EXCLUSIVE - Bipasha Basu: I feel I am a hands-on wife and a very good girlfriend too

In an exclusive interview with the gorgeous Bipasha Basu, the actor decoded her fitness mantra, her evolving relationship with Karan Singh Grover and the brainchild behind the term 'monkey-love.'
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Monkey couple Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover have been making hearts gush like never before ever since they got married. The two rang in two years of marriage in April and have been giving fans major couple goals. Bipasha and Karan first met on the sets of their movie Alone and fell in love. After dating for about a year, the two finally got hitched in what could be called a gala affair on April 30, 2016. 

Recently, we got in touch with the gorgeous Basu to decode her fitness mantra as against Karan, her relationship with him and the brainchild behind the term 'monkey-love.'

How has being in love changed her? Bipasha said,"Having Karan in my life, I think I have become a little more patient and calm. It is amazing what a good life partner can do to you. These are the two strong changes I have seen in myself."

She added, "We have been together for four years now. Each day we love each other more and that's how our love has evolved. We are very close, we are kind of best friends. We need each other's presence every day and the bond just keeps getting stronger."

One thing which has become synonyms to Bipasha and Karan is the term 'monkey-love'. It is everywhere from their Insta post to their stories. When asked who is the brainchild behind it, Basu replied, "There is no particular brainchild to the term of endearment 'monkey love'. It is just that we both call each other monkey and our love kind of denotes 'monkey love'. There was no plan as such to coin the term. It just happened organically."

Given their romantic gestures to each other, we wondered what an ideal romantic date setting for her would be like. "I a very lucky to have a very romantic husband in Karan. He makes things special for me anyway. Hence, I don't have a particular ideal romantic date in my head. Pretty much life is romantic (smiles)," she stated.

Bipasha later declared herself to be a hands-on wife when asked if she is a better girlfriend or a wife. "I feel that I am a hands-on wife and a very good wife. I was a very good girlfriend too. I don't know. I can't boast about myself (laughs)," prompted Bipasha. 

Taking the opportunity we also quizzed Bipasha if she has ever seen Karan's TV shows Qubool Hai and Dill Mill Gayye, both of which were extremely famous. "I think I am going to get negative points for this. I have never been able to watch Karan's show Dill Mill Gayye and I don't know much about Dr. Armaan," she sighed and added, "but I know the craze he had because there are people who go crazy about this particular character and the show and also Qubool Hai. I guess he has performed really well that people have got fanatic about it."

Concluding, she shared a few tips to remain fit and said, "Both me and Karan are equal fitness enthusiasts but I would say that Karan's fitness levels are more than mine. I am very disciplined and yes, it is very difficult to maintain when you are a foodie, that's the only place where I sometimes go wrong or let it go as I am a foodie. I love to eat all kinds of food. But I do remember at the end of the day, what's important is that you need to be healthy."

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Once he cheats her, gober fans are going to troll her to for being a bad wife to him. And she said they have been together for 4 years but their marriage is just 2 years old!! 4 years means from the time they were shooting alone and gobers divorce wasn't even registered. She just slipped and proved gober cheated on her second wife as well. Once a cheat always a cheat.

Bipasha...Bipasha what a beauty - don't like the guy though

Karan is way too IMMATURE a guy for Bipasha....She ought to develop patience for sure.....He needs to seriously GROW-UP

I still wish she and John had worked out whatever went wrong between them and end up together. Karan gives me negative vibes. I don't know why

Hands on ...why?! He's your husband not your child!

The "Monkey-love" is cringey, but I am glad Bipasha is happy.

ive always thought bipasha was so beautiful and she has the most beautiful skin its like shes 25 years old still but in bollywood the word "hands-on" definitely does not mean the same as the rest of the world. all these bollywood mothers rave about being a hands on mothers and have nannies and drivers and playschool and so on. who knows what 'common' mothers are called. and whatever a hands on wife is it doesnt sound very liberating.

I really like these two....Stay strong.

hands on...you bet she is

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