10 years with MAMAMOO: Starry Night, Egotistic, HIP, more; 7 iconic songs by trailblazing girl group

Celebrating MAMAMOO's 10th anniversary, we look back at their trailblazing journey with seven iconic songs, including Starry Night, Egotistic, HIP, and more showcasing their unique style and talent.

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MAMAMOO; Image Courtesy: RBW
MAMAMOO; Image Courtesy: RBW
Key Highlight
  • MAMAMOO celebrates a decade since debut
  • Top 7 MAMAMOO songs to commemorate their 10th anniversary

As MAMAMOO celebrates their 10th anniversary, their journey as a trailblazing girl group has been defined by iconic hits like Starry Night, Egoistic, and HIP. Known for their powerhouse vocals and unique blend of genres, MAMAMOO has consistently pushed boundaries in K-pop since their debut, captivating fans worldwide with their dynamic performances and chart-topping tracks.

MAMAMOO turns 10

MAMAMOO, the vibrant quartet comprising Solar, Moonbyul, Hwasa, and Wheein, known for their powerhouse vocals and genre-defying music, embarked on their journey in 2014 under Rainbow Bridge World. From their debut with Mr. Ambiguous to smashing charts with hits like Starry Night, Egotistic, and HIP, they've challenged K-pop norms with versatility spanning retro, jazz, R&B, and hip-hop.

Beyond music, MAMAMOO shattered stereotypes, promoting body positivity and diversity, resonating deeply with global audiences. Their accolades include multiple music awards and pioneering achievements like their chart-topping success on Billboard's World Albums and Digital Song Sales charts. 

The group's evolution continued with solo projects, unit formations, and international ventures, cementing their status as icons of innovation in K-pop. As they navigate new chapters post-2024, MAMAMOO remains a testament to resilience, creativity, and unwavering fandom love, promising more surprises in their colorful legacy.

7 MAMAMOO songs to celebrate 10th anniversary

1. Starry Night


Starry Night by MAMAMOO isn't just a song; it's a vibrant journey under the celestial canvas. With its dance-pop allure and Latin-infused beats, it paints a musical landscape in hues of passion and rhythm.

Released as part of their EP Yellow Flower, it soared to the top, resonating with its dramatic flair and dynamic melodies. Filmed against the breathtaking backdrop of New Zealand, its music video adds visual splendor, mirroring the song's evocative essence. 

A masterpiece in its own right, Starry Night twinkles with MAMAMOO's signature style, casting a spell that lingers long after the music fades.

2. Egotistic

Egotistic is a fiery anthem that blazes with Latin-inspired rhythms and K-pop flair. Released as part of their EP Red Moon, it radiates confidence and passion, reflecting the group's bold musical style. With its sultry melodies and captivating beats, the song immediately commands attention, leaving listeners mesmerized by its vibrant energy.

Egotistic not only showcases MAMAMOO's powerhouse vocals but also their ability to fuse diverse musical influences seamlessly. It's a testament to their artistic versatility and magnetic presence in the K-pop scene, making it a standout in their discography.


3. HIP

HIP by MAMAMOO is a vibrant anthem that pulses with confidence and style. Released as the lead single from their album Reality in Black, it blends infectious dance-pop beats with a bold, brassy attitude. The song's lyrics celebrate self-assurance and resilience, delivering a powerful message about embracing individuality without apology.

With its catchy melody and charismatic vocals, HIP not only topped the charts but also became a cultural statement, resonating deeply with fans worldwide. It's a testament to MAMAMOO's ability to merge compelling storytelling with electrifying music, solidifying their place as trailblazers in the K-pop scene.

4. Gogobebe

Gogobebe is a lively explosion of rhythm and energy, echoing with the group's trademark charisma. Released as the lead single from their EP White Wind, the song blends infectious beats with catchy hooks, inviting listeners to join its celebratory vibe. 

Its playful lyrics and upbeat melody encapsulate the carefree spirit of a night out, making it an instant hit. With its vibrant music video showcasing the members' dynamic choreography and colorful visuals, Gogobebe captivates both ears and eyes alike, marking another triumph in MAMAMOO's repertoire of infectious K-pop anthems.


5. Dingga

Dingga by MAMAMOO bursts onto the scene with a vibrant blend of disco and dance-pop, delivering a dose of infectious energy that's impossible to resist. Released as the lead single from their EP Travel, the song invites listeners into a world of playful rhythms and carefree vibes.

Its catchy beats and upbeat melody mirror the group's signature style, while the lyrics convey a longing for fun and connection during times of isolation. With its lively music video showcasing roller derby and arcade escapades, Dingga captures the essence of joy and togetherness, making it a memorable anthem from Mamamoo's repertoire.

6. AYA

AYA is a mesmerizing blend of pop and K-pop, infused with captivating Arabic influences that transport listeners into a world of rhythmic richness. Released as part of their EP Travel, the song stands out with its evocative melodies and dynamic beats. MAMAMOO's vocal prowess shines through as they deliver powerful lyrics against a backdrop of vibrant instrumentation.

The music video, celebrated for its fierce aesthetics, complements the song's confident aura, showcasing the group's versatility and magnetic stage presence. AYA not only captivates with its musicality but also resonates as a celebration of cultural fusion and artistic expression.

7. 1llella

1llella by MAMAMOO is a vibrant blend of K-pop and reggaeton, showcasing the group's powerful vocals against a backdrop of rich brass and infectious guitar riffs. Released as the lead single from their EP Mic On, the song has received acclaim for its energetic beats and seamless harmonies.


1llella stands out as an exotic and captivating addition to MAMAMOO's discography, drawing listeners into its infectious rhythm and celebratory vibe.

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