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EXCLUSIVE: Hrithik Roshan to romance Deepika Padukone in Farah Khan's Satte Pe Satta remake

While Deepika and Hrithik have always expressed their wish to do a film together, it has not happened in the past. But now, the two stars will romance each other in Farah's next.
Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan to share screen space in Satte Pe Satta remakeDeepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan to share screen space in Satte Pe Satta remake
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Earlier this year, Rohit Shetty and Farah Khan announced that they are teaming up for a big Bollywood entertainer. While the Simmba maker will be producing it, the Happy New Year director will be at the helm of things. Soon after, it was revealed that the film will be an official remake of the cult classic Satte Pe Satte that starred Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini in leading roles. 

The film that revolves around seven brothers, was speculated to have several names vying for the lead role. There were rumours that Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan were in talks for the remake, but Pinkvilla exclusively broke the news that Hrithik Roshan has been locked to step into Big B's shoes in the film. 

And now, we can tell you that Farah and Rohit have also locked the main female lead opposite Duggu. Our source, close to the development, reveals, "Both Farah and Rohit wanted Deepika Padukone in the movie because not only do they love her but she fits the role to the T. When DP debuted, everyone felt she had an uncanny resemblance to Hema ji in terms of her beauty as well. When Farah narrated the story to DP, she loved it and instantly gave her nod." This will be Deepika's next big project after '83 where she will romance her husband Ranveer Singh.

In fact, while DP will team up with Farah for the third time and Rohit for the second time, it will be the first time that she will be paired alongside Hrithik in a film. Both the actors have shared how they wish to do a film together but things weren't falling in place for the longest time. There was also a Kabir Khan directorial that was supposed to have the two stars in it but didn't take off. 

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Age doesn't matter in acting

The age doesn't matter in acting

Deepika is the new bollywood bhabiji..Poor thing, her star lead heroine status is done.

They will make a beautiful couple

Cant wait

He will break Deepika's marriage. Poor Ranveer is up for serious trouble.

They should sign Kiara Advani. DP has started doing 15 minute roles? Poor frustrated woman is finished.

If she's doing a Farah Khan mindless movie, then she clearly is not getting offers. HR should have paired up with DP back when she was beautiful. Now she looks like a tall skeleton...wierd looking woman!

Katrina looks best with hrithik

This role first went to priyanka chopra but she had to decline. Farah visited her during her last visit to mumbai

Oh God, Kangna will require a truckload of burnol..two of her favorites together will definitely make her go mad...


I dont understand how they never worked together till date. This is a couple i would pay to watch just for the sheer beauty

Why do i feel this pairing will be up there with Hrithik - Aishwarya divine pairing?

Fresh pairing but Hrithik is much older than Deepika. He's 45 and she's 33. Waiting to see female actors paired with ones close to their age or better still more female oriented movies with the female hero. She should be doing strong characters after Chhapaak and no more masala flicks.

It's about balance. Needs to be commercially successful as well as critically successfully. Deepika j
I'd smart please let her handle her own career. She's done it well so far.

Hrithik is way better and hotter than her constant pairing of 57 years old SRK. Film making is acting. Not marriage match making. And age does not matter even in that!

i always pictured these two in some epic saga like immortals of meluha, they're perfect as shiva and sati but i guess this will have to do. Could be fun with some dance numbers and good original songs please!

An out and out commercial movie with Hrithik and Deepika! Will do amazing if done right...

Uff... what a pairing!!

Brilliant as I really wanted Deepika in this role ... Hrithik and Deepika WOW

Hope Hrithik doesn't act mentally handicapped as has seem to become his default

Hi Rangoli ,, Hrithik is sane and a nice person. Its you and your sister who are mentally handicapped. Infact she is playing herself in MHK

why should dp need to resemble hema malini its not hema's biopic they are making its a remake movie

This is a casting coup of sorts! Am surprised how nobody casted these gorgeous persons until now

That’s the pairing of the decade! What took our Bollywood directors this long? Match made in heaven

Both Deepika and Hrithik are so good looking. They would look amazingly beautiful together. I always wanted a romantic movie with these two. I hope the script is good enough to show their chemistry.

Flop actor working with Farah Khan, whose brother Sajid is out of work because of #Metoo.

The pairing is hot, but Farah Khan is not! Her movies is a mess.

Terrible, another bad double role movie. Deepika will do ANYTHING for Farah, sad. As for Hrithik, man, that dude just can't do anything right. I can't name one good Hrithik movie since he divorced his wife. New couples or popular couples are not enough to make a movie not terrible.

Kangana would run MAD!!! Hahahahah

Good to see a man and woman romancing . Sorry boys and girls !

At last somwthing to look forward to from bw. DP been missing you onscreen girl. Please make this happen.

Ugly deepika

Ugly katrina
post it

PR queen will talk about how much salary she got.

Jealous PR Queen Katrina ,DP never talked about her salary. Poor jobless katrina
pv post this plz

That’s a sixer

I got bored of watching Deepika with same cast. These two deserve atleast one film together! Beautiful and Dignified persons

FINALLLLLY!!!! I think Hrithik has the Maturity and screen presence of Bachchan and Deepika has the elegance of Hema. Perfect and Blockbuster casting!!

Fantastic ...really looking forward to this.

I'm really looking forward to this. They'll look dynamite together.

Hey nice to see a fresh new pair .And watch out for Kangu and her sister entertaining us when that happens.

Blockbuster!!! Can not wait to watch it!

Vow!!! Two of them are my fave
Nice new pair hope script is strong .. because script is king

And who are the other six pairs for the remake of remake of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?

DP resembles Hema Malini?? Is this a joke?!

Kiara Advani resembles Hemaji in her movie Kabir Khan. Deepika doesn’t resemble her at all. What a joke.

Kiara resembles dipika that's why

Would love to see them.

This is kangana's nightmare

Priyanka was approached first


Please tell me she has a good role and I'll be happy

This has alot of potential to be a fun watch

Please bring them together.


alot of people want this pairing

Block buster

It’ll be nice to see them together

Yayyyyyy. Finally

Awesome. Super excited

Wowwww.Now thats what we call a hot and sexy jodi .Waiting

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