50 Best Fashion Tips for Girls to Slay with Style

Here are some simple and easy fashion tips for girls to make sure they always look stylish. These women’s fashion tips will help you look like a diva.

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Fashion Tips for Girls
Fashion Tips for Girls

Fashion is not just about the clothes or accessories you wear but also how you express yourself through your style. Fashion is an art and a form of aesthetic expression. Fashion, in its true sense, brings the best out of you and represents your personal choice. Women cannot resist pretty things, and most love to try out every fashion trend to look great and be part of the times! The right fashion tips for girls can help them stay up-to-date with trends, elevate their mood, and make a bold style statement. Keep scrolling to read about the best women's fashion tips. 

Fashion Tips for Girls to Keep up With Your Style Game

1. Be the Real You

Fashion Tips for Girls

Being fashionable doesn't always mean following the trends and forgetting your authentic self. How you dress up is an extension of who you indeed are. When picking an outfit, ask yourself if you are comfortable and excited to wear it. If the answer is yes, go for it. If not, don't force yourself to wear anything that doesn't bring you joy, and embrace your personal style. 


2. Choose Comfort over Style

Choose Comfort over Style

If you aren't comfortable wearing 5-inch pencil heels, then don't wear them. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and fashion is a form of self-expression. Don't restrict yourself to doing anything that is not convenient. If you believe working in a dress can give you pain throughout the day, ditch it and go for a comfortable tee and jeans. If being stylish is your game, you can play it by choosing alternatives. 


3. Wear Clothes with Proper Fit

fashion tips for girls Wear Clothes with Proper Fit

In the list of fashion tips for girls, this one is very important. You should wear well-fitted clothes as they help you accentuate your curves and flaunt your body type. That doesn't mean you choke yourself by wearing clothes that are too tight - look for something that can make you breathe without looking too baggy or bulky. 

4. Know Your Body Type

Know Your Body Type Fashion Tips for Girls

Outfits that compliment spoon body shapes are not the same as clothes that look on pear body shapes. It is crucial to assess your body shape and choose outfits accordingly to look good and feel good. 

5. Go for Denim

Go for Denim  Fashion Tips for Girls

Denim clothes are everyday essentials. You can go for denim jackets, tees, and skinny jeans and enhance your look. Make sure to opt for clothes that suit your body type and size. 

6. Layer it up

Layer it up Fashion Tips for Girls

Layering your outfits can help you define your entire look better. Make sure to not add too many colors and keep the layering minimal if you are petite. For example, if you are wearing blue denim jeans, you can layer them by wearing a black jacket and black boots. 

If you like wearing maxi dresses, it’s a good idea to throw in a jacket! In the ever-evolving world of fashion, the unexpected combination of jackets with maxi dresses has been capturing the spotlight. From runway shows to red-carpet events, and even casual street style, A-listers like Zendaya, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid have been spotted embracing this trend. Read more

7. Embrace Your Fashion Style

Maintain your individuality while trying to elevate your fashion game. If you are unsure about your style statement, do experiments to figure out what suits you best. Once you have created your own sense of style, you don’t really need a mantra from any fashion expert and embrace your fashion statement happily. 

8. Go for Stripes

Fashion Tips for Girls Go for Stripes

Striped pieces are a treat to the eyes. You can make yourself look taller with vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes do the opposite, so choose stripe clothes accordingly. 

9. Have Something of Animal Print

Fashion Tips for Girls Have Something of Animal Print


An outfit with animal print is a must-have in your wardrobe. It is timeless, classy, and glamorous. 

10. Conquer the Prints

Conquer the Prints Fashion Tips for Girls

One of the best style tips for girls is to combine different colors, patterns, and prints to give yourself a vibrant look. You can mix a small-scale pattern with a larger one to get your fashion game right. 

