Jacqueline Fernandez's SHOCKING revelations on being an outsider: I was asked to do a nose job, change my name

Jacqueline Fernandez's SHOCKING tale of challenges of being a 'firang actress' in India; watch video inside.
Jacqueline Fernandez SHOCKING revelations on being an outsider: I was asked to do a nose job, change my name Jacqueline Fernandez SHOCKING revelations on being an outsider: I was asked to do a nose job, change my name
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Jacqueline Fernandez is the fifth guest on Pinkvilla's Woman Up and she completely suits the title 'Imperfectly Perfect'. A beauty pageant winner from Sri Lanka, Jackie decided to try her luck in Bollywood and shifted base to Mumbai. But little did she know what she was getting into. Muddled into a world of underlying darkness below the glitzy showbiz, she soon faced the wrath of the industry. From being bodyshamed to being made to feel different, she had it all. 

While some asked her to change her name, many asked her to get a nose job done. She says, "It's been about 10 good years. The craziest thing was that when I came here, I never thought how to stand out or do things differentluy. I just wanted to be me. So, I didn't put an act! People told me, 'Do a nose job, change your name'. I was like, 'is all this really needed?'I was calm, relaxed and colected about it. It worked out for me."

She further adds, "I would actually laugh though. I was told to change my name to Muskaan. My agency had these suggestions: Should we change her name because Jacqueline Fernandez is too western. How do we crack the industry with such a name? I was sure I'm not changing my name. People used to tell me I have to be a certain way. They wanted me to make my eyebrows darker. And the one feature of mine which I loved since childhood was my nose and then, someone asks me to change my nose."

In a country that celebrates the eternal proverb 'Atithi Devo Bhava', she found herself in the middle of judgment when she wasn't even given a house on rent. Why? Because she was a 'firang actress'. She also reveals that it's not just the people outside, but people from within the industry too, ridiculed her for her accented Hindi and felt 'she was trying too hard' to fit in. All this and more in an explosive tell-all interview.

Watch the video right here:


seen several vidoes of her make up assistant shaan,she is very good to her staff.

salman promoted her as well

She looks very plastic and givan her unconventional face, she has actually done pretty well in bollywood. She has good connections and constant work. If that isnt success for an outsider, what is?

Those beggars here commenting about Sajid Khan who was the biggest mistake of her life ! After finding about Sajid she left him. Krish 3 , Jannat 2 and many more big films offered to her by sajid but she rejected all !! Plus Sajid insulted her many times in public.What a desperate ! No one knows their private things but you know but how ? From Gossips ! How far is it justifiable someone insulting others based on gossips ? Shame ! I know who you are and your idols... Only her fans can behave like this cheapest way. Good luck on that. Jacqueline is a pure soul . Thats all !!!

Who is beggar here dumbo? I like her but she had Sajid for her the WORLD knows. Glad she left him. She is so pretty and looks a nice person be friends with

She is physically very fit and dances very well. She is pretty.
Why Bollywood is not casting her in movies. Hrithik praised her physical fitness and talent why he does not cast her in Krish 4. I just do not understand.

These requests would not be made if there wasnt pervy in.di.ans

She did find Sajid though ;)

yet you had to take sajid khans help??&everyone knows what goes on behind closed doors with sajid.

Irritating accent in the video, she's certainly done something to her face starting from her lips to eyes.

Irritating accent in the video

she could have been big in Sri Lanka . Here in Bollywood she is just another pretty face seen in multi starrers.

Agreed man.so true.

She is/was not big in Sri Lanka. Only we got to know her when he appears in indian movies.

Yes, you should have found a superstar boyfriend and a some Kashmiri father. No talent needed after that.

Honestly Nose job sounds like a much easier choice than sleeping with Sajid Khan.


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