9 Fastest rappers in K-pop: BTS’ SUGA, Zico, BIGBANG’s T.O.P and more

From BTS’ Suga to Zico, let’s check out some of the fastest rappers in K-pop who are also recognized internationally.

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In the evolving world of K-pop, the music form rap is becoming a rising sensation among fans. Beyond catchy melodies and synchronized dance routines, the industry boasts some of the most impressive rap talents. Here's a look at some of the fastest rappers in K-pop who have made significant marks with their blazing skills. These rappers are known for their lightning-fast delivery, intricate lyrics, and undeniable stage presence.

From BTS’ SUGA to BIGBANG’s T.O.P, there are multiple rappers who have managed to receive recognition both domestically and internationally. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the phenomenal talent the K-pop industry has produced.

9 Fastest rappers in K-pop



Min Yoon Gi, better known as SUGA or Agust D in his solo projects, is one of BTS's prominent rappers. Renowned for his speed and precision, Suga's verse in Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych clocks in at an impressive 9.83 syllables per second. His solo tracks, such as Agust D, Daechwita, and more, showcase his ability to deliver rapid and intense lines, solidifying his reputation as one of the fastest rappers in the K-pop world.

2. Zico (Block B)

Block B’s Zico is a multifaceted rapper, producer, and songwriter. His speed and versatility have earned him critical acclaim. Zico's track Co*cks  showcases the artist’s fast-paced rapping skills, where he rapped at 10.12 syllables per second. His ability to blend speed with lyrical depth makes him a standout in the industry.


3. RM (BTS)

The leader and main rapper of BTS, Kim Namjoon, known as RM (Rap Monster), is celebrated for his articulate flow and rapid delivery. The artist particularly stands out in the track Joke, where he hits 9.88 syllables per second. His solo mixtape, Mono, also highlights his capacity to mix fast rap with profound lyrical content.

4. Changbin (Stray Kids)

Changbin, from Stray Kids, is known for his incredibly fast and powerful rap style. In the song MIROH, Changbin's verse is a prime example of his speed, reaching up to 11 syllables per second. The artist continues to showcase his talent through his songs, along with constantly evolving in each comeback.

5. Han (Stray Kids)

Another member of Stray Kids, Han Ji-sung, also known simply as Han, is recognized for his lightning-fast rap skills. In tracks like Maze of Memories, Han impresses with his ability to rap at high speeds while maintaining clarity and emotion. His rapid verses and energetic delivery make him one of the fastest and most exciting rappers in K-pop.


6. Bobby (iKON)

Bobby, from the iconic K-pop group iKON, is a powerhouse rapper with a reputation for his high-speed verses. In the song YGGR#hiphop, the artist rapped 9 syllables per second, showcasing his skill and stamina. His unique voice and energetic performance style have cemented his place as one of K-pop's top rappers. However, the K-pop idol has enlisted in the South Korean military service, and the fans await his return to watch him in more interesting projects.


T.O.P, from BIGBANG, is one of the original and legendary fast rappers in K-pop. It is safe to say that he is responsible for inspiring and influencing countless new-generation rappers. The artist has delivered numerous rapid verses that have become iconic in the genre. Songs like Bang Bang Bang highlight his ability to rap quickly while maintaining his deep, resonant voice, making him an icon in the industry.


8. Mino

Song Min Ho, known as Mino, is a rapper, songwriter, and member of WINNER. Mino's rapping prowess is evident in tracks like Body, where his rapid delivery is matched with a smooth flow. His ability to blend speed with lyrical complexity and emotional depth has garnered widespread acclaim.

9. Nature (DIAWINGS)

Nature, a member of the lesser-known group DIAWINGS, has made a name for herself with her impressive rapping speed. Though not as internationally recognized as others on this list, Nature's self-written rap verse on the cover of Dance Monkey showcases her ability to deliver fast. She performed at a speed of 9.88 syllables per second on the song, marking her as a rising talent in the K-pop rap scene.

The above-mentioned fastest rappers in K-pop not only bring speed to their performances but also depth, emotion, and innovation. Their ability to deliver rapid verses with precision and style sets them apart and ensures their place in the annals of K-pop history. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the genre, these rappers are definitely worth listening to for their incredible speed and artistry.

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