EXCLUSIVE: Tahira Kashyap on her family's reactions to her book: All my family members' eyebrows were raised

Updated on Nov 05, 2020 12:36 PM IST  |  921.2K
EXCLUSIVE: Tahira Kashyap on her family's reactions to her book: All my family members' eyebrows were raised

Tahira Kashyap has been a writer all her life. But from scripts and stories on her little diary, she has now turned author with her book 12 Commandments Of Being A Woman. The book, like it's titled, encompasses her journey as a woman and entails what women go through during different phases in their lives. We caught up with Tahira, who spoke to us in details about her book, and what might cause the storm in the coffee cup.

How did this association happen, one may ask. Tahira responds, "It was a collaboration of mine I think Chiki, who is the publisher, she approached me and she said let's do something because I have been writing few pieces in a few papers, and I keep writing something on Instagram and she really liked my voice and she is like let's do something. I am very sure that my sense of approaching anything is from a place of wit and humour so, that's what it had to be."

Ask her what the book is all about and she tells us, "Also I feel every obstacle or every tragedy in retrospect becomes humorous and funny for some reason and so I try to take a dig at my own life and basically discuss different phases of women, when they are kids, what do they feel as adolescents, as teenager, in 20s. So, whether it's about stressing, ever you'll able to wear a bra or you are the last one in the class to get your periods. It's very engaging, I don't think people know that we also have such kind of complexes that we all go through, so I think women will be able to relate at some phase or the other. Sometimes, you are really happy, even when it comes to being a mom, you are happy with the kids, but sometimes you tear your hair apart and probably lock yourself in the room and just don't answer to whatever your kids are saying outside. I think men are going to be really intrigued too with all the tales that I have to tell you. It's a brutally honest book; now I am thinking, that I don't know whether I should have written those lines or not because this is everything putting it out in the book."

With several personal and private stories making it to the book, of course, there could have been repercussions back home. But Tahira states that although it did shock her family members, they were eventually okay with the detailed info laid out in the book. The director-writer reveals, "I have even shared details about my bedroom tales in the book. Ayushmann read the book; he's like my bounding board. He was shocked that I wrote about a few things. He's like, "How could you write this too?". My family members' eyebrows were raised. They were smirking but getting palpitations. They were thinking, "yeh bhi likh diya, woh bhi likh diya." I was having a hard time at home but I'm sure people will like it."

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Anonymous : Looks like Bobby Darling's sister.
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Anonymous : This woman is really attention seeking.
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Anonymous : This lady is dumb and attention seeking. What nonsense is this. Instead of seeing a psychiatrist they make public disclosures about private things to shock us and get attention.
REPLY 6 10 months ago
Anonymous : Any brainless bandariya can write a book about any sh!t.
REPLY 6 10 months ago
Anonymous : On one hand, this new trend of sharing your vulnerabilities and hardships is refreshing whether it is about domestic or sexual abuse, divorce, mental health etc. It removes the stigma and taboo attached to such important social subjects but on the other hand, I wonder where do you draw the line? When is it oversharing? What is public and private?
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