11. Don't Stock up Your Wardrobe with Things You Don't Need

Fashion Tips for Girls

It is common to go to a shopping mall and buy something on impulse. But if you have made this a regular habit, you've got to stop. Avoid cluttering your wardrobe with things you would never use. 

12. Get a Black Dress

Get a Black Dress Fashion Tips for Girls

This is pretty self-explanatory - every girl needs a sexy black dress in her wardrobe. You can wear it on your date, at a casual event, or at any party. 

13. Let the Color Pop

Fashion Tips for Girls Let the Color Pop

If you like mixing colors, that's okay but don't go overboard with it. Keep it simple and let one bright color in your outfit pop and glow. For example, if you are wearing a bright red top, you can pair it with black jeans and boots and let your top be the highlight of the day. 

14. Don't Always Follow the Trend

Don't Always Follow the Trend Fashion Tips for Girls

While your brain must be racking to know all the latest fashion trends, you don't always need to follow all the trends to look great. Remember, it doesn't take a lot of time for trends to become fads. You want to look classy and elegant forever, so get things that suit your style and stand the test of time. This doesn't mean you should stop following trends at all, just be wise when you pick anything that's trending. 

15. Expensive Doesn't Always Mean Better

Expensive Doesn't Always Mean Better Fashion Tips for Girls

Many people go gaga over brands and hoard expensive stuff. But to think that you must buy expensive clothes to look good is a wrong notion. You can get good quality clothes even at reasonable prices. If you are getting good-quality accessories and clothes at reasonable prices, buy them. Don’t spend extravagantly on pieces you won’t ever use. 


16. Give Importance to Lingerie

Fashion Tips for Girls Give Importance to Lingerie

Good lingerie can make you feel sexy and beautiful. It is important to know your size and get the lingerie accordingly so that your outer clothes complement you. Moreover, wearing the right intimates is also good for health. 

17. A White Blouse is a Must

A White Blouse is a Must Fashion Tips for Girls

It doesn't matter if you go to an office or not, a gorgeous white blouse is a staple piece in a woman's wardrobe. You can style it the way you want and get a flattering look. 

18. Add a Belt to Your Wardrobe

Add a Belt to Your Wardrobe Fashion Tips for Girls

One of the simplest fashion tips for ladies is to get a belt. We are not talking about just using a belt with your pants, you can also add them to high-waist skirts, pencil skirts, and dresses to enhance your waist. 

19. Scarfs All the Way

Scarfs All the Way Fashion Tips for Girls

Throw on a scarf and up your fashion game within a second. You can easily carry a scarf in a purse and tie it into a knot to look stunning. 

20. Tuck It the Right Way

Fashion Tips for Girls Tuck It the Right Way

Tucking clothes, when done the right way, can be a major fashion game changer. One of the major fashion tips for girls is to learn all about front tuck, navel tuck, half-tuck, and full tuck. When you tuck your shirt the right way, it defines your waist properly and elongates your body. 

21. Don't Forget the Wear And Tear

Don't Forget the Wear And Tear Fashion Tips for Girls

No matter how astonishing a piece of clothing or accessory looks, don't spend a penny on it if you are sure you won't be able to take care of it. This is simple fashion advice that's hard to follow. 

22. Get Creative with Your Clothes

Fashion Tips for Girls Get Creative with Your Clothes

There are many items such as tank tops, scarves, plaid shirts, convertible dresses, and so on that can be used differently. Have them in your wardrobe to up your style game. 

23. Invest in Coats And Jackets

Invest in Coats And Jackets Fashion Tips for Girls

One of the simplest fashion tips for beginners is to have a nice collection of coats and jackets. You can wear any simple outfit underneath and pair it with jeans and boots to look wonderful. 


24. Accessorize Properly

Accessorize Properly Fashion Tips for Girls

From gaudy to simple, have different types of accessories for every event and mood. 

