EXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut opens up on Manikarnika's global selection, says 'it's a slap on movie mafia's face'

Gully Boy, Andhadhun, Manikarnika & Super Deluxe have been selected for Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. Kangana Ranaut has given her reaction to the same.
Kangana Ranaut opens up on Manikarnika's global selection, says 'it's a slap on movie mafia's face'Kangana Ranaut opens up on Manikarnika's global selection, says 'it's a slap on movie mafia's face'
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Kangana Ranaut is not known to be someone to mince her words. She's unapologetic and her unabashed response always makes it to headlines. This year, the actress delivered a hit film in Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi. There are several instances where producers have disregarded women-led films as they felt it doesn't do business the way a male hero's film would work at the box office. But slowly, strong female driven films led by Kangana, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone and others are working at the ticket windows.

Manikarnika, which received rave reviews, also turned out to be the third highest grossing female-centric project. Now, the film has also been selected for the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, Asia's largest film event. Along with Kangana's film, Alia Bhatt-Ranveer Singh starrer Gully Boy, Ayushmann Khurrana-Tabu's AndhaDhun will also be screened at the festival. 

Kangana Ranaut, who's currently enjoying her small break with her family in Himachal Pradesh is elated with the news. But she also hit out at detractors for the step treatment meted out to her and her films. She exclusively told Pinkvilla, "We are thrilled with this development, especially when Gully Boy was hailed by the entire industry and there was not a single word by anyone on Manikarnika. The movie mafia tried to kill this film but for Manikarnika to get commercial success and now international recognisation along with other celebrated films is a big slap on movie mafia’s face. You can't stop a good film especially in this time and age when the world is all one big family because of social media." 


Her ultimate destination is a mental aslylum and her sister will be teh one to speeden up that journey. She talks about nepotism and hires her sis as the manager - how many interviews were held for manager selection? Only toxic trash comes out of their mouth each time they open it - how do they survive with so much negativity? Rangoli will surely develop cancer internally as every cell in her body is filled with hatred. Kangana says she needs no ones support butis SO desperate for it. She is extremely jealous of Alia because of her professional success and she has love in her life which Kanga is desperate for but will never get.

Manikarnika is way better than watching Alia prance around in Ghar more song. She made a fool of herself. Can't dance or act to save her life. Surviving thanks to movie mafia. She got Inshallah also by begging. Just like she begged ranbir to date her and all the other movies she bagged by begging.

Kangana baby I you want to hurt kjo,you should attack sid and fawad...that's it...but you won't dare...

Who's made the selection for manikarnika though? Looks like it's Aditya pancholi or one of the married men she's slept with.. Oh, wait she's even rubbed off Aditya pancholi in the wrong way. Ahem who's the one then?

This woman is living in a bubble.. I tried watching manikarnika and cudnt sit through the whole film.. Her voice and diction is pathetic. I then realised that some of her performances were applauded because when compared to the performance levels of other bollywood actresses she was doing better. In Hollywood people writes actresses of her calibre off straight away because the competition is so high.. Her personality on a whole is cringe worthy..

This is an apt description of Alia. Just substitute Kalank/Gully boy for Manikarnika and you have got exactly what ALIA is.

bcuse of all are controversies with director it had negativy effect at boxoffice,yes kjo,salman are nepo supporters or favor supporters but stop talking about it all the time it is losing the effect and make you raki sawat enfact she is for better than you

She cant act,keeps giving back 2 back flops n shows so much negativity , she wud barely last 2 yrs in industry. Gosh shes so negative n vile, any given day kjo is million times better than her.

So true! They cannot keep the sun under clouds. Keep shining golden girl!

It all started with the nepotism talk on kjo show...it obviously didn't go well with him. But guys come on isn't it true that he only promotes substandard quality movies and star son and daughters who cling to him because they know he will launch them. The business of movies is such that if you are provided with substandard product you have no choice other than consuming what is offered....the outsiders perespective is needed for fresh and stories from heartland of India. People are making such movies but with great difficulty. The outsiders have suffered enough....kjo disregarding kangana when Aditya chopra wanted to cast her or saying the same for anushka to him when he casted her for Rab ne... but a yes to ananya...wakeup guys smell the coffee

I loved the movie and I like her too but there is no need to drag others in everything.she should stop doing that.

Oh my god!!attacking people again? It's now officially confirmed that she's crazy. Go visit a doctor

People in the industry don't support you because you are insane, toxic and hateful towards everyone. Why so much arrogance? 99% of your rubbish movies are a flop at the box office so just chill !!!

Psychpath Kangana is back at it, go get some help woman. You're mentally unstable for sure

Seriously!!! mentally unstable woman delivered a internationly recognizedl film..wow..

Kangana please see a psychiatrist asap.

She is not happy with her movie making the cut because she paid for it to get in there or slept with guy who makes decisions. She wanted so.e appreciation for the crappy movie , now that she got it, she is bad mouthing big wigs of industry. That is what she wanted.

Guess WHO made the selection? besides it is just a festival..being selected to go means nothing.

