EXCLUSIVE: Pooja Bisht: Post-breakup with Ssharad, I realised why should I be in depression or cry over him?

Pooja Bisht in an exclusive chat opened up on her breakup with Kasam Tere Pyar Ki fame Ssharad Malhotra. Read on to know more.
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Ssharad Malhotra and Pooja Bisht broke up earlier this year after being in a relationship for over two years. The couple was known to be one of the most happening ones before they called it a quit, this March. A heartbroken Pooja revealed the real reason behind this breakup to be an "astrologer" who apparently warned Ssharad against this relationship. Later, the breakup turned murkier with each accusing the other. This was Ssharad second publicly known breakup. The actor was last seen in the show Kasam Tere Pyar Ki. 

We recently got in touch with Pooja for a quick tete-e-tete over her breakup with Ssharad, her professional life, and upcoming projects. Pooja opened up on her heartbreak and reiterated that she is in a happy space now. Though the initial few days of the breakup were hard for her, she soon came to terms with it and went on a trip to Goa with friends (like anyone of us would) and got over the alien feeling. Without much ado, here's an excerpt from the chat:

How are you holding up after your breakup with Ssharad? What's your headspace like?

The breakup was tough for me to handle but it was a good learning experience, in the end, I have learned few positive things from him and the relationship. Whatever time we spent together was great. More than lovers we were good friends. But with time I have learnt that we should not make any person our priority because people change with time. Right now, my full focus is on my work. I have always been positive about my life and I will always keep this gesture of mine with myself. 

After being in a relationship for so long, what led to this breakup? 

I think he took me for granted and eventually chose to trust his astrologer over the love and bond we shared, which is quite disheartening. It hurts when someone comes up with such lame excuses after 2 and a half year of relationship and makes you realize that everything has just ended.   

Are you in a happier space now?

I am in a very happy space right now as I have amazing people around me. In the end, I believe we live only once, so that should be special.

What was the first thing you did post you embraced singlehood?

Post-breakup, for the first few days I realized why should I be in a depression or cry when I am not at all at fault. So I decided to go to Goa with friends and I think that was the best trip of my life, so far. 


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We must all take a cue from Pooja on this! Girls, are we listening? 

How are things going on at the professional level? 

Professionally, I am in a very happy space. Every day I am learning something new which is the best part. I am focusing on making myself better than yesterday.

You were a part of a single, Be My Love, which is doing very well. Did it encourage you to take up more such projects?

Yes, I was a part of the single "Be My Love". The experience was fantastic and the love I received was great. It did boost me a lot and helped me get noticed. The recognition did encourage me to take up more such projects. 


What kind of projects are you looking for? Your upcoming projects?

I am looking for performance-oriented projects where I can showcase my work and improve myself as an actor. There is no specific genre, I am focusing on good projects. Right now I am eagerly waiting for "Mushkil" to release. Also my Punjabi single “Crop Top “ will be releasing soon.. and then I’ll start working on a new project that I have signed (yet to be announced).

Are you open to web series?

Yes, of course, web series are the future of the entertainment industry. I would love to work in a web series. Actually, I have already shot for a web series recently, waiting for them to take it forward.


He is such a loser!!! Such a lame excuse to give for a break up! He seems to be a commitment phobe!

The most retarded statement of the year lol if there’s nothing to feel bad about then he didn’t mean a zilch to you to begin with

Capricorn men are difficult. Salman khan, Hrithik roshan...they love playing with women's life.

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