What Color Shoes Go with Navy Blue Dresses: 11 Cool Combinations

If you are wondering what color shoes go with navy blue dresses, you’re in luck! Here’s a guide of colors to try and switch things up to look like a showstopper!

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What Color Shoes Go with Navy Blue Dresses
What Color Shoes Go with Navy Blue Dresses

Navy blue is a beautiful neutral color that acts as a blank canvas for you to experiment with. But when it comes to finding the right shoe color to go with a navy blue dress, it can be quite challenging. Worry not because we are here to help. From neutrals and pastels to bright color pops, there's a whole palette of shades that goes extremely well with navy blue! You can experiment with looks from monochrome alternatives to bright color pop options, there’s no dearth of colors to play around with. And now that you have landed on this page, you are already in luck. Here's a guide of 11 such colors that compliment navy blue dresses well, and can be potential options when picking footwear!

Best Shoe Colors for Navy Dresses: 11 Colors to Try 

Now that you are in for introducing yourself to the shoe colors that go with navy blue dresses, scroll down and give the list a read. You are only a few moments away from slaying your look!

1. Blue 

What Color Shoes Go with Navy Blue Dresses


Nothing like a great monochromatic look! And pairing blue heels with your navy blue dress is the perfect recipe to do just that! When it comes to pairing the two together, it's all about creating a cohesive and balanced look. 


If your vibe is completely monochromatic, you can choose different shades and textures of blue to create visual interest. Pair a navy blue dress with cobalt blue heels to create a bold and sophisticated look, or create contrast by adding neutral elements to the outfit such as a beige clutch for a chic and understated look. In both these options, the blue heels will stand out as the statement piece, and draw the eyes downward from the dress to the footwear. For an elegant look opt for an A-line or shift silhouette, that is elegant and chic. And for a more feminine and playful approach, opt for a fit-and-flare dress paired with pumps.


Either way, make sure you consider the occasion when choosing the silhouette, as some dress styles may be more appropriate for certain events than others. Also, make sure you keep promotions in mind while picking shoes that go with navy blue dresses. Choosing heels that are too high or bulky can throw off the balance of the outfit, so opt for heels that are comfortable and complement the dress silhouette.

2. Black

What Color Shoes Go with Navy Blue Dresses

Black heels are a timeless combination that looks good with almost any color dress. They're sophisticated and chic, and look extremely put together when styled well. When paired with a navy blue dress, the two can create a stunning unified and finished look. 

A sleek and refined look can be achieved with classic pumps or strappy sandals, while an edge can be added with tougher types like studded boots. Think about combining accessories in other colors, such as a metallic clutch or statement jewelry, to add contrast and visual interest to the ensemble. However, it is crucial to avoid over-accessorizing, which might overpower the look and take away from the dress and heels. 

Also since both colors are darker and can often blend, consider subtly adding a third color when pairing black shoes with a navy dress, via a belt or a scarf with a pattern, to balance the ensemble. 

Finally, as mentioned before, remember to keep the occasion and dress code into account. This color combination is ideal for more formal occasions, which call for a classier outfit. With careful styling and attention to detail, a navy blue dress with black shoes may make for an exquisite and timeless ensemble.

3. White 

 Color shoes go navy blue dress

White is another neutral that is super sophisticated, chic, and stunning. However, to make this combination work, it's essential to pay attention to the shades and textures of the pieces. 

When it comes to white heels, opting for a sleek, minimalist design can help keep the focus on the dress. A pointed-toe stiletto or a simple strappy sandal can elongate the legs and add a touch of elegance. To complement the navy blue dress, consider adding white accessories, such as a statement necklace or clutch, to tie the look together. A pop of red lipstick can also add a playful touch of color to the otherwise neutral-based outfit. 


Moreover, when choosing a navy dress to pair with white, it's important to consider the tone and texture of the fabric. A silky or flowy material can create a more romantic feel, while a structured or tailored style can add a touch of sophistication. When it comes to shades, a darker navy blue can pair well with bright white heels, while a lighter shade of navy blue can look great with off-white or ivory heels. 

For a formal event, a floor-length navy blue gown with white heels can create an elegant and polished look, while a knee-length navy blue dress with white heels can be perfect for a daytime event or a more casual occasion. Overall, styling a navy blue dress with white heels can create a stylish and timeless look that is perfect for a variety of occasions.

4. Gold 

What Color Shoes Go with Navy Blue Dresses

Moving away from the neutrals and on to more glamorous and metallic shades, next we have gold! A navy blue dress with gold heels can produce a beautiful and glitzy appearance. 

Strappy gold heels look glitzy and while a navy blue dress looks more put together, bringing together the perfect balance. Chunky gold shoes can give a shorter navy blue dress some edge and give off a more fun feel. 

