EXCLUSIVE: He must have borrowed the line from Hrithik - Kangana quips over Shahid's statement

Kangana Ranaut said in an interview today that Shahid Kapoor has borrowed his statement that Kangana makes up things in her head, from Hrithik Roshan.
Kangana Ranaut and Shahid Kapoor may have shared crackling chemistry while shooting for Rangoon, but in reality, the two are absolutely formal with each other. Though the actors are promoting their upcoming period drama together, media is abuzz with reports that the two don't get along well.
Adding fuel to the fire are the recent reports which suggest that Kangana took potshots at Shahid. Reportedly, in an interview, Kangana said that sharing a cottage with Shahid was a 'nightmare' and that doing an intimate scene with him and kissing him on-screen was a 'disgusting' experience.
"I don't like intimate scenes in a film. They are the most difficult to shoot. You have a formal equation with someone and suddenly you are into each other's mouth. That big moustache of Shahid is horrible. It was such a ... Not a turn-off but a tragedy of different level! When I asked him about it, he said he applies wax and has a running nose! Mera naak isme bah ke jaata hai," confessed Kangana on her intimate scenes with Shahid.
Interestingly, Shahid in an interview with a popular daily, was asked on his reaction to Kangana's explosive statement. To that, the actor replied, "I have to tell you that Kangana makes up things in her head. She has a vivid imagination. I don't remember telling her all this at all."
Today, when we met Kangana for an interview, we asked her about it. The actress laughed over the statement.
She then quipped, "That line he (Shahid) must have borrowed from Hrithik. He would have thought that dude I will borrow these claims from Hrithik."
Kangana continued further, "I haven't said such things. I give my version of situation. When you are enacting a scene, we don't do time pass. When we are asked questions on intimate scenes, especially to girls, there is a sleazy undertone to it. 'Kaise laga aapko kiss karke?' What am I supposed to say? I can't say acha laga ya kharab laga. My purpose is to answer it as an actor. So as an actor I said there were 50 people while we were shooting in the mud scene. And my co-actor had a cold. So it was the most convenient thing to do. It was made into a horrible.... I don't take these things seriously. Also, media needs to understand that they shouldn't ask such questions. They ask me who is the better kisser? Mujhe kya lena dena? What do you mean? These men have just had babies and we don't look at them in that way. This is our work and it is our rozi roti. But people talk in such a frivolous way. And I never talk like that about my work. There is always a risk of being misquoted horribly but it is better than saying I love Shahid's boxers. Isn't it better? (laughs)."
Well, we wonder what Sasha and Duggu will have to say to this!

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We can see why her own parents disowned her n why not a single guy is interested in her. She is a despicable person.

Kangana was just kidding. That was a low blow by Shahid. Attacking someone about mental illness who recently went through a rough phase in public is just not cool .

He only stated the Truth. Its high time, she wakes up and gets herself treated.

More than being Kangana obsessed with HRK, it seems like So many people are totally obsessed with Kangana and everything she says..Hrithik's silly fans shud take a big big break from Kangana..or is this Hrithik commenting every minute..Lol

Her only way to stay in news is to drag other ppl in mud with her, starting with Ajay, Hritik, Deepika--- then she loves playing the victim card, but yet has a mouth that can run around the whole world and back again

Haha love her!

hahaha you're so funny kangana :) good one. these chauvinistic men need to go back in to their caves.

Here's the thing, Hrithik barely mentions her and even in her disagreement with her co-star, she manages to drag Hrithik's name. Its one thing being bold and completely different thing is to be obsessed with somebody. Kangana is obsessed with Hrithik. Also, her remarks about Shahid's runny nose were not funny, imagine if Shahid had spoken about Kangana's runny nose during their filming of Rangoon. The internet version of feminists would tear him apart. Your costars may get sick while filming, if it bothers you find a polite way to address it with the director so that he gets a break and you guys can continue filming. Don't make it into a juicy tale for promotion of your film. There's a reason why she maybe well loved by directors but none of the actors respect her. There's a line between being bold, outspoken and being rude and crass. Kangana is crass and she lacks manners and success or her talent can't hide that for her. Also, feminism means equal rights for woman, it doesn't mean it gives the woman to spread man-hating. Kangana does the latter in the name of the first. PV please post this.

