Did Ranbir Kapoor just confirm to dating Alia Bhatt?

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's rumoured romance has been the talk of the town and it looks like Ranbir has finally spilled the beans on his relationship with his Brahmastra co-star in an upcoming interview.
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Ever since it was announced that Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt will be starring in Brahmastra, romance rumours have been sparking between the two. 

While, initially, both Ranbir and Alia dodged the relationship questions by neither confirming nor denying the same, it seems as if Ranbir has finally spilled the beans. 

In an interview which is soon to come out, Ranbir was asked point blank if he was dating Alia and the actor revealed that it was "TOO NEW" to talk about it. 

Now, that is a shocking revelation, indeed!

What do you think of Ranbir and Alia as a couple? Let us know in the comments below.

Meanwhile, talking about the link-up rumours with Ranbir and whether it affects the duo, Alia revealed to Hindustan Times, "I haven’t asked Ranbir. I don’t know how he feels about those.rumours. He won’t feel anything as he will be exactly like me (smiles). But there is nothing to feel. There’s no need to clarify or deny anything. He is a very good human being, and I am very fortunate to be around him at this point in my life."

Earlier, Alia had said in an interview, that she was fascinated by Ranbir Kapoor. Along the same lines, Alia added, "I don’t know whether I used the word, ‘fascinated’. But yes, I would definitely say that I’m fascinated by the kind of person he is with his vibe and behaviour. He is a really rare person and in the years that I have been alive, I haven’t seen many such people."

Brahmastra, which is being produced by Karan Johar's Dharma Productions also stars Amitabh Bachchan and Mouni Roy. Brahmastra is slated to release on August 15, 2019, and will be a trilogy of the superhero genre. 

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Please, Alia wants to be in the same league with others, d, K, M, she is not very bright! She also, treat Sid, Varun and others the same, I will not feel sorry for her , when he shows her his true colors!

It’s all for their movie! Nothing new

No wonder Dp finally made up her mind to marry Ranveer

Golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai!

not sure if ranbir/alia will make it but im sure varun will marry natasha hes not about to destroy his image by going for fake relationship expert alia

Destroy his image?Everyone is aware of his flings with his co-stars & his feelings for Alia.There is no image to protect.Only he thinks that people perceive him as a good boy.

u thnk varun is a saint..he himself said in an interview that he is not an honest person..nd morever he is not into natasha..she just has the tag while all the rights alia is enjoying!

how is saying varun will marry natasha for the sake of his image calling him a saint its pointing out obvious not person being taken for a ride by all these people is the outsider natasha

when did i say varun is a saint neither did i say hes honest but he will marry natasha because it will not destroy his image unlike alia who is relationship faker

when people are in love image doesnt matter time will tell ..

have you met rk,alia kjo, didnt you hear ranbir he just dumped mk to save his image. what makes you think varun is not like them

LOL, MK has nothing to do with RK image, because of his image she got trolled! I hope she get new rules!

Sure hon after being dumped mk has nothing to do with rk. She knew his image yet dated him deal with it. Pv plz poat

Tell that to rishi and Ranbir. Mk knew his image and still chose to date him hon fact deal with it

alia is in love or in fake love with who varun,sid, kevin, arjun , ranbir ????

if he doesnt marry natasha dis yr which it doesnt seem so ..den he will nvr marry her..

he will marry her, he hasnt broken up with her so far, whatever reason he is holding onto her, will also take that pair to marriage. but not even sure why natasha is with varun.

Varun doesnt come across as a honest person.

exactly this. also kjo,alia,varun, sid ranbir are experts at faking for pr

marraige toh dur ki bat hai pehle woh natasha ko dhang se dekh toh le..he is always running frm her..

varun liked alia rk pic..to hide his relationship wid alia as per kjo advice..my dear..wake up n smell the coffee.varun is himslf pda king..

have u seen the outing of varun nd his gf..he was staying away frm her leaving her behind.why? he is nt into her..nd der is high chnces that things take a negative turn..

so u urself admitted that he is wid his gf for jus image sake nd not coz of love..girl wen will u realise varun is himself involved in the fake pda .karan alia varun all are one.varun cant stay away frm alia fr sure why are u destroying the life of nats..let her find sumone faithful fr herslf.

