret vacation. Reportedly, things were not that fancy between Tiger's mom and his GF as Ayesha couldn't bear Disha's guts and the two ladies barely exchanged a word throughout the trip.

Disha, who is all set to debut with MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, in an interview with Pinkvilla.com, spoke about her 'secret vacation' with alleged beau Tiger, and her tiff with his mom Ayesha. 

"First of all, no one even asked me if I went for a vacation with Tiger or not? As everyone is aware, we both were shooting for Befikra (song) together and of course, we will have pictures together. We were staying at the same hotel, so I clicked my pictures, and he clicked his, but separately. However, we both ended up posting our respective pictures on our social accounts at the same time and suddenly the snaps went viral! People started presuming that Tiger and I, together went on a vacation. But hey, they (gossipmongers) couldn't even a find a picture of us together. If you have the pics, then get me those!," exclaimed Disha. 

Regarding Tiger's mother Ayesha's dislike towards the actress, Disha said,"Did someone ask her (Ayesha)? She is such a sweet person! Trust me, when you will meet her, you will know. I don't know how they (media) write such things. It's so funny! First, they say I went for a vacation with Tiger's family. Then there are reports that we were fighting also. If it's so, then why we will go for a vacation together in the first place? When I read about it, I just laughed off the reports."

Guess, this clears the air...!

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lol these 2 are better at acting offscreen than they are at acting onscreen

No wonder any of the senior actresses don't confirm when they are dating. Bebo got very lucky with her live-in choice. Imagine if that had gone wrong. In her case it was Shahid who got labelled as Bebo's ex, and PC's ex. Funny.

publicity stunt before MS Dhoni release!!

Again why women are blamed for someone's career.. someone said Ranbir career went downfall ladki ki chakkar main, I mean really? Did he stop working after he had girlfriends???don't blame women for his failure...

Chalu ladki

Tiger should concentrate on career only for now. Look at Ranbir kapoor he has almost lost his career ladki ke chakkar me. Ranbir kapoor was the most talented and promising actor among his contemporaries. If ADHM fails then nobody is going to offer Ranbir any movie in future.

Ranbir will get offers in the movie even if he gives back to back 10 flops because of the kapoor tag, kareena even said in the recent interview that he will still be a superstar even if he gives 25 flops, in fact kareena still survived after giving serial flops over the years because of her kapoor tag, same will happen to ranbir as well.

Both Ranbir & Kareena have that certain screen presence & are excellent at their work even if their movies do badly. There are other Kapoors whose careers just did not take off. Look at Randhir who never really made it big like his dad & uncles , or Rajiv who is remembered only for RTGM & that only because of his female co star. None of Shashi's kids made it -Karan ,Kunal or Sanjana . People must want to see an actor for them to survive.

Lol the pics came out way after before released..these 2 are doing it to stay in news..i am surprised tiger has changed so much from the innocent guy he was to doing all this

These actors are very good at lying.

Sweety you did all that to be in the news. Don't try to fool anyone.

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