Hey Kangy, there is no rule that if you have mouth, you hv to talk shit. Each of those u keep taking digs at is more than capable to hit you back with a harsh reply that bring you to tears. The only reason they are not doing so is bcoz they dont want to give you wat you are begging them for. Attention! PV, please post

I used to support her during those HR episodes. But i want Rangoon to fail... not for Saif or Shahid but only for her. Pride comes before fall...

Always in news for taking sly digs at Superstar actors like Deepika and HR! And now she is all after her own co star, Shahid Kapoor. This women has problems with herself and she thinks the whole world is conspiring against her. Can't wait for Rangoon to flop and even if it doesn't, can't wait for Shahid to overshadow her completely. Wait and watch for it!! One of the two or both is bound to happen. That will bring this flop queen back to earth. Hhh!!

Pinkvilla trying to start a feud

why blame pinkvilla? Its not their fault that kangana is mad. They didnt makrmake to bad mouth superstars.

Well am looking fw to Rangoon, all said n done

lol i have to say i love kangana. she is amazing in her retorts. breath of fresh her in bollywood with her real unrehearsed answers

Since she doesn't make things up for her publicity, she shud name the guy she is in relationship right now as she claimed public. Why is she hiding him? Is he ashamed to be seen with her or was it also a vivid imaginative lie?

She said she is not in a relationship

She said very clearly that she is in a true pure relationship

She said i am in a relationship and hopefully get married this year.

Next time, Shahid shud also make up insulting stories that put down Kangana if he doesn't want to answer a question. Let's see how sporting she is. Easy to preach to others when u are the only putting down one n all.

Yeah Shahid has no right to get offended by her insulting delusional statements Bcoz she was "kidding". But she can get offended n even threaten to slap a young girl on live TV just for mimicing her. Wat happened to Ms. Drama Queen taking a joke on herself? Hypocrisy at its best. PV, pls post

I dont know Y this girl reminds me of yesteryear actress parveen.

She love create controversy

She is attention seeker!

Is there anyone she gets along with? lol

anyway she keep things interesting. I dont know why Shahid got offended, didnt see the video but it is obvious she was only kidding!

At least she has the guts to say it as it is... i find it such questions bizarre who was a better kisser as if they are lovers rather than actors

I beleive him, in this case!

She even said on Voice show that she feels like slapping Sugandha for mimicking her..lol..that's the next big news on PV...lol

It was all good until she got catty towards the end. Then her cool, feminist factor went flying out the window.


Kangana is giving me tough competition in talking nonsense all the time!!

Finally, you have more likes than dislikes! Please note this date.

DP and hrithik have dated in past

Don't spread lies . They never dated

Kangana is insane!

Katrina, kangana, Priyanka, anushka, kareena, sonam are so wrong not to like deepika, i mean what's wrong with them??? What has she done, low key throws shade at them, appears innocent in front of the media, gives politically corrent statements, reciprocates affection with fierce unhealthy competition, criticises other but gives "reasons" for her mistakes, says trashy things about male costars, and riding on the fame of controversies, shahrukh, amitabh and multistarer movies. She is such a good girl, she doesnt deservect he hate...

May I refer you to the 1927 song "Fifty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong"

No one who has worked with Kangana likes her. Lisa Haydon said they were never really close during Queen. She gave Lisa no credit for Queen and took all of it herself. She isn't friends with Madhavan either after 2 hit movies with. Not with Jimmy Shergill either. She's not friends with any of her old co actors be it Ajay Devgn, Adhyayan Suman, Hrithik Roshan, Emraan Hashmi and now same with Shahid. Katrina, Priyanka, Anushka and Sonam may have issues with Deepika. But don't put them in the same bracket as Kangana. this woman is plain crazy with jealousy and bitterness. There are better looking and better actresses than her like Radhika Apte, Huma, Richa Chaddha and many others who will soon replace her. She needs to get off her high horse. She's really just an average looking girl with average acting talent and poor dancing skills and terrible dialogue delivery. Soon everyone will see that.

