EXCLUSIVE: Sooryavanshi to release in single screens and non-multiplex chains on April 2

Sooryavanshi is looking to skip it's release in national multiplex chains, but is almost confirmed to arrive on the big screen on April 2. Here's all you need to know
EXCLUSIVE: Sooryavanshi to release in single screens and non-multiplex chains on April 2
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Over the last 20 days, Rohit Shetty and the entire team of Reliance Entertainment have been in conversations with the national multiplex chains – PVR, INOX, CINEPOLIS and Carnival – negotiating on the terms and conditions of bringing the Akshay Kumar fronted Sooryavanshi on the big screen during the Good Friday weekend i.e. April 2, 2021. While the stakeholders of Sooryavanshi were demanding certain terms and conditions in best interest of their film, the national chains have not been able to align with their vision as things stand today.

And now, it seems that Rohit Shetty and his team have finally arrived at a concrete decision. The film will hit the big screen on April 2, however, it would be a release strategy restrained to just the single screens and non-national multiplexes. A source close to Rohit Shettty informs Pinkvilla, “They have held back on the films’ release for almost a year and were always committed to bring it in the cinema halls. However, it’s an expensive film and no one wants to release it in a manner that results in a loss of income. It’s time for the multiplexes as well to understand the plight of team Sooryavanshi. Since multiplexes are not agreeing to the terms put forth by Rohit Shetty, and Reliance, team Sooryavanshi has finally taken a decision to release the film in the cinema halls on April 2. However, the catch here is, he would bring the film only in the single screens and non-national multiplex chains, and bypass the big five national chains of PVR, INOX, Cinepolis and Carnival.”

While the negotiations will continue even in the days to come, Rohit can’t wait any more to bring his cop-drama to the audience. “If he wants to bring the film on April 2, the campaign needs to begin. However, the negotiations so far have not gone any further from the day of starting, and hence, the team has decided to bypass that release for now, and explore other routes. If multiplexes agree on giving better terms within the next week, the film will arrive on the big screen all across India, or else, it would be just a single screen and non-national chain release,” the source added.

The team has been exploring several models of bringing their action thriller to the audience, which also includes the hybrid release format by releasing it in single screens as also OTT, but it’s all ifs and buts for now and a final conclusion on the matter will be known by Monday or Tuesday. “Every believes that Sooryavanshi is meant to be enjoyed on the big screen and its releasing in the cinema halls for sure on April 2, but what remains to be seen is, if it would be just a single screen and non-national multiplexes release or if national multiplex chains agree on the terms put forth by Rohit and co, resulting in a pan-Indian release,” the source concluded. 

The movie features Akshay in the titular role of a dynamic cop, with Katrina Kaif joining in as  the female lead. Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh too have key roles in the film as getting back to the cop avatar of Singham and Simmba.

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No respect for this guy...no voice...no opinion... waste of time!

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

April is too early to release such a big budget movie.

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Waste of time. Boycott Bollywood

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yes hope it's a MEGA flop