Who is the best leader in K-pop? From BTS’ RM to EXO’s Suho, let’s recognize their impact

K-pop group leaders are one of the major foundations that keep the group together. Let’s find out who the best leader in K-pop is.

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BTS' RM: courtesy of BIGHIT Music, EXO's Suho:  courtesy of SM Entertainment
BTS' RM: courtesy of BIGHIT Music, EXO's Suho: courtesy of SM Entertainment

Have you ever wondered who the best leader in K-pop is? The leaders of a particular group are one of the pillars that keep the foundation stable. They are responsible for many aspects, from representing the members on a public platform to keeping the team united behind the scenes. A leader must maintain composure at all times, even when the group is on a winning streak and even when the group is going through a rough time. 

Either way, a leader is not just responsible for overseeing the professional aspects but is also heavily involved in the members’ personal lives and offers support when needed. From BTS’ RM to EXO’s Suho, leaders set a prime example of influence not just to the members but also to the fans. Without further ado, let’s check out some of the best leaders in the K-pop industry have seen to date.

9 best K-pop leaders


1. EXO’s Suho:

Without a doubt, Suho from EXO is one of the shining examples of how a leader of a K-pop group can maintain stability even during chaos. One of the major aspects that EXO faced was when Kris Wu, the Chinese member, suddenly left the group. The entire group had to change their choreographies and even singing lines just days before going on tour. 

Despite the forthcomings, EXO ‘s Suho showed tremendous resilience and offered support to each and every member. His calm and thoughtful demeanor truly distinguishes him from any other idol in the industry.


2. BTS’ RM

It is an open secret that BTS did not reach an unbelievable level of success from the start. The group truly had to struggle from scratch and build themselves up to become one of the greatest K-pop bands to ever exist. RM or Kim Namjoon showcased extraordinary leadership in steering the group in the right direction and leading them to break barriers on a global level.

3. NCT’s Taeyong

NCT is the biggest boy band in K-pop, with a total of 26 members, and it is definitely not an easy task to be the leader, but Taeyong has proved all of us wrong. He is also the leader of its subunit, NCT 127, and has, time and again, showcased his ability to bring the members together through difficult times. 

4. SNSD’s Taeyeon

Needless to say, Taeyeon remains one of the most popular leaders of all time. The artist led the industry’s most influential group, Girls’ Generation’ and that is a huge achievement in itself. The group is one of the major contributors to the Hallyu wave, and all eyes on were Taeyeon to keep the group on the right path. Despite the pressure, she has managed to take the group to greater heights with sophistication.


5. SuperM’s Baekhyun

Although Baekhyun has always shown his fun and goofy side as a member of EXO, he has also shown the fans that he can be a formidable leader as well. SuperM is composed of some of the most popular members of groups, but even then, Baekhyun managed to showcase his leadership in an efficient way. Moreover, the artist did not lose his loving personality even though he was in a position of authority.

6. Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Stray Kids has been in the industry for a few years now, and Bang Chan has managed to make a name for himself as one of the most diligent leaders of 4th-generation K-pop groups. The artist has constantly showcased his dedication towards his group and also his genuine love for the members. 

7. ITZY’s Yeji

Yeji is widely regarded as one of the best leaders in the music industry, thanks to her unique blend of fierceness and compassion. The artist consistently ensures that each member of her team is at their best, both professionally and personally. Her protective instinct shines through when it comes to safeguarding her groupmates, making her the core of strength for the team. 


8. Red Velvet’s Irene

Despite her serene and reserved demeanor, Irene has proven to be an exceptional leader of Red Velvet. She effortlessly balances her gentle nature with the responsibilities of guiding her group, earning the admiration of fans and members alike. Irene's leadership shines through in how she supports and nurtures her teammates, ensuring everyone feels valued and heard. 

9. TWICE’s Jihyo

Trained for over a decade before debuting, Jihyo's experience and resilience are evident in her leadership style. She fosters a supportive and positive environment, encouraging each member to shine while maintaining the group's cohesion. Her strong stage presence, vocal prowess, and ability to handle the pressures of the industry with grace further cement her role as an exemplary leader.

The above-listed K-pop leaders are only a handful from the industry, and every year, a new emerge to follow the path of their seniors. It very often happens that some groups do not have an official position to fulfill the role of a leader, but one steps up to bear the responsibilities nonetheless. Who do you think is the best leader in K-pop?

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