After Dark Phoenix's disappointing debut, MCU is in no rush to reboot X Men franchise

X-Men: Dark Phoenix registered the worst opening in the history of the beloved X-Men franchise. With Disney's acquisition of Fox, Marvel Studios' President Kevin Feige is in no rush to reboot the X-Men franchise.
X-Men: Dark Phoenix was met with negative criticism and poor box-office numbers.X-Men: Dark Phoenix was met with negative criticism and poor box-office numbers.
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X-Men: Dark Phoenix marked the end for a franchise, which more or less brought light to major superhero franchises and in turn, we got the MCU and DC fandoms. With a spectacular 19-year-long span, X-Men: Dark Phoenix had the behemoth task of being the perfect swan song before Disney's acquisition of Fox came to fruition. However, the film, which sees Sophie Turner's Jean Grey in the forefront, was welcomed with negative reviews and registered the worst debut for any X-Men film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, X-Men is expected to add 10 years to MCU's lifespan but given X-Men: Dark Phoenix's downfall at the box-office, Marvel Studios' President Kevin Feige and team are willing to slow down with the reboot for Marvel's mutants. An unnamed producer revealed to The Hollywood Reporter, "There is no rush to bring the X-Men to the marketplace after this. And when they come back, it’s going to extend Marvel’s run another 10 years."



The new #DarkPhoenix poster has arrived. Trailer tomorrow night!

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix is expected to lose over $100 million for the studio and also has a glaring plothole which completely neglects the ending of X-Men: Apocalypse. 

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When Esquire asked Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy aka Magneto and Professor X if they would be up for starring in MCU's version of X-Men, if given the opportunity, the co-stars did not seem too keen on the idea.


No Wolverine... No X-Men... X-Men is not complete without the metal claws of Logan... And there is no other character for Wolverine like Huge Jackman....

The problem nowadays, id the fact tbat if a comic movie is not part of the mcu it is considered a bad movie. We have to keep our mind open and realize Marvel's Cinematic Universe is not the only one. And adding jokes to every character and movie should not be the key to its success...

This movie was really such a disappointment. The Phoenix should have been left in the ashes until the proper screen play and directors were in place. Kudos to Sophie Turner working with this weak material. I think she did a great job with this material. Hopefully, she can be reworked into the reboot.

this and last movie both are boring.

Dark Phoenix is an AWESOME film! A visual treat and an action packed,outstanding end to the Fox reign of this franchise. The negative reviews almost detoured me from watching it. I hope people don't believe the hype and check it out for themselves....they will totally LOVE this movie. After watching it, I couldn't help wondering if critics were paid to low-rate this movie by certain people. But seriously who cares what critics think anyway? The reviews I've read from the average person who saw the film, have been positive.. Don't listen to the Rotten Fruit or a guy that's at least 75 years old. Make up your OWN mind. I'm certain you'll be glad you did. That being said, I am happy that the franchise is at Marvel Studios where ALL Stan and Jack's characters belong.

what particularly did u like bout "dark" phoenix, the fact that it's basically the last stand without logan ? or that magneto wants to kill jean and then save her without ANY clear motivation, or maybe the fact that ALL charles ever does is try n b like " i know there's good inside u " i mean jeez stop it, I've heard it like a billion fuckin times, don't even get me started on the random ass aliens comin outta nowhere. action packed u say ? i watched john wick 3 just after x men n even without the aliens and sci fi it proved to b a better action film.

I agree. I enjoyed it. I was not bored. As for critics and haters, can they act, direct and produce a film? I think not, much less write. Look at what they Do write: HATE. America has become so bitter and everyone thinks they know better.

This one film should not be used as the example for the future of the franchise.

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