Truth, RK is despo for hit movie, so proud one time, not dating any one less then a L Oreal girl, now with Jerri! humble pie,now!

can you get over your obsession with LOreal girl

just when alia praised varun .rk comes out wid this..gosh! i thnk even alia is not willing to do the fake linkup..she isnt talkin abt rk for a while now.on contrary she is talkin abt varun a lot!

bhai behen hai yaaro..relax kro sab:p

varun liking three week old pic of rk alia gave it all away..this is totally fake..kjo told him to do so..coz varia relationship was gettn highlighted nd moreover varun wants to kee[ his good image so he is diverting thngs but on the other hand alia is doin varun varun everywhere:P i thnk she wil get a warning frm kjo n varun too!

Remember how Pulkit and Yami rumors used to be all over pinkvilla when sanam re was about to release? Pulkit was on the verge of divorce as well. All this only for the movie, ever hear if them after? Movie released and flopped no one got a whiff of it but everyone can realize rumors stop=movie flop

so true..sabko pta hai its fr movie promotion.

i see why ranbir is peddling these rumors. he needs it. but alia??? girl, you're doing so well. do not hitch your wagon to this sinking star. ranbir's press/pr is a disaster, why'd you want to get into this mess? maybe just stick to movies.

Alia does it because Dharma produces her movies and kjo lobbies for roles on her behalf

Cos she has a big crush on him and is dreaming of their babies


yes she has a crush on rk but she loves varun..that is y she is tolkin abt him even wen not askd abt him.

seriousli its so annoying that alia does everythn that kjo says.she is ruining her reputation for nothn..its fake everyone knows it.

varun alia k relationship se divert krne k liy sab horaha hai..anybody wid sense can understand it:)

alia varun and karan are one team..i can see that now.kjo knows varun and alia are having a thing wid each other which wud harm the movie so he told him to like the pic..sab chalu hai..i think on sonam wedding also everythn was planned..both the couple were fake AF.

anything which is true is varun alia secret relationship..yh sab toh nautanki hai..audience is not that blind..

kjo alia and varun sab mile hue hai.varun liked the pic coz he knows its fake.he himself is having a relationship wid alia .eveyone can see that..but he wants to hide it for the sake of his image..

Love Ranbir alia together!! Btw people going on on Ranbir-Alia forcing this news on u, firstly no one is telling you to read THIS but u choose to..secondly if people interviewing rk Alia abt their relationship then obviously they wil giv an answer na? Pple need to chill. They will be seen together and why should they stop living their lives bcoz of opinions of pple like you’s... and no thank god she’s not with varun!! He’s finally acknowledging her now cz Raazi that’s so obvious. He ignored her the past couple of months probably cz of hearing abt rk alia lol

its the most dumbest thng m hearing..varun has been interested in alia sinsce soty days wen she was noone..he cared fr her all thru the yrs n finally fell in love wid her..movies hit or flop is not a criteria for varun to love alia nd vice versa..kuch bhi..

its ranbir who is linking upto alia coz she is successful now coz he needs it..varun has been for alia for six yrs ..he does not love alia coz she is successful..

varun avoiding alia are u kidding me..varun will never avoid alia on his own will..he loves her..and if u didnt notice she talked abt rk wen media asked abt her as kjo adviced her to..but she praised varun and talked abt him all thru the razi promotion wen noone even mentioned varun.which clearly states that she is wid varun only..varun even knows the linkups is fake..

I have a feeling that Ranvir will go the Amitabh way.. in a sense, having affairs and breaking hearts and then marrying someone totally unpredictable in a private ceremony..
He is too comitted to his Career and his public image of a single guy to date Aalia

but thn alia makes perfect choice for ranbir as amitabh height diff is same also just saying lol

I feel the same. I loved him so much. Can’t believe he would fall for her.

dont worry hon i couldnt believe mk/rk would date but rk proved me ryte on that he cant date her for long courtesy his parents hate actress not from film families. let him date alia his parents approved woman

RK uses his LOreal girls when he needs to look hot, MK/RK they went out, long distance, stay as friends, she never talk about him, in Pak, link up, no one cares about, it was the RK PR that created all those stories! Good she kept working, and doing good/ RK gets hits with karma bus!

hon hes is never going to take a stand for a girl not approved by his parents ask dp,kat, not even mk that woman was in a long distance with him let his dump them cycle end. let him date his mom approved girl.

be happy this is fake moreover alia is into varun not rk..so relax.

Buddy, mk fans are happy that serial cheater is out of her life, she deserve a stand up, guy, she is a wonderful artists, very humble, not from bw, pak do not know about all that goes on in bw. Alia likes link up!

join the club I couldn't believe he would date mk but was proven right that he cant keep dating her for long courtesy his dad. i would say dont sweat over it

well his picks he has to dump eventually for his dad let this cycle end , this girl is his parents pick he cant dump her

Rishi and Neetu, are from the same generation, they had a dysfunctional relationship! The only reason she is with him is because she is old school, and never continue independent career! They both interfer in RK life , and stopped the relationship that were good , deepika, Neetu told RK do not get serious! Same for other girls! RK is 36yrs old, he is pretty much fixed in his ways now! This with Alia , fake!

