The Hair Makeovers - Priyanka Chopra

The Hair Makeovers - Priyanka Chopra 0

After having fun with Priyankas hair, I am sooo longing for her to just calm down the HUGE barnet and do something more soft and free flowing.. As her features are so bold, I think something less voluminous would work better.. Love the first one so much!


She is a stunner. What a face. I agree about something soft and flowy for her.

i like the second one and the last one

I like the 1st one!!!

except the blonde everything looks good on her.....her beauty is underrated ......maybe because she is dark,Indians find that unappealing.......

short looks perfect on her

The second picture or the blonde highlights in the second last picture

The face with the maximum number of surgeries.... her face doesn't look real in any sense

lol in some of them she looks jamaican:P

1st and 4th

every thing suit to her. really she has a beautiful face we can not ignore
reem - jordan

Which app is this?

Which app/site is this?

wow... bangs actually look good on her!

In some pics she looks like BEYONCE...................

pic 2 and 4

Blonde hair doesn't suit her at all

except the blonde one, all the others look very beautiful ...
she is perfect and talented...she has gained all her fame thru talent ...not with manipulating miss world crown or cheap PR work/ media games like aishwarya rai

PC looks like Selena Gomez in the 1st pic. I think she even got a nose just like her.

another ...what is your rashee.

i like the 1st one, 5th and 6th one
someone pls tweet to her, she would love it
and its something for a chance, she has always have that volumeuse hairstyle

she rocks every hair style

I'm not PC fan but i'm surprised to see these pics.. she looks pretty and all the hair style suit her.. she should try in real..

how did u do this?? i want to do mine

yeah right ...indians dont like dark faces but they do love whitened dark faces like aishwarya rai ...who represents each and every indian s dream face aishwarya has inferior complex that she is still lightening her complexion even after being miss world and even after called the most beautiful but she still whitens so much that one can hardly see her true brown colour

priyanka might have had some surgeries at least she doesnt claim to be natural after all those,she doesnt claim to be the most beauful thouhg she also one of the miss worlds...anyway priyanka rocks...

Priyanka doesnt have a pretty face, but sexy! I see the hairs look too good on her face. lol

lol with blonde hair she looks like Beyonce :D

wow all of these hairstyles suit her so well...except for the 2nd to last with blonde highlights.

well well well, she looks great with every hairstyle, specially the first, she looks like Beyonce in blonde.

what program did you use?????

she definitely needs sm makeover 4 her hair

Totally agree. Priyanka is an underrated beauty. So is Bipasha and all the dark skinned actresses in Bollywood. There's an obsession over fair skinned actreses like Kareena, Aishwarya, Katrina, Anushka, etc (which I do agree are beautiful) but in their obsession, Indians completely ignore actreses that look like THEM

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