Irrfan Khan's joke lands Saba Qamar in trouble, Actress receives death threats?

Irrfan Khan surely knows how to ease up a situation and make everyone laugh with his witty comments. Recently, the actor was quizzed about his upcoming film Hindi Medium that also stars Pakistani actress Saba Qamar at an event in the neighbouring country.
Given that Pakistani artistes are banned from working in Indian films following the Uri attacks, one wonders if Saba is still a part of Irrfan's film.
When the media asked Irrfan about it, he didn't want to get misquoted on the issue and hence joked. Khan quipped that the actress is now married to an Indian and hence technically is now an Indian.
While the press understood the joke it was somehow made into breaking headlines in Pakistan leaving the actor completely amused. Not just that, but the actor's joke also landed Saba in some serious trouble. She has been receiving lot of death threats as some people in Pakistan think that she has married an Indian.
A little birdie informs us, "Irrfan joked about the situation so that he doesn't get misquoted. But he didn't know that his remark will land Saba in trouble. She has been receiving death threats now and people are actually believing that Saba has married an Indian."

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Credits: Pinkvilla

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Nobody should be denied opportunities to better their lives, find happiness & have a good life. Empower beauties of Pakistan. Pollywood is welcome to Bollywood. India & Pakistan should again become one country with opportunities for everybody in every walk of life. Find happiness, get rid of bigottry & hate.

Pakistani men & women are lot prettier than Indian counter parts because they have Afghan, Persian, Turkish & mongol blood in them. As you move from North to South, this is the case. I am a Hindu brahmin of the highest class & love to marry a Pakistan beauty (Mehwish Hyatt & Saba Qumar) anytime. Personally religion does not mean much to me. It is time that we as men stop hating people on religious grounds & treat people as human beings, love & get along with each other. Pakistani models & actresses are welcome to the oppurtunities in Bollywood movies & make name, fame, money for themselves.

No body touches my Saba, I love her! She's so gorgeous even without all the crazy make up and everything and such an amazing actress, I'm a Pakistani and some people take things so seriously it's sick because they can't understand humor and some Indians do too but this is the limit. I love Saba, keep smiling and I guess she will not be able to work on this film. It's sad though, she's one girl who extremely pretty and I mean GORGEOUS and has amazing charm and is such a good natural actress. She's like a full package, it's sad that she will not be able to show case her talent in India.

Pakistani women are much more prettier than Indian, just go out on the streets and see and they are more natural not fake looking.

seriously lady, watch BBC documentaries on both PAK and INDIA..u will realize the truth then

Pakistani are so thick skinned...they come here preach...while thier country is a mess...don't replay guys I don't care about your silly argument...just dilike...ok
post pv

India is a 1st world where girls are forced to marry dogs and trees.

"She has been receiving death threats now and people are actually believing that Saba has married an Indian." LOL!!!

A lot of Pakistani users here getting upset over their stars being treated exactly the way they treat minority in their own country...too bad..PV plz post

Oh yes and us Indians treat minorities in SUCH A DIGNIFIED manner that we should set an example for the world !!!!!!! RME

LOLOL on the cultural non acceptance of her association with a person of another religion and they complain and crib over here over other's non acceptance from another country...PV plz post

"They" complain and crib over here? Should we be judging you for all rapes, female infanticide, dowry deaths happen in India? "They" is us =the liberal voices. " They" don't watch movies!

Oh no, one more teary eyed starlet is here to make money...They defnitely need to make more movies to support their own talent..PV plz post

pakistanis should be banned in INDIA..

She is SOOOOOOOOOO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can somebody explain the joke?


Seriously.. why is the public so dumb.....Sense of humor is next on the extinction list I guess....

One more TV Drama Queen in way...why do they keep coming self respect at all????? Unbelievable. PV plz post

What about your former movie actor who went to america to become a tv actor.....our Pakistani Girls are way prettier than esp her and the rest of the lot. most of you are botoxed ,chisled and pumped up by doctors. BYE!

Yep, BYE! and Please Leave :)

Well said anon they are botoxed and god knows what else. lol sour grapes.

The Pakistani TV actresses are WAY prettier than your mumbai ones. Thats why India offers them roles with huge stars in India.

Then why are you here on a INDIAN website... Go watch your Pakistani serials and leave us alone!

I pay $70 for my internet and will check whatever I desire.

It's a news on Saba Qamar. I google her in the morning.

if they come here , film makers cast them...takes two to tango

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