25. Have a Fashion Kit Handy

Have a Fashion Kit Handy Fashion Tips for Girls

Carry an emergency fashion kit and put items like a needle, thread, makeup wipes, safety pins, bobby pins, and double tape in it. You never know when you need any of these things, so keep them readily available to you always. 

26. Balance It Out

Balance It Out Fashion Tips for Girls

You don't necessarily need to wear skinny clothes from head to toe. Balance everything out by keeping one outfit tight, and the other loose. 

27. Declutter Your Wardrobe

Fashion Tips for Girls Declutter Your Wardrobe

'I don't have anything to wear,' says a woman who has plenty of clothes stuffed into her wardrobe. This is the plight of many women - they don't find the right outfit when they need it. For this very reason, you must clean your wardrobe at least once every month. This will help you give clarity on your outfits and next shopping spree. If there is an outfit you don't need anymore, you can chuck it out. 

28. Don't Let Your Age Define Your Style

Fashion Tips for Girls Don't Let Your Age Define Your Style

In the fashion world, there is nothing called 'wear according to your age. Experiment with fashion and embrace styles that look the best on you. 

29. Make a Shopping List

Fashion Tips for Girls Make a Shopping List

Shopping is a stress-buster activity for many women, and they look forward to buying as many things as they can to lighten up their mood. But this is something you should avoid as it can make you buy things that will rot in your closet. Do strategic shopping to save money and time. 

30. Compliment Your Outfit with a Nice Hairstyle

Compliment Your Outfit with a Nice Hairstyle Fashion Tips for Girls

A high ponytail looks great on a t-shirt, jacket, and a pair of jeans. Open, flowy hair looks good on dresses. Your hairstyle defines your entire look so don't forget to keep importance to it. 

31. Keep an Eye on Watches

Keep an Eye on Watches Fashion Tips for Girls

Watches add sophisticated detail to your entire look and also create a nice impression when you meet someone. Get an elegant and classy look for a minimalistic look. 


32. Be Prepared for the Dressing Room

Fashion Tips for Girls  Be Prepared for the Dressing Room

Yes, we get it that many times there is a long queue for a dressing room, and everything feels rushed. If you are shopping for an important event, get a feel of it by bringing your heels, makeup, and a hairbrush. Try the outfit with makeup and heels on so that you can get a perfect sense of the entire look. This is without any doubt one of the most basic fashion tips for girls that could be your secret style weapon. 

33. Get a List of Your Go-to Brands

Fashion Tips for Girls  Get a List of Your Go-to Brands

If you are loyal to a few brands, make a list of them to make your shopping experience easier.

34. Go Bold with a Lipstick

Go Bold with a Lipstick Fashion Tips for Girls

Lipsticks make lips look luscious and change our entire look. Red lipstick is a makeup item every woman should have in her vanity bag. You can never be wrong with it. Don't listen to anybody and choose lipsticks of bold colors and click pout selfies. 

35. Don't Skip the Skincare Routine

Don't Skip the Skincare Routine Fashion Tips for Girls

Another important thing to take note of in the fashion tips for girls is to take good care of your skin. Cleanse, tone, and moisturizer regularly to have flawless skin. 

36. Boots All the Way

Fashion Tips for Girls Boots All the Way

The beauty of boots is timeless, and they will be a classic forever! Some boots you can invest in are platform boots, ankle boots, cutout boots, combat boots, and so on. 

37. Do the Right Makeup

Do the Right Makeup Fashion Tips for Girls

Makeup can make or break your entire look. Know your skin type and do the makeup accordingly. Also, you should remember that simplicity is the key so you can keep it minimalistic by applying a primer, eyeliner, and lipstick. 

38. Let Your Best Feature Outshine the Rest

Fashion Tips for Girls  Let Your Best Feature Outshine the Rest

If you believe your legs are the best part of your body, flaunt them with a mini skirt or a dress. Your outfits should bring out the best of your features and you should not be shy to show them off. 