Lisa got the credit she deserved in Queen. Kangana took the role and movie to another level, its not her fault Lisa isnt a great actress. Come on Lisa's accent wasnt even consistent through out the film. Madhavan and Kangana get along great, dont spread lies. Adhyahan is an ex, so is Hrithik, Ajay Devgan doesnt have friends and heck he doesnt even let his wife maintain her friendships. As far as i know Emraan and Kangana are professional. Who are Shahid's bollywood friends? They are many good bollywood actresses but sorry they cant do what Kangana does.

Shahid is in the wrong here why blame her #sexism

Shahid is wrong just because he speak the truth. And whys he drag Hrithik here when its all about her and shahid? she herself prove shahid right.

Dont know about hritik controversy, shahid and kangana are having a friendly banter for promotion. But regarding deepika, she isnt exactly miss goody two shoes that media makes her to appear, since nobody is at particularly very good terms with her, doeant mean all people are crazy, means something about her is genuinely wrong!!!

Hrithik thought being a prooducers son he can have any girl. Way to go Kangana, taught him, and guys like him lesson to remember

Kangana is the best. Other heroines do not have the personality she has. Her I don't give a damn attitude is refreshing. She doesn't objectify herself or try to play oh I am do demure and beautiful, please like me. I am rooting for her to succeed.

O man she needs medical help

I totally agree with kangana , shahid is gross his own wife said he burps and snores on KWK. I saw how shahid was so disrespectful towards his wife .mira was only acting along . Me like shahid can't handle strong women likekangana and priyanka. Yo go girl #kangana rocks

Exactly, he married a 21 year old with no brains, just so does not interfere with his playboy and male chauvinistic attitude

Love love love Kangana...she calls a spade a spade!!!

Funny how everyone is attacking Kangana when Shahid started this. Kangana made a joke, Shahid got his go bruised and began acting like a crybaby, and Kangana will not stand for it. Y'all need to get over it.

Totally agree....she just made made some fun comments and shahid's ego could not take it. Shahid is the one who made the eman comment and not her.

Her vivid imagination makes her a 1000 times better than all the bollywood actresses combine. Shahid go home to ur baby wife and leave the woman Kangana alone.

Poor shahid to get mixed up with her like this. He must be so looking forward to the promotions coming to an end. What other male star is going to want to be in a movie with her? All of this is not promoting the film. It's just causing trouble. She needs to get over herself and shut up!

Kangana you need to stop dragging Hrithik into everything. it makes you look like sore looser. have some dignity. focus on your promotions and stop dragging your co actor down. when journalists ask you that question just say find a more diplomatic way to handle it.

To her comment, Shahid should say, "Exactly my point..vivid imagination"..lol

I cannot wait for dp to show up to the rangoon screening :)


Taking digs at your co-actors while the movie is being released what the hell is that. People paid her to promote their product not go negative.
The other day she took a dig at both shahid and Saif by indirectly claiming they aren't superstars. 2 hits and all of sudden she is bigger than people who were in the industry 25 years like saif.

Last year, the conflict between Kangana and Hrithik made headlines. This year the conflict between Kangana and Shahid is making news. Next year I wonder Kangana will be in conflict with which actor.

Man I told ya'll SHE CRAZZZZZZZZZZY! She is just starting unnecessary problems with her co stars, soon no one will want to work with her. She knows exactly what she is doing it keeps her in the news and walking with the "outspoken" moniker/ feminist.

Woahhhh!! DP spoken abt Ranbir boxers a good 2 years back n even I as a DP fan didn't remember it. But she does?! Forget HR, I think she is more obsessed wid DP! Something is wrong with her. She doesn't seem sane to me.

The boxers comment hahahahah.

Ok Kangana sometimes you can just say " No comment"

She hates Shahid as he is in good terms with Hrithik and Deepika, her great enemies. But there is something off about her where she tries to play this innocent victim and a strong woman simultaneously. This whole statement seals it for me, she definitely has a vivid imagination.

