Happy Jonghyun Day: Before Our Spring and more; 7 soothing songs by late SHINee member for those seeking comfort

It’s SHINee’s Jonghyun’s birth anniversary today! He was known for his comforting solo songs that touched upon mental health, providing peace to fans. Here are the top 7 songs by the idol.

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Jonghyun (Image Credits- SM Entertainment)
Jonghyun (Image Credits- SM Entertainment)

Kim Jong Hyun, born on April 8, 1990, and known by his mononymous stage name Jonghyun, was a beloved idol. He was a singer-songwriter, record producer, radio host, and author signed under SM Entertainment. For nine remarkable years, Jonghyun captivated audiences as the vocalist of the beloved South Korean boy band SHINee

Beyond his group activities, Jonghyun ventured into a successful solo career, starting in January 2015 with the release of his debut EP album, Base. The album soared to the top of both the Billboard World Albums Chart and the Gaon Album Chart. Notably, Jonghyun broke new ground at SM Entertainment by actively participating in the writing, organizing, and composing of his albums, a departure from the company's typical approach of tightly controlling artist involvement in production.

His lyrics possess a unique ability to offer solace and insight, regardless of the challenges one may face. Renowned as one of the most gifted idol songwriters, his music resonates deeply, speaking directly to the heart and soul. There's something special about Jonghyun's compositions that transcends mere entertainment; it's as if he possesses an innate understanding of what listeners require, precisely when they need it most. Jonghyun would have been 34 today. Take a moment to immerse yourself in Jonghyun's lyrical legacy through his beautiful songs, for they are truly the profound verses of a poetic soul.


End of a Day

The music video, revealed on September 17, 2015, showcases actor Otani Ryohei and an actress strolling through the streets of Japan. Jonghyun's soothing and clear voice harmonizes seamlessly with the gentle piano melody, evoking emotions that are hard to resist. The smooth ballad has a poignant effect, making it easy to become moved while listening. 

Towards the end of the video, the couple shares a heartfelt reunion after a day of separation, accompanied by Jonghyun's tender vocals singing, "You've worked hard. You've faced some incredibly tough times. I'm so proud of you."

As its title suggests, the song is the perfect soundtrack for winding down at the end of the day. Jonghyun's comforting words, acknowledging your hard work and saying that you've done a great job, are precisely what you might need, especially after a challenging day.

Lonely feat. Taeyeon 

This melancholic ballad featuring Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, composed by the late SHINee's Jonghyun, delves into the themes of loneliness and the fear of burdening others with our troubles. Despite the somber subject matter, the melody provides a sense of comfort and solace, emphasizing the core message of the duet: the importance of understanding and empathy.


Only One You Need

At his final solo concert, Jonghyun reportedly shared his heartfelt motivation behind his new song, aiming to provide comfort to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. During the INSPIRED solo concert on December 10, 2017, Jonghyun unveiled five new tracks, including his self-composed piece titled Only One You Need. The Korean title, Hwansang-Tong, translates to phantom pains, reflecting the psychological experience of feeling pain in a body part that is no longer present.

In his introduction to the song, Jonghyun revealed that he wrote it with the intention of conveying a message of comfort upon losing a beloved: "When you feel pain because a loved one used to be there and is now gone, don't be too sad." Despite initially planning a comeback with his new songs in January 2018, Jonghyun chose to debut them for the first time at the concert, sharing his heartfelt creations directly with his fans.



Elevator is a poignant ballad featuring a gentle piano melody, simple production, and delicate strings. In the lyrics, Jonghyun shares his struggle with self-loathing and loneliness, symbolized by his inability to meet his own gaze in the elevator mirror. Despite its sadness, the song manages to uplift listeners by acknowledging the shared experience of battling depression. Hearing one's own struggles articulated in song offers a sense of solace and connection, reminding us that we are not alone in our struggles.

Before Our Spring

On January 24, 2018, SM Entertainment unveiled a heartfelt music video as a tribute to Jonghyun. Before Our Spring, a touching ballad from Jonghyun's posthumous album Poet | Artist embodies his deep desire to watch over his beloved fans. The lyrics poignantly express Jonghyun's longing for happiness, symbolized by the arrival of spring, juxtaposed with his current state of sadness, represented by the lingering winter. 

Despite the melancholy tone, the music offers a sense of solace and comfort. Jonghyun's poignant message of hope, "spring will come to me again," reflects his enduring optimism amidst his struggles although he doesn’t know when happiness will come to him again. Nevertheless, the song beautifully holds the idea that beauty can be found even in pain, a sentiment that resonates profoundly considering Jonghyun's identity as both an artist and a poet.


Diphylleia Grayi (Skeleton Flower)

This song reinforces the notion that sadness is a part of the human experience, and there are moments when emotions plummet to their lowest depths. Through using the metaphor of the Diphylleia Grayi (also known as Skeleton Flower), Jonghyun eloquently illustrates how pain and sorrow can often remain hidden beneath the surface, much like the flower's transparent petals when wet. 

He skillfully compares the external manifestations of grief to the internal loneliness and turmoil that remains unseen. Essentially, Jonghyun's song serves as a reminder that just as we cannot always discredit the internal struggles of others just because it isn’t visible to us. It is crucial to approach each person with kindness and empathy, recognizing that everyone carries their own burdens.

Bonus: Breathe by Lee Hi

Jonghyun gifted Lee Hi with the touching song Breathe, a beautiful composition that has since then comforted many deeply. Drawing from personal struggles with a mild panic disorder, Lee Hi penned the lyrics, aiming to offer solace to those facing similar breathing challenges. Known for his adeptness in crafting lyrics and melodies that mirror our emotions, Jonghyun's creation became a source of healing for many. Lee Hi also performed a heartfelt rendition of Breathe at the 32nd Golden Disc Awards as a poignant tribute to Jonghyun, leaving a lasting impact on fans.


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