39. Focus on Seasonal Clothing

Focus on Seasonal Clothing Fashion Tips for Girls


Summers are all about cute floral prints, summer dresses, and skirts. When the fall season starts, people mostly go for turtleneck sweaters, boots, checkered skirts, and high-waist jeans. One of the most important fashion tips for girls is to shop according to the season and slay the look. 

40. Take Cues from the Time of the Day

Take Cues from the Time of the Day Fashion Tips for Girls

Light shades, shades of white, beige, sky blue, and gray look good in broad daylight. Nighttime is for brighter shades like black, brown, jade green, and so on. 

41. Use the Technique of Hemming

Use the Technique of Hemming Fashion Tips for Girls

Hem your pants to make yourself appear taller and leaner. If you want to get your jeans shortened, make sure to opt for the original hem. 

42. Get Inspired by Others

Fashion Tips for Girls Get Inspired by Others

One of the easiest fashion tips for girls to follow is to be inspired by others. There are many fashion blogs wherein you can learn about outfit ideas, fashion trends, and so on. Don't shy away from gaining knowledge in fashion and pass on the wisdom to others. 

43. Consider Your Hairstyle

Fashion Tips for Girls Consider Your Hairstyle

Your hairstyles also play a major role in defining your complete look. People with short hairstyles should go for vibrant colors, fitted clothes, pastels, and lacy dresses. People with long hair can opt for button-down shirts, denim jeans, crop tops, A-line dresses, and much more. 

44. Give Attention to Your Footwear

Give Attention to Your Footwear Fashion Tips for Girls

To become a fashion diva, you must give utmost importance to your footwear. Some of the must-have footwear in the wardrobe are shoes, boots, wedges, and platform heels. 

45. Wear Your Smile

Wear Your Smile Fashion Tips for Girls

Whatever you wear, your charm won't ooze out of your personality if you are sad. Always wear a bright smile on your face and make everyone love you with your happy-go-lucky nature.

46. Say Yes to Trousers

Say Yes to Trousers Fashion Tips for Girls

People with long legs must have a beautiful pair of trousers to look gorgeous. 

47. Compile Your Ideas

Compile Your Ideas Fashion Tips for Girls

If being creative is your skill and you wish to build your personal fashion brand then it's essential to store your ideas in one place. You can use various websites to compile your ideas and see what your fashion preferences look like. 


48. Focus on Maintaining Your Clothes

Fashion Tips for Girls Focus on Maintaining Your Clothes

I can't remember how many clothes I have ruined because of washing them the wrong way. It is important to do the laundry the right way to keep your clothes good for a long time. Wash white clothes separately, wash sweaters with a detergent formulated specifically for winter wear, and avoid putting your lingerie in the washer. Do not ignore these small things as they can make a big difference in your wardrobe. 


49. Be Confident

Fashion Tips for Girls Be Confident

Whatever you wear, your confidence must be at the highest levels. Walk with your head held high and kill everyone with your dashing personality. 

50. Avoid Too Many Striking Things

Avoid Too Many Striking Things Fashion Tips for Girls

When it comes to fashion, keeping things simple can help you slay every time. If you can count a lot of striking things on you, know that you have gone overboard with your complete look. 


Fashion needs no hard and fast rules to be followed. Keep playing with colors, patterns, and outfits, and see what compliments you the best. Most importantly, be confident in your skin and you will be able to conquer things. Don't get swayed by what you see on social media because, in fashion, there is no one-size-fits-all. If you feel something will suit your style, go for it, or else pick an outfit that makes you feel the inner you.

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What are the basic rules of fashion?
Keep it simple, be confident, and wear clothes that suit your body type. These are some of the basic rules of fashion for girls.

How can a girl dress beautifully?
A girl can dress beautifully by choosing the right colors, and patterns, wearing accessories, and doing the right hairstyle.

How can a girl look professional?
Go for button-down shirts, blouses with a blazer, and pants to look professional.

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