EXCLUSIVE: It is unfair to single out Farah Khan in the Tanushree Dutta, Nana Patekar case; Reveals a source

Amidst Tanushree Dutta controversy, Farah Khan posted a picture with Nana Patekar as they were to shoot for Housefull 4 in Jaisalmer. Soon after Khan's Instagram post went viral, people started slamming her on the social media platforms. Now, a source has given us a different story altogether. Read to know more.
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Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar's controversy has jolted the whole nation. Netizens are calling this India's #MeToo movement as many celebs are in the favour of Tanushree and have called out against Nana Patekar. Amidst Tanushree Dutta controversy, Farah Khan posted a picture with Nana as they were to shoot for Housefull 4 Jaisalmer. Soon after Khan's Instagram post went viral, people started slamming her on the social media platforms. 
"Taking the not so private charter flight to jaisalmer.@kritisanon A very excited @hegdepooja @rimpleandharpreet n 4 1 st time on insta Nana Patekar( where is @chunkypanday ) @aasifahmedofficial @adrianjacobsofficial n 1 innocent bystander,” she captioned the photo. Well, Farah was stuck in the storm of the whole controversy. And now, we have got you the real story behind the picture she posted and according to our source, the team photo was clicked way before the controversy happened. 

Check out the picture here: 



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A source told us, "This team picture of Housefull was posted when Farah Khan and the team reached Rajasthan, much before the controversy broke out in a big way. Farah posted the picture as it was a new schedule in Jaisalmer. Prior to this too the Housefull team have posted pictures across social media platforms. It's unfair to single Farah out and target her when there are other actresses and industry technicians in the picture." 
The source also added, "Farah Khan has always empowered women being a female director and choreographer herself. She has always been a shining example of championing the cause and was the first woman to become a commercially successful filmmaker. The picture has been blown out of proportion because it didn't come from an insensitive place and was merely a regular post. Instead of making this about Farah and diverting the attention from this important issue, people should focus on getting to the bottom of what happened." Well, that's what our source has conveyed to us but we are not clear about the fact if Nana Patekar has shot for his portions yet or not.
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For the uninitiated, Dutta last week renewed her charges against veteran actor Patekar, claiming she was harassed by him on the sets of Horn Ok Pleassss in 2008. 


Sit down Farah!! You are smart, and funny, and empowered, but its not always about money, Rt?

Source is probably Farah herself. She always trots out the same lines about being the first commercial female director. It has nothing to do with supporting other women. Just take several seats Farha.

A fool statement coming from a house full of fools

Farah invited this on herself,who in their right minds would post a pic with Nana Patekar when the controversy around him is raging.She clearly chose a side by ignoring Tanushree and tried to belittle the issue,now that it has backfired on her,she's giving excuses.Smh

If she posted what's a big deal and the dattu may not having any job so barking now tomorrow she will blame someone else so tsnushree is lier kick her out of the film industry

Farah brought this on herself by posting a pic with Nana right after the controversy erupted.There was no need to past pic with Nana,of all the people,his only pic btw ,till now they hadn't posted a single pic with him.Faraha clearly has chosen sides ,she jumped into the controversy when there was no need to

Damage control by Farah who always supports the men - Hrithik, Salman and now Nana. She’s anti- woman.

Is the source Shirish Kunder ? That ungrateful prick who didn't even leave SRK, in spite of the fact that his and his wife's whole career is due to SRK.

The picture was posted out of Farah Khans handle. No matter what she should acknowledge and then apologize for it and then take the picture out !

Why not?? Kevin Spacey was thrown out in Hollywood on allegations..

Farah is a big time bully. We all know that.

Farah Khan is the epitome of hypocrisy. She makes misogynistic films with focus on the male hero with the female lead reduced to an objectified dumb bimbo. Being the first female director doesn't make you a feminist if you are pulling other women down.

This farah is good for nothing and given unnecessary importance.

Farah is full of shit. Her movies and her talk is crap. Look at the kind of misogynistic movies she and her brother churn out.

With this attitude, there can never be any #metoo movement in the country. If he can't be thrown out of the film or people at the top in the industry are going to carry about their business just like before, you can't call them champaions of women empowerment. Coz when its time to do something, there is one excuse after the other.

as an indian citizen listening to tanushree's interviews&her pov..makes me so sad& angry..at these b town biggies,they all should be ashamed&shud probably sit at home wearing bangles...so many of them have young children&daughter's what kinds of role models are they to going to be by staying silent.nana patekar should be investigated&imprisoned& i hope there are class action suits against many more of these dirty men who are roaming around freely.they all need to rot in jail.

If Industry can oust Aishwarya Rai from three films overnight to satisfy the ego of a male abusive superstar then why they can’t throw out nana the pervert from the film. He is a character artist not even a hero of the film.

This "source" is just Faru's mouthpiece.
Stop giving us this B's about her empowering women. What has she done for anyone besides herself?

Hi Farah, remember how Sajid called Sayali to her office. While he was all naked.

Housefull is in trouble if Nana is not thrown to the curb as he deserves to be.

Farah and a feminist ? such a joke...if the photo was taken before controversary then why was it posted after the revelation..INSENSITIVE Farah

Women should support women !

When Kevin Spacey the main lead of House of Cards was dropped after allegations against him why not a non-star like Nana Patekar?? Why not drop such people and give out a strong message? They caused Tanushree and her family so much pain and made her drop her entire career.. I am not watching any of their movies until they stand taking a strong stand.. otherwise your woman empowerment means nothing to me..

Farah fraud

Dressing style is to be changed There were no such incidences in 1960s , 70s why now to be explored and curtailed the reason which is over exposing

It has been proven by multiple witnesses that Nana was at fault, then what is stopping them to throw the pervert out of the film? Your industry doesn't think twice before throwing out or blacklisting actresses as per the whims of egomaniac actors.

This is so true. I wish things were different, but as cinemagoers, we have power. Boycott movies starring these people. We can vote with our money, since that's all these people care about anyway, forget human decency.

Neither side has been "proven". There are also multiple witnesses claiming it didn't happen. Time to stop indulging the whims of egomaniacs & social media. This belongs in a court of law. Better to comment on verdicts rather than speculate on allegations.

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