That makes zero sense, she called ranveer her buddy & praises him while he is on good terms with hrithik/deepika

Did Ranveer said the same? NO he simply ignore her. He is her good buddy in her head.

He always meets her warmly & whatever kangana has no problem with him which debunks your theory

Kangana doesn't realize that the press deliberately winds her for a juicy quote. And she obliges every time.

I think she understands that perfectly well!

This woman has problem with every other person on earth. She is getting on my nerves now n am not even Hrithik/Shahid/Deepika fan.

Kangana has more problems with DP talking about "RKs" boxers. Hope u guys realize that

Lol ! DP was close enough to him at one time to see it but kangs girl you can only dream !!

tu han kar ya na kar tu hai mera Hrithik. hahahahahaha

Kangana shud name the guy she is in a relationship with as she claimed. Else, it is also a Made up lie for Publicity.

Aditya pancholi

That moment when you don't know if you like kangana for her acting power or hate her for talking trash in every interview. It must be so difficult to tolerate her.

I don't think that Shahid Kapoor has the time to read other's interview and borrow their statements but the fact that kangana knows about Hrithik's statements and Deepika's boxer comment.

Aditya pancholi and ajay both have grown up kids kangana didnt spare them and here she is talking about she didnt see saif n shahid "like that" bcz they have kid.

Good job! Keep up the great work of never using that brain of yours, so you can forever keep it in "brand new" condition. Yes, Aditya Pancholi and Ajay Devgan both have older kids, and they both pursued Kangana and actively cheated on their wives. In contrast, Shahid and Saif currently love their wives and JUST had newborn babies with them! They're not chasing any costar, and neither is Kangana; they're only there to work together. Sorry this basic concept was so hard for you to comprehend, but it's understandable since you're incapable of constructing even one sentence in English.

Well said!

Even Hrithik has kids, yet that didnt stop her from stalking him with 30000 obscene mails.

lol hrithik and shahid are snakes of a different calibre. ironic that they were both kareenas exes and now shes with the improved saif.

You comments are always on point.

Comments are always from a negative place.

If you dont want to answer a question, u say "No comments". U dont create fictional lies that put down the other person. Got it, crazy woman?

She is trying to distract on being called liar by shahid.

What is the logic in dragging people who aren't a part of promotions, shows her stalker tendencies and petty side. I'm not encouraging this negativity and bs, her movies will never get any of my money

Shahrukh khan of Darr i love you hrrrrrrithik

That last line. Boxers hahaha. That was sooooo for DP

u go girl. Expose dat krithick roshan.

Lol hrithik adhyan aditya shahid hirani DP all expose this stalker.

omg kangana is so real. love her to bits.

Hi Kangana :/

its clear kangana is obsessed with Deepika and follow her closely. The ways she take a jib at her proves it.

But she's right though. Way she said was a thousand times better than DP's boxer comment. No one can deny that. But if she felt uncomfortable being asked about their on-screen kisses, she should've just replied with: It's just my job.

I do feel HR is guilty no innocent man takes this much crap and no liar takes this much liberty, however Kangana is no holier than thou. She had affair eith multiple married men so she cant play victim at least not the 2nd time around. Her dig on DP is understandable but that is subtle what she said about HR god knows what hw did but wth is she talking all this about shahid for. He dint wven do anything to her. What crap she says.

It's sad that after working for so long in the industry she will only be remembered for her drama with Hritik and not her movies.

Next thing we will hear is that she is marrying Hritik.

Ok Kangna, the way you are twisting everything into Hrithik shows how immature you are and maybe Shahid is right that you do have a vivid imagination. I knew a person like her who was so smart and a great storyteller but later got to know she was a complete nut job.