S i b l i n g s

DITTO, it has to be fake!

I mean Is Brahmastra shaping THAT Bad ?
Forcing this news on us only proves its as fake as can be.
Ranbir is 31, and is too ambitious towards his Career to commit to any relationship till atleast he is 35..

He’s 35 but aging so bad he looks 45

hon hes 35 lol

Rabir is 35 already!

He is 36

S I B L I N G S!

Aree career ke liye kuch bhi karega rk bt shaadi nahi karega...alia's heart will b broken again

dun worry its fake linkup..she is having a thing wid varun not rk!

Ofcourse ranbir wud nw "want" to open up n link himself wid alia as she jst delivered 100cr movie on her own whilst ranbir still dreaming abt it...his last 100cr was mostly due to karan johar as director hype n ash & anuksha...

Now I understood why Varun liked that RK-Alia 3 weeks old pic....it's his job now to divert people from his & Alia's secret relationship.

its varun and alia..nt fake pda of rk or nats.

They ARE dating and I guess u don’t need much confirmation than this! He said ‘it’s new’ meaning relationship with alia is new so you got ur answer now leave them ALONE!! I think Ranbir-Alia look great together wish them all the best!

Ok kno

Ok honey now can you ask their PR to leave us ALONE !!!! Spare us details of their personal lives no one cares get them married have babies with Alia picked names

Finally a mama approved girl who Ranbir won't have to dump because papa said so.

Isn’t it strange for five years he wouldn’t acknowledge his relationship with Kat and now he’s acting like a blushing teenager. Sorry not buying it ...

They still didn't get the answer that they really dating or. Not . Nor Alia& Ranbir are saying that. that means they zst friends and co_stars in bramastra movie that much only not comments on this matter.....

Is this 25 year old boy and and a man child so relevant to people that the production house thinks they will link them up, whether in reality or in their small minds and people will go to watch the movie in scores?? .. People dont fall for all this now, they did in early 2000's. I rather watch a Hollywood movie, better content, better story than tolerate their link up BS as well as watch a mediocre movie..

But why don’t varun and alia just come together? Why is Natasha so special? People break up all the time I’m sure she’d get over it too?

coz both varun and alia are crazyy people:P

lol that is why varun liked alia rk pic..bullshit linkup...its fake guys...varun wud hv nvr liked it if it was true..although alia looked stunning in the pic.

Varun must have been told by Kjo to like that pic because Varia at the Bucket List screening were stealing the limelight away from RK-Alia drama.

even at sonam wedding everythn was planned..both the cuple fake pda..was done bcoz kjo told so..everyone knows by now kjo alia varun mile hue hai..

its varun and alia not this nonsense..nd m not varia fan dat much..but if i can see it..den u all can see it too..

If they were really dating they would not be forcing this news on to us in every which fake un-subtle way. The questions would be avoided not instigated by them. This is the most obvious example of fake news and PR in Bollywood. I can't believe I wasted 5 mins of my time commenting on this.

did u guys notice varun k post par alia natasha nd alia k posta pr varun rk..eveyone can see now ki ho kya raha hai..its like to hide the varia relationship..yh sab horaha..everythn points out to that only!

bcoz alia is doing varun varun rk jumped in to save the fake linkup..he is like yh ldki sara plan chaupat kr rhi:P

alia mother said she dun like rk alia link up..she has warned alia also..so its fake..nd moreover varun wud hv never liked rk alia pic if she was involved wid him...its totally fake..!

They are over doing it. I'm really scared for the content if they are resorting to such pathetic PR for this movie.

yesterday varun and gf fake pda today rk alia fake pda..we are not fools..if there is sumthn goin n its between varun and alia...m damn sure

muje bhi aisa hi lgta hai..

The movie must be really bad if they have to resort to this relationship rubbish.

Hahaha....right on point

And when they start doing this They alawys shows us that pic where they meet. And there is no other pic else .that means they actually meant only once and that at Sonam reception. And u absorb. Sid also attend and there director only attend. But they shows like they are dating .... Blah Blah.....

hahahah sahi pkde ho..moreove alia mother doesnt like ranbir..she knows what he is inside:p

I thik they r dating

They are not hot nor good looking like Angelina and brad that we care if they are together or not

Good grief give it a rest Ranbir and Alia

These 2 are sheer embarrassment.

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