EXCLUSIVE: Tuesdays & Fridays star Jhatalekha is inspired by Priyanka Chopra's confidence and independence

In an EXCLUSIVE interaction with Pinkvilla, Jhatalekha, who makes her Bollywood debut with Tuesdays & Fridays, confessed that Priyanka Chopra has always been an inspiration and motivation in her life.
EXCLUSIVE: Tuesdays & Fridays star Jhatalekha is inspired by Priyanka Chopra's confidence and independence
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While we're still in two minds over visiting theatres amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a star kid and Miss India International 2014 made their Bollywood debut in the Sanjay Leela Bhansali backed romantic comedy, Tuesdays & Fridays, which released yesterday, i.e. February 19. Poonam Dhillon’s son Anmol Thakeria and Jhataleka are here to win everyone's hearts with their quirky take on millennial dating tropes.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, we spoke to Jhatalekha about the storyline of her debut film which sees the lead couple dating only twice a week; Tuesdays and Fridays. When we asked the debutante if she'd ever agree to said dating module in real-life, Jhatalekha confessed, "I don't think if Jhataleka were to make a choice, she would go for the 'Tuesdays and Fridays' dating module. Definitely wouldn't work for me. [laughs] I think I need all days of the week exclusively to myself. I'm not saying I need to meet the person every single day but I need to know for a fact that the person is only and only committed to me and there's no room for a third party in that relationship. So, yeah! I'm very old school that way."

Moreover, given that she officially joins the long list of models who eventually pursued acting as their profession, we quizzed  Jhatalekha on which model-turned-actress has been her inspiration to which she unsurprisingly revealed, "It's pretty clear. It's always been Priyanka Chopra and she has always been an inspiration and motivation in my life. She probably is one of the reasons why I chose to be a part of Miss India because she was a Miss India herself and she landed up winning Miss World and eventually became an actress. And, for me, I knew I wanted to become an actress before Miss India happened. So, I thought, I was inspired by her journey and just the way that she's achieved things in her life; her confidence, her independence. To me, in my eyes, she may be a lady but she's a hero, from where I see. I really appreciate that about her and that's something that I draw a lot of motivation from for my life too."

"So, Miss India happened because Priyanka Chopra was Miss India and because she became an actress after being a Miss India. She definitely is the model-turned-actress that has inspired me," Jhatalekha concluded.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Nehi chalegi ye ladki

Anonymous 2 months ago

She looks like a bahenji. She should try her luck in television industry.