This is a clear indication that Rangoon is a flop and she has no confidence about it. Thats why Saif is hardly seen in promotions like he did during Phantom all kat did was to talk about Rk and Salman. marriage and love. Kangana doing the same.

i hope when she prays to God she didnt call God :hrithik hirthik instead of Ganesh ji, krishn or devi maa

Unfortunately, her claim to fame is being HR's ex. No wonder she is clinging to that while HR doesn't even acknowledge her anymore.

She got National award because of Queen not because of HR..get yourself a reality check Pleasee

Its deepika who shot fame as Ranbir's EX in her early Career..

You should remind her that. That'll stop her from talking about HR. I bet HR is worth more than a million awards for Kangana going by how desperately she is going after him for past few years.

Well well please be reminded talking about HR is different thing which even I disagree but What you said is she got fame because of HR is not true at ALL..She got fame because of her talent way before lawsuit. Start encouraging people on acting talents

She got fame first time when she made a fuss over DP simple and sweet gesture and start bad mouthing her. She made things in her head and assume things which are not true. Noone knows her neither she got attention despite winning national awards. Then she is only in news and her only claim to fame is HRITHIK about whom she cant stop talking and thinking about. What talent? she is a mediocre B grade actress with whom on one wants to work with. Truth is she got fame due to DP and Hrithik. start accepting the truth. if you want people to be accepted due to talent then ask so called talented people to let their work speak instead of taking digs at superstars. post the truth pv.

HAHAHAH why isn't PV posting the response?!? Kangana is way bigger than DP and in known for her ACTING TALENT. not PR and wtf statements.

haha in your head again. Dp is way bigger than kangana. She has more fans and popularity. everyone wants to work with her. she is on no 1 at ormax and also got big brands and recently only female with more brand value as listed by Duff and Phelps. DP too is known for her acting talent ,its kangana who is known for her WTF statements,PR and her fights with superstars. POST IT PLEASE PV. ITS NOT OFFENSIVE. PLEASE D PLEASE.

plz name 3 other NA winners and what r they doing now? preferably ones who actually deserved the NA.

Okay. Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan, and Kalki Koechlin have all won a NA, because they deserved to win it, and you'd have to be living under a rock not to know "what they're doing now." If, by chance, you want people who've won at least 3 times, here you go: Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan, and KANGANA RANAUT. (Again, you don't know what these uber-successful stars are doing now)? Poor you.

After 1-2 year she will be same like character she played in fashion Sonali Gujral, in the road.

Kangana is so mean...she only hurts her self...
I don't understand what gone wrong between her and deepika?!...she just dedicated the award to her...
she acting smart and courageous but she only attack people like hrithik,deepikaand shahid though he was the only star who went to get success party...even in kwk she sofetly attacked kjo bc she knows he won't ever let her in his gang...but she wont mess with him,and she acted like she in owe of alia talent and proud of her,when alia hinted that she is a stalker in kwk...
When they asked her about salim khan who apologised on salman be half,she didn't say why his father defends him!? No she was like as salim sab said...
all the time trying hard to attach her name to A-list like when she said sonam was targeting her when she said in kwk good actresses are not good looking...but sonam totally ignored her...spreading rumours about her and ranbir...trying to kiss aish hand...calling kareena and saif the royalty of Bollywood LOL...

Now...pls post guys don't be biased...

Can you get over hr? You still talk about him all the time

Chor mache shor

Hahaha I love her. That dp shade is amazing

ok katrina .

Shahid should shut his mouth and Kangana should stop talking about HR. Enough of this mess already!

Drama Queen says she getting married but keeps on talking abt HR. Won't be surprised if even that is a Lie for publicity

Drama Queen says she getting married but keeps on talking abt HR. Won't be surprised if even that is a Lie for publicity

What the hell man?? This is gonna turn into a mess, so both Shahid and Kangana, stop now! Why did she have to make this about Hrithik?

PS: that rozi-roti melodrama answer that she gave? she should've given it in the first place. Controversy nipped in the bud.

you go girl

you go girl..?? Using Hrithik's name in every interview to promote ur crap movie.

i bet she has named all of her food dishes after Hrithik. In this way she can satisfy herself that she is talking to him lol


KANGANA you need to stop thinking about hrithik and deepika all the time...
somehow pv won't post bc they keep on attack deepika and promote kangana now...I'm I hope she pay you well guys...

