EXCLUSIVE: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan buy a plush apartment in New York

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan acquire a new property in New York.
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Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan have been holidaying in New York City for the last month along with Ash’s mom Vrinda and their daughter Aaradhya at their newly-acquired apartment in the city at Manhattan. While AB Jr is back in Mumbai, Ash, Aaradhya and Vrinda are expected to return this week.
The Bachchans have homes all over the world, apart from owning space in Mumbai. Abhishek and Aishwarya own a palatial villa (with landscape gardens and a resort style swimming pool) in Dubai’s Sanctuary Falls in Jumeirah Golf Estates while Amitabh and Jaya have an apartment in a French town. In 2011, after celebrating their wedding anniversary in Paris, Amitabh Bachchan had gifted Jaya a house in a quiet town close to Paris.
Says a source, “Ash and Abhishek bought the apartment in NYC more than a year ago. Only people in the family and close friends know about it as the couple don’t want their privacy to be invaded. It’s a beautiful and spacious apartment with a great view of Central Park. CP is very close and the Bachchans love going for a walk there. They have been spotted by many while roaming around the city or Ash and Aaradhya on a swing. The apartment has been tastefully done up by Aishwarya who has done up their Dubai villa too. They were there for a month but now Abhishek has returned as the Pro Kabaddi League starts from next week. Ash and the rest of the family will return within this week.”   
According to the source, “After their month-long break, Ash and Abhishek will immerse themselves in their respective work. The fifth season of the Pro Kabaddi League, owned by Abhishek is starting from July 28 and preparations are underway in the team camps and he has always been a hands-on owner. After Ash will come back she will get involved in the prep and training of her next film Fanney Khan with Anil Kapoor. She is playing a diva in the film and an extremely glamorous role so obviously she will be working towards it. It’s a complete contrast from her de-glam look in Sarbjit and will have her wearing the hottest of outfits and styling – something inspired by Hollywood models and top actresses. Aishwarya will also attend workshops with Anil and director Atul Manjrekar to get into the skin of her character.”
Interestingly, while both Abhishek and Ash were present in NYW, both avoided the IIFA awards which were held at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey last week. The source adds that after Amitabh Bachchan had parted ways with the IIFA organizers six years ago, the Bachchans had taken a conscious decision to avoid the event since then. Buzz was that Amitabh Bachchan, who had been the brand ambassador of IIFA for over a decade, was extremely hurt by IIFA's decision to hold the awards in 2010 in Sri Lanka. He had even tweeted, “We are not coming to IIFA ... IIFA said our services are not required!” Since then the Bachchans have given IIFA a miss.


the father says he hates india being called a "third world" country so his kids go and buy a flat in a 1st world country

Omg yes I'm going to go stalk aishwarya now. (I'm just kidding, don't report me pls lol)

Why is it the main news on pinkvilla? So what do you want us to do if they bought a property? I hope tomorrow you won't publish a list of their groceries.

Because it's their job to report about the lives of celebs..duh!

She can do anything for money she can go very far and fall very low and she has proved that with ADHM! With that kapoor choosa.

God bless these two, truly compatible couple.

Not cool using ill gotten gains to buy homes all over the world.

Are you IT officer to know their gains???

Can someone tell me what went wrong between IIFA and Amitabh B?

Amithabh wanted best actor award form IIFA until the end of times...IIFA refused.


They both deserve this happiness.

I agree with everyone here, they are so sweet yaar!

She is not happy because she sold her heart and choose for money! Until now nobody is happy who did that! She still love Salman!

Get burnol,Grandpa Sultan..lol

Okay, Super Nani! As you wish!

Ash is happier than Queen_Rani who is stalking Salman.HAHA

Interior design is personally done by Aishwarya. Aishwarya is above all humans what is it that she can't do? Give us a break!

Very nice

all money no love

Yeah,u know better than them if there is love or now love.

Taking indian money out the country and giving it to the us

Even I have brought a property in Canada, it's my money, I can buy a property wherever I want.. Don't be jealous because .u haven't earned enough to make a investment.

taking money out of india and giving it to canada

First give ur money to India, then advise others on THEIR money.

First give ur money to India.

Wait what's his problem with having IIFA in Sri Lanka?

When Wizcraft declared Sri Lanka as the venue for IIFA 2010, Tamil groups started a protest and asked everyone to either boycott the awards or change the venue. According to them, Sri Lanka needed to be shunned as their military officials had killed Tamils in large numbers last year in the war that led to the decimation of the Tamil Tigers.

