Father's Day Gifts Ideas 2019: Best gadgets to buy your dad on this special day

With the day coming closer and fathers being picky, here is everything you can get your gadget-loving dad this father's day!
Father's Day Gifts Ideas 2019Father's Day Gifts Ideas 2019: Best gadgets to buy your dad on this special day
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Celebrated on June 16th, Father's Day is one special occasion when you can creep up on your father and surprise him with something he has been longing for. This month only means showering your daddy dearest with all the love that he deserves. In honour of this special occasion, here are all the gadgets you can give your gadget-loving dad! 


For all those retro-loving dads, this portable speaker comes pre-loaded with 5000 ever green Hindi songs. Let your dad live his old days by listening to his favourite classic tunes and even switching it between radio. And it even looks beautiful!

Swiss Knife

This multi-tool is a very powerful and nifty one since it comes with everything including a blade, scissors, corkscrew, key ring, tweezers and more and has a variety of uses and functions for everything from self defence to something as simple as opening a bottle of alcohol!

Portable Printer/Scanner/Charger

The perfect gift for the dad who is always on the go. These gifts will ensure that there are no glitches in his work - he will have his scanner ready, be able to print documents on the go and never let his mobile phone run out of charge. 

Polaroid/Instant Camera

Let the creative side in your dad come out in full bloom. Give him the opportunity to take as many pictures as he wants and be reminded of his childhood days with the polaroid effect on cameras. 

Bluetooth earphones/Airpods

Dads tend to get frustrated very easily even at the smallest of things, for example - tangled earphone wires! Save him from the added frustration and get him a pair of bluetooth earphones, or better yet - airpods (if he is an Apple loyalist). The plus point to bluetooth earphones is that you can pair them with any device and not just phones!

Fitbit/Apple Watch

Is your dad a gym or adventure freak? Does he like to track every movement of everyday and keep a count of his calorie intake, even when on the go? If yes, then there is no better gadget for him than a fitbit, or better yet an Apple Watch that even meets all his mobile phone needs!

Video Games

Let your dad relive his childhood days be getting him a virtual reality game. There are multiple options - PS4 or even the XBOX so he can feel young again! 

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