EXCLUSIVE: Kashmiri singer Rahi on his latest song Maahi, struggles for newcomers in music industry and more

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EXCLUSIVE: Kashmiri singer Rahi on his latest song Maahi, struggles for newcomers in music industry and more

The Indian music industry has been home to many talented artists be it singers, composers, musicians who have managed to impress fans with their impeccable talent. Amid the testing times of 2020, a breath of fresh air entered the music industry in the form of Kashmiri musician Rahi. The talented singer, songwriter has been creating a lot of buzz with his latest track Maahi. The soothing track managed to garner immense praise from netizens and already has over 2 million views.

Undoubtedly, Rahi has been winning millions of hearts with his impeccable talent. Yet, with so much to show, his journey in the music industry was not a bed of roses. From facing rejections to being replaced at the last minute by composers, Rahi did face a lot of hurdles but has clearly proved that he is here to stay and entertain people with his music. He spoke to Pinkvilla exclusively in a conversation and opened up about his song, Maahi, the struggle he faced as a newcomer, and much more.

On being asked if Maahi was the first song that gave him immense popularity, Rahi said that it was not the first song. He shared that he used to make voice notes and keep his composed songs. Opening up, he said, " When I came to Mumbai, I wanted to learn music. My Guru, Mrs Sucheta Bhattacharya ji, taught me music." He went on to share how he heard a script while learning and that was when he made a song Tu Le Ja Mujhe for it that received a lot of love. He explained that amid the lockdown while sitting in the studio, he was jamming when the Idea for Maahi came to him and they made the song.

Further, talking about his struggle in the music industry, he revealed that a lot of people gave him contacts to text on. But, he shared that he was hesitant in texting them. He said, "I can't be fake." He revealed that he even did a reality show but when he saw what was happening behind the scenes, he decided to bow out.

The talented singer further shared a heartbreaking incident that he sang a song for a music director who, at first, told him that he loved it. However, he shared that the next day, he told him that all their slots had been blocked. Recalling it, Rahi said, "Uss din main itna toot gaya. I wondered which industry have I landed myself in." However, he did not give up and continued to sing demos for others. But, later he found out that the demos that he used to sing, are being used by composers to get big singers selected in his place. On being asked if he sang a demo for someone and later found out if someone else was selected in his place for the song, he revealed that around 5 of his songs, which are quite popular now, were sung by someone else.

Despite facing all the troubles, Rahi calls himself a highly optimistic person and believes in never giving up and losing hope in life. Needless to say, this talented singer is working hard for his dream.

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