Remember to take into account the undertones of the navy blue dress while choosing color combinations. A coherent and well-balanced appearance can be achieved by wearing a navy blue dress with gold heels that have a cooler metallic finish if the dress has cooler undertones. On the other hand, wearing a navy blue dress with gold heels that have a warmer metallic finish can result in a harmonious and fashionable ensemble if the dress has warmer undertones. Accessorizing with gold jewelry can highlight the gold highlights in the clothing to give it more depth and provide a more put together and fashionable appearance. The gold heels can also be enhanced by adding a small gold necklace or a pair of spectacular gold earrings.

5. Silver

What Color Shoes Go with Navy Blue Dresses

Another metallic shade to keep in mind when deciding what shoes to wear with a navy dress is silver. Silver is fun, yet glamorous. It's cool yet not casual. And it also makes a statement. A pair of silver strappy heels are exactly what one needs to add some shine and sophistication to a navy blue dress. 


To balance out the look, one can accessorize with silver jewelry such as a necklace or earrings in the same shade. If you want to add some additional color to the outfit, you can add a statement silver clutch as well to complete the look. 

For a formal event, a long navy blue dress with a fitted silhouette can be paired with silver stiletto heels to create a sleek and sophisticated look. Alternatively, a navy blue midi dress with a flowy, feminine silhouette can be paired with silver block heels to create a more casual and playful look. 

It's important to keep in mind that the key to pairing navy blue with silver is to keep the overall look simple and sophisticated. Avoid pairing too many prints or patterns, and instead focus on finding accessories that complement the color and style of the dress. With the right styling and attention to detail, a navy blue dress with silver heels can make for the perfect outfit.

6. Brown

What Color Shoes Go with Navy Blue Dresses


Going back to the neutrals, we have the safest option of the lot, brown. Brown is simple, elegant, and yet chic without being too bold. And even though people shy away from brown.

You can pair a navy blue dress with a brown belt and brown clutch to create a monochrome look while wearing a pair of brown heels. This will result in a professional and coordinated look, that's great for formal occasions. To add a splash of color to the outfit and make it more fun, you can also choose a striking necklace or pair of bronze or gold earrings. 

To balance out the appearance, another choice is to add a structured blazer in a neutral shade like gray or beige. With the right styling and some stunning accessories- you can easily spice up this basic combination and make it perfect for any occasion.

7. Beige

What Color Shoes Go with Navy Blue Dresses

Still wondering what color shoes to wear with a navy dress? We suggest a toned-down, subtler version of the dark chocolate brown mentioned above, beige is a simple classic that one can turn to when confused. 

For a classic and chic look, opt for a beige heel that matches the blue as closely as possible in terms of shading to create the illusion of elongated legs. Consider choosing a nude pump or strappy sandal to create a streamlined look that complements the simplicity of the navy dress. 


To add some texture and interest to the outfit, consider accessorizing with gold jewelry, such as a delicate pendant necklace or a pair of statement earrings. Gold complements the warm tones in beige and creates a luxurious and sophisticated look. 

To further elevate the outfit, consider adding a structured blazer or a long-line coat in a similar neutral beige, or a bag in beige leather or suede to add some texture and depth to the outfit.

Also remember to choose a fabric that drapes well, such as silk or jersey, to create a sophisticated and polished look that is ideal for different events. By pairing a navy blue dress with beige heels and accessories in complementary neutral tones, you can create a timeless and elegant outfit that is sure to look flattering.

8. Yellow 

What Color Shoes Go with Navy Blue Dresses

If you want to move away from the neutrals, yellow is the way to go. 

Styling yellow heels with a navy blue dress can create a bold, colorful, and trendy outfit. Strappy or pointed-toe pumps can add a touch of elegance and femininity, while chunky or platform heels can create more modern energy. 

It is important to select the right shade of yellow to ensure the colors do not clash. A darker shade of yellow can create a more sophisticated look, while a brighter shade can add a fun and playful pop of color. To complete the outfit, choose accessories that complement the yellow and navy blue color combination. 

When it comes to the dress, keep the design simple and understated to allow the yellow heels to take center stage. A classic A-line or wrap dress can create a timeless and chic look. Alternatively, a navy blue midi or maxi dress can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the outfit. Overall, styling yellow heels with a navy blue dress can create a bold look. However, remember to choose complementary accessories and keep the dress design simple to create a cohesive and fashionable look.

9. Gray

What Color Shoes Go with Navy Blue Dresses

If you are still wondering what color shoes go with navy blue dresses, and bold and bright colors are not your vibe, you can opt for gray footwear. Together, the combination can create a strong, powerful, and chic look. Moreover, to add a little oomph you can always add some metallic effects or shimmer without going over the top with glitter and silver shades.


Remember to choose a dress that complements the gray heels, such as a navy blue midi dress with a tailored silhouette. This will create a clean, polished look that accentuates your figure. To add some dimension to the outfit, consider accessorizing with metallic or statement jewelry pieces, such as a silver pendant necklace or gold statement earrings. 