So she's saying that she accused Shahid just to make herself look better? And the boxers comment was definitely directed at Deepika. She needs to stop being so mean

Queen of Lies:

1. Claimed to be Highest Paid actress. Until IT records proved it to be Deepika. She was not even in TOP list of Taxpayers.

2. Claimed HR to be her Ex n to be engaged in Paris to HR. But her own mails proved that forget affair or Engagemt, he was not even responding to her even once.

3. Claimed Ranbir was in relation wid her. He issued a Statemt thru his friend that he was not even in talking terns wid her.

4. Claimed all Exes want to get back to her. Adhyayan n Married Pancholi rolled their eyes.

5. Claimed DP messaged VB to remove her from Rangoon.

I think she shud cure herself n spare the world of her Delusions.

The boxers comment was to hit at Deepika ? !


Did Deepika talk about his boxers? What did she say?

During the Tamasha promotions, she said "Ranbir has the cutest boxers".

Again she is making up stuff in her head.

She thinks making Bizarre statemts will turn her Upcoming disaster into a Hit. Lol

She had so many EXES but hwy she only talk about hrithik?Even Adhyan said the same thing she could have take his name but she love to attach her name with Greek God.

Kangana is sooooooooooooooo obsessed with the third most handsome man in the world.

On one hand she is getting married this year on other she cant stop thinking/talking about him. This is so disrespectful to that guy.

Now i get why HR send her a legal notice. She humiliated him to the point to take legal action. Kangana is sick.

She is Priyanka of Aitraaz. i really sympathize with Hrithik. Poor guy.

paid HR PR...He is no baby innocent..remember Barbara ???

Atleast he has accepted now that she makes up stories (FAKE) in order to remain in news lol.

THe hrithink and dp obsession is strong with this girl, let it go and you could be someone to respect

Again hrithik hrithik hrithik.. Girl this is between you n shahid..!!

Is she crazy? Who the hell says that.

kangana i used to support you but now i feel you are nothing but a liar.

The only reason she is able to say rubbish against HR is bcoz he is a Nice guy. Had it been Salman, she wud hv been thrown out of the industry before she cud finish a sentence.

Its now clear that truth is on Hrithik side. The one who made more noise are the one who lie a lot. She cant bad mouth shahid at the moment though she took a dig at him too. Well truth is out for all to see. i pity her fans if she has any.

this press tour is very entertaining, hope it helps the film cos the film itself looks great

Hrithik never said or made such claims. Liar woman stop it now.

All day she think about Hrithik. Get well soon

Dear kangana instead of taking digs and show yourself as a lair provide solid evidences please.

Dare you to name the person u are in a relationship with since you say you are very "frank"? We all know it is also a Made up Lie made up for publicity.

She hounded Hrithik with 50000 mails n yet he didn't respond even once. Now, she is hounding him with 50000 digs ever since her lies got exposed using her own mails ( that "made her feel naked when exposed" in Dec). Don't think he is still going to give her any attention. LOL

lolololol that boxer comment! She's my fave. How does DP still have fans

How does KANGANA still have fans?

who said kangana has fans?

How does kangana still have fans?

Reporter: Pls tell us abt ur film

Kangana: Hrithik, Hrithik, Hrithik boohoowooohoooo


Kangana is one of the most talented actress in Bollywood but her personnality don't fit with it at all.Love her for being unique!

If u will see from neutral point. She is not wrong.

Hrithik ki jaan chodo desperate kangana.

Is there a video? I want to watch lol.

Kangana eat , drink , sleep and breath hrithik. She cant stop thinking about him.

First Prove ur Paris engagement, Ms.Psycho. First Engagemt in whole world with no pic or visa.

yar ye kangana kaisi kaisi harkatein karti rehti hain, itni besharm woman nahi dekhi kabhi...rakhi sawant>>>>>>kangna

At least Rakhi doesn't lie.

Nor does she stalk random men or claim fake relation with them when rejected

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