Some people love her and some hate her. People who are calling her mad, negative and all. Please do understand, what Kangana has gone through during her initial days of bollywood was not good. She has suffered a lot. It requires a lot of strength and courage to speak the truth. Why would she lie or say unwanted things about others? If it is for publicity or fame sorry boss her talent is enough.God bless you Kangana

Yeah it’s true but nobody can think about it she is always trying to say true

No one loves her. Everyone in the industry infact in the world go through bad days, failures and torture. It diesnt means she start attacking people and spreading lies. What truth is she speaking? Has she ever spoken the truth? She lied always. Her talent is limited and not enough and she knows that.
Post the truth please

Basically she is confused and praise hungry person who depends on others opinion about her. One hand says I dont need these people's support and on another desperate for their attention and support.

When people get success they talk about it and don't start negative campaign. Unlike this mentally ill woman who spoke ill of everyone. Proves her movie is not there on merit but she paid them and may be harassed them.


Manikarnika deserves to be on every platform!! just watch the fight sequences and you will be amazed!! not a single actor I can remember in bollywood who can do such a fine actions with so much impact! Congrats to Kangana..and why she is bringing Kjo only because he and his gang tried very hard to destroy Manikarnia and did the best and wide ever negative PR..not a single big names talkes about the movie and many infuluneced not to so..so now as the film is hit, she is doing what needed to be done!! calling them out..nothing worng in it..

Have you seen gully boy or Andhadhun? In those, people are living their characters not doing OTT drama.

Mani does NOT deserve anything and I'm only cinema lover not anyone's fan.

Fee things that u need to know 1)bollywood is not kangana’s property that they have to appericiate her movie. And appericiation from bollywood doesnt matter, public appericiation matters. Public didnt appericiate manikarnika that is not fault of any big name in bollywood.
2) manikarnikq was not a hit. It failed to cross 90cr on a 125cr budget. Its below average at boxoffice
3) she is no one to call them out. She do this stuff just to gqin publicity. Movie a rhi hai madam ki thoda to uchlegi.

How KJO and his gang try to destroy it? its KR and her sister who did like always. Don't blame others. They don't have to do anything at all. If big names didn't support or promote KR and her movie again its because of her own negative mind, her attacking nature and her bad mouthing others that make people to stay away from her.

Look at kangana's sister rangoli who is siding with Hrithik and apologising for not siding with the truth when Kangana stalked and harassed him and call him silly ex. She is now exposing her own sister and her craziness for her Phantasy.
Dont dare to mess up with a man .

Truth should be posted pv plz

Negativity queen

Gud going gal!!

I have watched all these movies. Actually, the other films in the list are far more superior in terms of quality and content while Manikarnika is strictly an average movie. Gully boy already was a part of Berlin international film festival and received huge international acclaim.

Oh yeah? Gully Boy was a copy of Eminem's 8 mile. Ranveer was even wearing a hoodie just to copy Eminem.

If a woman is fearless and vocal against a gang that rules by following its own petty rules, would she blamed for trying to fix it the way she knows how?

Look at Sunaina Roshan, Hrithik’s sister. Now she is siding with Kangana, apologizing profusely to her for not siding with the truth when Hrithik fought Kangana in the press over her casual “silly-ex” remark!

Don’t underestimate this or an women. They’ve come to fix the wrongs that the KJo’s and mall chavinists of the world have created,

Saying a wrong thing 10 times does not make it right, we all know what Kangana has been trying to do to HR for the past few years.

Come what may, I'm not watching her movies till she apologizes.

Hi stalker kangana stop spreading lies. Atop using Hrithik's sister. Provide proofs of your claims.

Who said Hrithik sister is siding with kangana and apologising ? Lol you must be kangana's PR or rangoli to say that. Do you have any proof? Dont be fool by these psycho stalker lies. Truth is on Hrithik's side. He didbt fought but expose her lies.

Fyi , see rangoli who is siding with Hrithik and apologising for not siding with the truth when kangana stalked and harassed him and call him silly ex.

Pinkvilla post this truth please. Be fair to all the fandom.

Disgusting woman.

I could not even watch it in Amazon Prime

Jealous and sick woman. Dont dare to blame others for your movie not being appreciated. Your own statements, arrogance, behaviour, blaming others cause people to stay away from you. Karan was right she loves to play a victim and a woman card.

Kangana is such a negative person. She finds and spread negativity even in positive news. She definitely needs help.

Flop and self proclaimed queen is acting as if its selected on merit. Lol. We all know she used her political connections and boyfriend parsoon .

It's a slap on humanity and truth. Her political connections made her flop film to the festival.

I think Manikarnika should be in this category, she deserved it. Put KR away from it, she just a part of the pie! Understand that idiots who are just writing negativity for the thinking to damage Kangana.

She's toxic.

True that Kangana!

Kangana Ranaut is epitome of jealousy... She is never ever happy... Good news also gives Kangana a reason to spit poison. Always playing victim card to fool people, aur hamari bholi bhali janta emotional ho jaati hai... To hell with her & her movies.

she can try to fool ppl by putting up paid articles on pv and other sites but ppl who understand the business and insiders who know the truth will not be fooled by her antics.

when i see her face the first impression i get is negativity

i seriously feel she will end up soon in a mental hospital.....feel sorry for her

That will be good for every one.

still a terrible movie, it doesn’t belong in this group

She just used her bjp connection to get her movie included.she is most definitely in relationship with a bjp guy

I just love her interviews.Love you

Lady boss in real life.

hahahaha.i just love this woman.So strong she is .love u kangana

HAHA bang on

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