Additionally, a structured clutch in a complementary color, such as dark gray or black, can complete the look and add a touch of sophistication. 

To tie the outfit together, opt for a belt that matches the color of the gray heels. This will help create a cohesive look that draws attention to the shoes and adds a pop of interest to the outfit. When it comes to the finishing touches, consider adding a tailored blazer or coat in a complementary color, such as camel or cream. This will help create a strong, powerful silhouette that exudes confidence and sophistication. Overall, styling the two requires careful consideration of color and accessories, but with the right pieces, it can create a stunning and powerful look that is sure to be remembered.

10. Tan

What Color Shoes Go with Navy Blue Dresses

Though brown and beige have been mentioned above, there are a number of other shades on the same color card that can also work with navy blue including mahogany, caramel, and especially tan! When looking at shoe colors to try with a navy dress, don't restrict yourself to neutrals. Instead, opt for a more creative shade or version of a classic option. Going for a tan version instead of a stark brown is a fun way to switch things up with a navy dress while keeping things extremely classy. 

Tan heels are beautiful pieces and will instantly draw attention to them. You can also opt for heels that have different hints of different neutral shades like white, black, and gray to balance out the colors. Together the navy blue dress balanced with neutrals will instantly elevate the outfit, and create a beautiful elegant moment. You can add more elements to the outfit, by incorporating accessories that match the different hues of the heels, such as a statement necklace or earrings. This will draw the eye up towards the face and contribute to creating a cohesive look. 

Another option is to add a patterned element to the outfit, such as a floral scarf or clutch, that incorporates both the different colors in the heel as well as shades of navy blue. This will tie the look together and add a playful element to the outfit. A clutch in a neutral shade can also add depth to the outfit. When it comes to accessories, it's best to go for monochrome pieces that contribute to the vibe without breaking the monochrome energy.


Opt for delicate gold or silver pieces, such as a chain necklace or stud earrings, to add a touch of sparkle without overwhelming the look. By combining different elements of color, pattern, and texture, you can create a bold and unique look that showcases the contrast between orange heels and a navy blue dress, making a fashion-forward statement that will turn heads.

11. Metallic

What Color Shoes Go with Navy Blue Dresses


Why opt for just a boring matte color, when you can have metallic and shiny options? When finding out what color shoes go with navy blue dresses, don't restrict yourself to solid options. Metallic footwear is super trendy and super cool; it gives you the best of all worlds with just one piece of footwear. Moreover, they give a navy dress the bright pop element it desperately needs. However, if you're not a fan of things too bright or contrasting, you can opt for a lighter or subtler metallic option instead. 

These fun options are sure to make a powerful statement. You can start with a navy blue dress that complements the style and cut off the heels, such as a fitted midi dress or a flowy maxi dress. 

In case the metallic is too bright and stark for you, opt for subtler shades of jewelry to balance it out beautifully. To create a color-blocked look, add accessories in a neutral tone, such as a white clutch or a beige belt. This will draw attention to the bold contrast between navy blue and metallic bling. 

To create a bold and daring look, you can also opt for metallic heels in bold colors that pair beautifully with statement jewelry, such as gold hoop earrings or chunky necklaces This will add interest and depth to the outfit while highlighting the boldness of the shining heels. The best part is that these heels will make an effortless statement as they change their color with the changing light angles.

You can always finish off the look with a sleek hairstyle, such as a high ponytail or a slicked-back bun, to keep the focus on the statement shoes and dress. When it comes to creating such a bold and statement fit, it's important to balance the boldness of the colors with the overall style of the outfit. A simple navy blue dress with metallic heels is perfect for a formal occasion, while a patterned navy blue dress can add more visual interest and texture to a casual look. By incorporating these tips, you can create a stunning and bold outfit that is sure to turn heads.

So those who were confused about what color shoes go with navy blue dresses, you no longer need to worry because you now have plenty of options to style and experiment with. From beautiful beiges to pretty pastels, you can experiment with a wide range of shades and colors to find exactly what goes well with your outfit. With the right styling and some creativity, you will be instantly able to find a perfect match for any occasion!



Can you wear black shoes with a navy blue dress?
Yes, it is possible to style black shoes and a navy blue dress together. This color combination is quite versatile and can create a classic and elegant look. When opting for this combination, it is best to choose jet shoes that complement the style of the dress, such as classic pumps or strappy heels, to create a cohesive and polished look.

Does silver or gold look better with navy?
Silver and gold can both look fantastic with navy, but ultimately it comes down to personal taste and the overall style you're going for. In contrast to gold, which can give warmth and richness to the ensemble, silver can produce a colder, more streamlined appearance that fits the chilly tones of navy blue. Which metal color looks better can also depend on the navy blue's hue. For instance, a darker shade of navy blue might blend better with gold accents than a lighter one might with silver.

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