The Hair Makeovers - Anushka Sharma

My absolute fave!! She looks so good with this hair..

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Anonymous's picture

Pic 2 looks amazing on her... and prolly the last one as well

The rest are meh

J-liz's picture

love the 2nd one!

Anonymous's picture

Plz do amisha patel's makeover.

Anonymous's picture

anushka shold go for boycut look it will bw better than other for her

Anonymous's picture
Anonymous's picture

i am a big fan of Anushka sharma.............?
love you .............................................dear..?

Anonymous's picture

V short spiked would b an instant image changer

Anonymous's picture

she should get a short bob haircut

Divya Bharti SRK's picture

I loved the second one for her :D

Anonymous's picture

black is the best!

Anonymous's picture

Happy Birthday!!

Arina's picture

Nice..I like 5th and 2nd one

Anonymous's picture

2nd one is fabulous, btw others are great. You always do a great job with your posts MakeupCritic!!!!!!!!

PaniPuri's picture

The 1st and 2nd hairstyles are really good. Short hair will actually look good on her.

Anonymous's picture

such unflattering features.....none is looking good on her.

filmychica's picture

seriously, i request one for Madhuri Dixit hair re-do as well. she needs it desperately lol. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE

Anonymous's picture

Only the first one is good without that thing over her forehead

Anonymous's picture

u should do one for madhuri dixit

Anonymous's picture

they all look good on her man!!!

Anonymous's picture

she look great in all styles but bob suits her

Anonymous's picture

1st, 2ed and the 6th hairstyle look good on her

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

i like the first,second and last hair on her! good job...

Anonymous's picture

No at all of these except the first one. She looks very good with that color and lenght. Kind of reminds me of Victoria Justice.

fleur's picture

She should try something like the first look. It looks whimsical and fun.

@MakeupCritic - you should really do one of these for Madhuri. The woman needs seriously hair makeover.

Anonymous's picture

The first one is amazing!!!

Anonymous's picture

bob cut perfect for her

numan_shakil's picture

nice effort MakeupCritic
she does look good in some of these looks

Anonymous's picture

She looks weird in all the photos. Her current hairstylist has done a good job after all!

Anonymous's picture



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