Celebrating Taeyong’s birthday: From NCT’s leader to solo career with Shalala and Tap, exploring singer's unique musical identity

On the occasion of NCT’s Taeyong’s birthday, let’s look at the K-pop star’s phenomenal growth as an artist.

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Taeyong: courtesy of SM Entertainment
Taeyong: courtesy of SM Entertainment
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Born on July 1, 1995, Taeyong is celebrating his 29th birthday today. Starting his career as a K-pop idol with NCT, the artist’s journey into the limelight began with his audition for SM Entertainment in 2012. He has showcased his artistic creativity and growth throughout his career, both as the leader and in solo music.

As a leader, he stands firmly as a pillar of support for its members and fans as well. However, he has also been able to stand out as a soloist and showcase his unique musical talent.

The K-pop star can often be seen trending on social media for his stage presence, dancing skills, and fashion sense. His sharp looks and flexibility make him an ideal person for designers to model their one-in-a-million creations. Moreover, his refreshing charm and playful antics make him extremely lovable to fans.

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into Taeyong’s career and growth as NCT’s leader and soloist.

NCT’s leader

In 2016, Taeyong made his debut with NCT in the group's first sub-unit, NCT U alongside Ten, Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Mark. However, he became a permanent member of NCT 127 and was acknowledged as the group’s leader. From the get-go, he took on responsibilities and stood tall alongside his members, providing support and help throughout. 


Taeyong emerged as a central figure, taking on leadership roles that extended beyond music. His dedication, work ethic, and ability to inspire his members have been pivotal in shaping NCT’s identity. His leadership is characterized by his meticulous attention to detail, his nurturing attitude toward younger members, and his ability to maintain positivity even during dire times.

Due to his phenomenal job as the leader of NCT 127, the artist was acknowledged as the overall leader of NCT with the release of Resonance in 2020. Being respected and recognized as a leader of the biggest boy band in K-pop is a huge feat that Taeyong achieved.

Solo career

Long before his official debut as a solo artist, Taeyong dedicated himself to writing and producing songs. Apart from contributing his songwriting skills to group songs, he also composed multiple tracks. He gained much attention with the SM Station release Long Flight. Through his Soundcloud account, the artist has released multiple songs that appropriately showcase his creative flair.


Dark Clouds was his first self-written track on the account and there has been no stopping ever since. He also released the songs GTA1 and GTA2, Blue, and more. EXO’s Baekhyun was the featured artist for the song Monroe and Rose featured Red Velvet’s Seulgi.

In 2023, Taeyong became the first member of NCT to debut as a solo artist. He released his debut album, Shalala, with the title track of the same name. The artist pursued a distinct musical direction for his solo work, diverging from the style of his group and allowing his personal musical identity to shine through. 

Furthermore, he released his second EP, TAP, where he co-wrote the entire record. With this album, the artist proved that he has the capability to create music with different genres and intricacies.

While the title track, TAP, is a fun pop song, Moon Tour, on the other hand, is a blend of R&B and soul. Whereas Ape is a hip-hop song, Run Away delves into both rock and pop. The intricately curated album shows the extent of Taeyong’s growth musically.


Currently, the artist is enlisted in the South Korean military as an active soldier and will be discharged sometime around 2025. The fans have been eagerly awaiting the member’s return and release of new music. 

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