You know what sad is Amtiji on his top time was the biggest actor ever even shahruk/salman are not compareble to him. And Abhishek is not even one percent of Amitji.
That magic what Amitji had nobody has that.

Abhishek is a better father and husband than his dad was ...

Is being successful in showbiz everything?? Abhishek has other businesses too, which are running successfully.

He is into the business or not?? Maybe it is an idea for himto keep him self with one business busy.
Maybe then he will get success for once in his life! Now he the son of AB the husband of Aishwaya.

Please learn to read and type. "His business are already running successfully". He got personal and professional success in his life, unlike u.:)

Iff you have a house somewhere in foreign every year you have to go once at least.

For 10 million dollars you can feed a lot people! Sad

It's their money, don't dictate how they should spend it.

buying a house is a big decision and exhausting with a lot of paperwork.. kudos to this couple.. a flat in manhattan sounds good

Fake couple. Fake news

Yeah, fake news because the apartment is fake. Lol.

Good. Now they don't need to stay in hotel anymore. They visit Newyork every year.

Why is buying an apartment in Manhattan a news? Thousands of Indians do it every year.

"Thousands of Indians"who buy a apartment in Manhattan are not superstars. Duh!

And every year??? Thousands of Indians??? By that logic, there must be more Indians in Manhattan than in Mumbai.

Sweet and genuine couple.

Ash and Abhishek Krishna and Kashmira bought a house in California and you guys are a millionaire and bought an apartment not good.

Its amazing how they afford to buy near Central park, all the apartments are above 10million $..Good for them its a very nice area, hope both stay happy forever..Its nice to see genuine couple in bitchy bollywood.

Men, i wish these guys could do something for the poor people in india instead of buying a lot of property, I would have more respect for them! By not paying tax you are already stealing from these people!

It's their money and they do a lot for poor people, they don't have to boast about it from rooftop.

It's their money and they do a lot for poor people, they don't have to boast about it from rooftop.

Good for them to avoid IIFA!

they are in nyc to close all panama leaks issues

Yeah, Jackie Chan visited NYC to close Panama leaks issue. Saif-Bebo visited London to close Panama leak issue. Kuch bhi! Btw Panama is in Central America, duh!

Aishwarya did the interior of their Dubai villa with the help of a Italian designer. I think she did the same with their New York apartment. She personally did everything is exaggeration.

Who cares what ".u" think???

They are very sweet loving couple

That's wonderful news congratulations!

Hi! Wonderful news about the Bachchans buying an apartment in New York, I have lived in New York for the past 36 years and there is no other city in the world that offers famous people some privacy and quality of life while still going around the city. I am so happy that they will be here on and off, my good wishes and happiness to the entire family. I have been all over the world but always fell like coming home to New York!!

wtf does living in nyc have to with anything, I was born in usa 51 years ago. am I better then you?

They probably go here every summer to get away from them.

Aishwarya owns a property in France too.

Good for them..but it is still a busy place like Mumbai!

i dont believe miss hoity toity professional aishwarya can do interior designing...PR ;)

Stay blessed Aishwarya and ABhishek. I love you both. You two are humble, grounded and don't take digs at others like how Saif, Kareena, Karan and Varun do.

It should be Aishwarya buys a flat..coz she is the one who is paying

He maybe not successful like Aishwarya in showbiz but he has great sense of business. He produced PAA in control budget and the movie success. He also sport entrepreneur who own Kabbadi and football club that has wide followers. We don't know how much he earns from all this work.

Her money is his money and his money is her money.

Love them they are both elegant and graceful people! They have never done publicity stunt like Katrina or deepika

AB & Aishwarya please buy a flat in Paris near me xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox muah love you both xoxooxoxxooxox

Anything to be in the news.

I didn't know people buy a apartment to be in news. Lol

Well we are hearing about the inside details of buying what it looks like etc. clearly coming from ash pr. So anything to be in the news

Inside details of buying?? Did they show the paperwork or the interiors of the house???

I didn't know people buy flat to be in news..LOL

NY is pretty expensive to buy!!

So? What's the connection between expensive and to be in news?

Well done, answer all those who breed them constantly, these two will not part, God grant them one more child, a wonderful family!))

Good for them they have money live it up

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