EXCLUSIVE: Aditya Roy Kapur REVEALS he used a secret account to stalk people before he joined Instagram

The Kalank star had been using a different profile on Instagram for a month before his official debut.
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Every time you meet Aditya Roy Kapur, there's been a similar complaint against him. Although he's fun to talk to, he usually disappears after every movie promotion. The actor says it's a 'universal complaint' that everyone, including his team members have against him. He laughs and immediately adds, "I'm a little better now na? I have also come on Instagram, so I'm definitely getting better at people handling skills."

On that note, we asked him who made the unimaginable feat possible. Because for years, several industry friends of the actor had been asking him to join the image sharing app but he's never really taken it seriously. But earlier this year, two girls from his gym convinced him to 'just do it'. He tells us, "I didn't know those two girls. I had by then put up a video with Varun (Dhawan) saying I'll join Instagram on 30th August. We were at the gym when those two girls walked to me and said, "When are you joining Instagram? Why aren't you coming on board earlier?" Then, Scarlett (Rose, one of them) convinced me to join it and said Instagram is positive and stuff. Normally, I don't buy it, but that day, for some reason, I felt screw this so I downloaded the app, made an account then and there. My username @AdityaRoyKapur was taken so, I took another name then (@adityaroykapuryaitsme). I put up a picture, announced it and that's about it. All of that happened as organically as that."

He adds that there isn't a strategy that he follows for his social media. "It's completely unstructured, and I do what comes to my mind at that point of time. I don't feel any pressure. Now that I have joined Instagram, I think I'm on it less than before. Earlier, I used to be there all the time. I'm enjoying it because it's where you have complete control on what you're putting out, as you want it. I don't feel there's a compulsion to be active," Aditya says. 



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But he did make an interesting revelation during our conversation. Adi revealed how he would stalk people from another account, much before he officially joined the bandwagon. "Yes, I had a secret account for a month before I actually announced. So many people were telling me that I started toying with the idea too. So I wanted to check out to see exactly kya hai. Before that, I used to go to Safari and check out people's handles  and that was a very cumbersome process. So I decided to download it, and I made a fake account and I was using that for one month to check out what the scene is." He further adds, "It's still there but I have not gone back to checking it ever since I made this account." 

Ask him what the secret handle was and he bursts out laughing. "No chance. That's not happening for sure," he signed off. 

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Bland, boring personality... Also sounds like a male sonam kapoor

Also ,he deserves someone like shraddha kapoor only;nothing better.drown in her webs you idiot

He needs to change his pr.

What a desperate, talentless LOSER!

If out of an entire Mammoth starcast with so many talented actors ......he stands out with his talents and ability ...then he must be special or a standout performer ...all reviews and public opinion favoured him uniterally ..he is subtle and fresh

He needs a hit, he can act and has great screen presence!!

I find shraddha kapoor extremely manipulative and fake.but I guess Pisces women like men fighting over them.it makes them feel special

What's this got to do with Shraddha? Stick to the topic.

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