EXCLUSIVE: Mira Rajput Kapoor shares a SIMPLE 2 ingredient hair mask, One thing she STOLE from Shahid & more

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Mira Rajput Kapoor talked about the changes she's made in her skincare regimen this winter, how she deals with a bad skin/hair day and the one product she swears by that she stole from hubby Shahid Kapoor.

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EXCLUSIVE: Mira Rajput Kapoor shares a SIMPLE 2 ingredient hair mask, One thing she STOLE from Shahid & more
EXCLUSIVE: Mira Rajput Kapoor shares a SIMPLE 2 ingredient hair mask, One thing she STOLE from Shahid & more

After keeping her wedding to Shahid Kapoor a hush-hush and shying away from the limelight in the beginning, Mira Rajput Kapoor has finally embraced it and how! The diva now does everything from AMAs and has even hopped on the beauty bandwagon, sharing her hair care secrets and home remedies with fans and followers.
The mother-of-two took some time out and in a tete-a-tete with Pinkvilla, talked about less is more for her, managing frizzy hair and a beauty remedy that's been followed by generations in her family. 

How does your skincare regimen change in winter?
Less is more - is my skincare mantra throughout the year no matter the season. I usually go minimal with a few beauty products throughout with serum, toning water, and day cream. I amp up my moisturiser during winter as my skin can dry out quickly due to less moisture in the air around us. I also follow a strict night-time skin regime, so that I wake up to supple, glowing skin every morning. 

You have talked about your hair care in-depth, are you more mindful of your hair in dry winters? How do you manage it?
My hair is wavy so it tends to get frizzy if I am not careful. I am past experimenting with my hair and have realised that going natural is the best way forward and embracing my natural hair type is important while trying to nurture and nourish its beauty is key. Whenever I oil my hair, I use Ayurvedic hair oil for my roots, followed up with a homemade hair mask with dahi and lime. This leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny instantly


What's the one wellness/skincare product you steal from Shahid's closet?
I found a beard brush in Shahid's beard trimmer box and noticed that he used it for setting his beard. And just for fun, I decided to see how it would work for my baby hair because the hair is small and thin, and it really helped tame the flyaways. Now it’s all mine. 

How do you deal with a bad hair/skin day?
One thing that always stood by me, was the basic champi! Like every other Indian girl, I too love a calming oil massage to pamper my locks. While I’ve embraced the beauty of my natural waves only recently, a regular hot oil hair massage nourishes my hair and keeps them healthy, shining, and soft, just the way I like it. 
With utmost care and natural skincare regime, I’m able to avoid bad skin days. But nothing like making gentle face scrubs using simple kitchen ingredients to nourish the skin. The most convenient and effective recipe is a mix of oats, honey, and dahi, my go-to on a bad skin day and it works like magic. We all have bad skin and hair days so whenever it does come up it’s best to just chill and let it pass. Stress just makes it worse 


When it comes to your skin, what's the one remedy that's been passed down generations, that you still follow to keep it looking so smooth and hydrated?
My mother has always been big on home remedies. For a sunburn, she would always apply raw milk to slough off dead skin cells and restore a glow. And I follow this to date, but to enrich the benefits, I mix it with rosewater. Another one I like is Multani Mitti and is the hero of my beauty cabinet. I mix this with different ingredients like papaya, milk, and dried oranges to boost radiance.

Are you going to follow the same regimens Mira does for her skin and hair? Comment below and let us know. 

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