EXCLUSIVE- Imtiaz Ali: If Ranbir Kapoor wouldn't have said yes to Tamasha, I wouldn't have made the film

Imtiaz Ali speaks about his two favourite scenes from Tamasha, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.
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Away from box office glitter, Imtiaz Ali movies are for 'the fools who dream'. Instead of running away from the darker side to one's personality, Imtiaz chooses to confront it and weave a story around it. His cinema has a niche audience and his movies manage to garner mixed reviews always. 

Tamasha starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone completes 2 years today. The movie explicitly captured the heart-achingly beautiful relationship between a person and his dreams. 

We got in touch with Imtiaz to know his favourite scenes from the movie, how much does he relate to Ved and much more. 

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

It's been 2 years since Tamasha happened. It had opened to a mixed review. Two years down the line, how do you think people react to it?

When you watch a movie, you enjoy it but there are some movies which you remember and there are some which affect you in some ways. I think Tamasha is one of those films which has affected people positively. That is something which is very significant to me because a lot of people have come to me and said that how the movie has changed them, their attitude and many were positive changes. If this movie has had such an effect on people, it is a matter of pride for me. 

Your favourite two scenes from the movie?

I love the scene where he talks to his father in the end. Actually, even more than that I think I like the scene where he goes back to the storyteller where the latter tells him 'why should I tell your story?' That scene is what I like the most in the movie because it is very significant and it speaks to you directly and communicates clearly the intent of the film. 

I really enjoy the song also, Tum Saath Ho. The way it happens in the cafeteria and the breakup scene is very intense, very real and heartwrenching. 

Ranbir and Deepika were exceptionally well as Ved and Tara. Do you think any other actor could have done justice to the characters?

No, I don't think so. It is very very difficult. Not at all. Definitely not Ranbir Kapoor as Ved. I just feel that if he wouldn't have said yes, I wouldn't have made the film. I had no other choice. Same for Deepika because Deepika came in and that is how the character and the role also changed because she was there. 

How much do you resonate with Ved?

I do. I was fortunate that my parents pushed me in the direction of my own dreams but I have often thought how different it would be for me if my father was different. So that way I have a very personal connection in that way with the film. 

Many wondered why did the film have a happy ending given the number of conflict in it. Your take?

The film had several heavy scenes, right?There was so much emotion in it. I did not want that the ending is also sad. I wanted the audience to leave on a positive note. 


yes this film has its own fanbase 4 5 log hai ek post banata hai 2 like karte hai aur 2 3 log retweet karte hai acha hai. Sorry few things we will never match.

Fools rush where angels don't dare. After reading some of the WTF comments here, I realized that why movies of pumpkin shaped bhai, mediocre hammy Veer and langot main chuha Varun work. Brainless flicks chahiye na audience ko. No wonder Bollywood standards are so low.

ranbir may have been the hero of the film, and yes his acting is always on point, he is a fabulous actor, but deepika is the soul and the heart of that film; but sadly, most people talk about it as a ranbir Kapoor film only, even imitaz do that sometimes. personally I loved ved because of tara, I loved ranbir because of deepika; she did them a great service by taking up that part, I wish imitaz had elaborated more on her character, like why tara celebrated her birthdays alone, her relationship with her folks, where is her mother?..etc. it would had more meaning to the film...

Next we will have Rakesh Mehra talking about delhi 6, Ashutosh Gowarikar praising Mohenjo Daro,

and rankat wouldn't break up probably...

I just loved the movie. Such a strong message! And the characters were very real; so much depth!

I dont understand why is he publicizing a mediocre movie so much. There are many directors who dont boast about their masterpieces and yet we have imtiaz with his same old boring drama going on and on about his movie. Its like ashutosh talking about Mohenjo Daro...

100 times better than JHMS

this movie has alot fans and strong performances from the leads, i can see why people love it so much. Thr audience could feel deepika's heartbeat on screen whenever she was in the frame and ranbir is always strong. I wish they didn't end up together, would have been more powerful

Seriously? First, its a bad movie. Second, he must be out of his mind to think only Ranbir can play his part. This is the same director who nearly put Jab We Met into a dustbin because he wasn't convince on his own craft by his own confession. It was only when Shahid Kapur energise him to make him believe that its a damn good script.

It's great movie
Feel sorry for you. You just don't understand it

I couldn't bare the movie for 15 mins..what the heck was that?

its an ok movie seriously. i think the hype and imtiaz's rk obsession actually killed it for me. it might have worked better without that and a different perspective

Tamasha is a damn good movie which could have been 20 minutes shorter and been a damn damn good movie.

This photo is a bit disturbing one, at first glance it seems Deepika is not wearing anything.weird angle

Overrated director talking about overrated actor, quite an overrated and overbearing situation.

the most overrated director....STFU

loved the film. i get ved. i will name my kid VED one day.

That's a nice picture.

Bad movie anyway

and i wish srk had said no to Jab Harry met Sejal you gave srk the weakest script

SRK edited the script and chose the actress. You can tell how the actors influence the final movie. For example, Tamasha and Rockstar run on Ranbir's talent, while Love Aag Kaal and Cocktail are more light-hearted because of Saif. I liked Jab Harry Met Sejal, but the title sucks and the focus should have shifted more to something other than the ring, like Jab We Met isn't only about Geet's fiancee.

You are so so transparent!

Ark bad luck he selected jhms. Not imtiyaz bad script lol

sorry but after love aj kal imtiaz's scripts have been going down hill

I wish he had said no. We would not have been tortured then.

Stop it now

So blame him for that

Why is Imtiaz going on and on about this movie. It was his worst movie after Jab Harry met Sejal.

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