EXCLUSIVE: I love proving people wrong: Hrithik Roshan opens up like never before on Super 30 success

Despite detractors thinking Hrithik Roshan won't be able to pull off the Bihari look and style of Aanand Kumar, his latest film Super 30 has tuned out to be a big success at the plexes. Here, the actor shares about the journey and talks about giving a fitting answer to the criticism.

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EXCLUSIVE: I love proving people wrong: Hrithik Roshan opens up on Super 30 success
EXCLUSIVE: I love proving people wrong: Hrithik Roshan opens up on Super 30 success

It won't be wrong to call Hrithik Roshan the last superstar the industry has seen. His films create an unprecedented euphoria among his fans and despite not sticking to the usual commercial entertainers, in the last few years, Hrithik has managed to create a newer space for himself. Balancing content with commerce, he's made sure his last film Super 30 - a biopic on the life of mathematician Anand Kumar - becomes a winner at the box office too. With over Rs 130 crore already, the film is eyeing at a lifetime of over Rs 150 crore which is great given that it isn't the usual masala potboiler. The credit goes to the star himself who not only managed to bring in the commercial success but also left everyone spellbound with his top-notch act. We caught up with Hrithik who opened up on the success of the film, like never before...

Despite being a superstar, you are known to do fewer films. Super 30 comes after two-and-a-half years. Why such a long gap?

(Pauses) This has been asked so many times already. I like the way I'm working. I think that I probably would not be able to do what I've done in Super 30 if perhaps, I was doing three more four films at the same time or doing films just for the heck of it. I think I'm just used to looking for special things in my life. If it's not special enough, I don't get excited. I'd rather spend time with my kids and my family, I'd rather travel and explore the world than do something that I'm not so excited about. The moment I get a good script and if I want to do it, I take 30 seconds to say yes and I start the film as soon as I can. The point is to get to the point where I can make that choice. I have never not done a film I loved. It is not that I'm not doing films because of some reasons but it's because I'm doing all the films which I have loved. 

कैसे नहीं होता ३० बच्चा लोग का। कोशिश से सब हो सकता है।#Super30

Before the film released, a lot of people, including me, felt you don't suit Anand Kumar's role primarily because of the way you look. Are you happy that you pulled off a stunner on your critics?

I love doing that. I love proving people wrong. When somebody says 'Hrithik can't do it', you can't even imagined how charged I get. If you want me to do something, you just have to say he can't do it. Bas! Aisa spark ho jaata hai andar. But if you want me to be really bad at something, you just have to say, 'He can do it very easily'. So I don't feel like doing it only. I'm a lot like that. 

A lot of people also feel that only an actor belonging to a particular region should play a character from that place. The debate had ensued during Mary Kom too when Priyanka Chopra did the biopic. It happened with you as well. What's your take on the same?


That's something which should be a realisation for all of us. When God distributes the gifts and curses, pain suffering and happiness, he doesn't look at geography. It's not like he's a guy from Patna so I'll give him more suffering and less because he's a guy from Juhu. If your emotional journeys match, it doesn't matter who you are and where you are from. You will always be able to connect with the heart. 

. . मार दिया छलाँग !!  . . #biharimode #super30

Were you expecting this response?

I wasn't expecting such a unanimous response. I knew I had done something from my heart in this film but that could be limited to just me and my feelings. Woh logo ke dil tak pohuchega ki nahi I didn't know. 

But this film has done so well at the box office despite not being a potential masala or an action film. Does that make you happier?

It makes it more special because it's not in that space. I took a really big chance, also the trajectory of my past few films since Bang Bang haven't been in the mainstream commercial line-up of the kind of films you would want to do. It made me feel stronger about myself. I just follow my instincts. 

How important is the success of Super 30 at this point of your career?


I'll be honest with you. It's very important. It guides your instinct. There's one thing about me - once I see the first copy of my films, I can gauge how much business it can do. The upper marker and lower markers are in plce. Till date, I have never gone wrong. So that has kept me empowered. It's very important for your instincts to be reaffirmed by box office. With Super 30, I knew I had something good and the numbers have proved me right. It's not about success or failure but them matching your insticnts. If your judgment has been the opposite, regardless of success or failure, then you'd be a mess. You would then not know what to do next. 

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