SWOT for Varun Dhawan: Identifying the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats for VD

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Varun Dhawan's SWOT analysis

Over the years, SWOT analysis has been conventionally used to identify and analyze the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of an organization in the business world. It is among the most accepted principals, alongside PESTLE analysis, used in making a holistic business decision by the stakeholders. As a method, SWOT can be applied in all mediums of work, and in a first, we at Pinkvilla now bring this methodology to application for the top male and female stars of Bollywood. We take this segment forward with Varun Dhawan, and here’s decoding the factors that have worked in favour of, gone against as also, the opportunities waiting to be explored by bypassing the threats for the VD.


Boy next door with comic timing

Varun Dhawan comes across as a likeable personality, reel and real, and this often reflects in his performances too. There is a certain amount of honesty that he carries along with him, which in turn results in him being the boy next door for most of his viewers. This real life “Prem” image, is coupled with the fact that the actor boasts of a good comic timing resulting in a fanbase among the family audience. He should probably do a modern family film, with him playing the quintessential good boy, which would up his standing in this particular segment of audience. Love stories, comedies and slice of life tales are the genres that he should pick up at this point of time and climb the ladder of back to back successes again.


Confused approach

David Dhawan once said, “Chalti Gaadi Ka Bonut Maat Kholo '' and this is one aspect which applies to Varun too. The actor was on a dream run with 9 back-to-back successful films; however, he then took a switch to explore some unconventional films, which took a toll on his standing in the industry. While some films did win him critical acclaim, they also eventually result in the trade questioning in pull among the audience. The failure of commercial films like Kalank, Street Dancer just spoiled things further for him, so did the direct to digital release of Coolie No. 1, which would have done well in the cinema halls. While Varun prefers to stay away from the rat race, it's certainly time for him to do some commercially viable films driven by content. As they say, too many cooks spoil the food, likewise, jumping from one genre to another, would curtail VD from establishing a loyal fanbase. It’s all about the art of balancing and his line up going forward does look exciting with Jug Jug Jeeyo, Bhediya, Ekkis, A Sajid Nadiadwala film and some other mystery projects with renowed directors that he is in conversation for. He has certainly rectified the errors and rebooted in this pandemic.


Fanbase in the Kids

In the first 4 years of his career, Varun didn’t take one wrong step. He played onto his strengths, churned out hits after hits, and the choice of films also resulted in him building a base among the kids. And it’s this base where the future rests, as the kids growing up might become the key consumers of Varun’s cinema. It’s just like how 90s kids today have grown up to be the loyal first day first show audience of the stars from the 90s. This is a big opportunity that’s up there to be grabbed for Varun.


Script Selection

The threat carries forward the weakness of VD. The factor which can pull him down is a confused unplanned approach and if he manages to strike the balance between the commercial and unconventional cinema, there would be no looking back. What went wrong for VD in the last 3 year is the fact that instead of balancing, he had a series of films that deserted his primary audience. He could have planned his line up better by probably taking the alternate film approach, do two films a year, one being the film that brings in the money and appreciation from a large audience base and other being the one that suffices his creative bud. His commercial films like Street Dancer and Kalank had to face the wrath due to poor written material. He should also stay away from remaking the old classic comedies and rather look for something original in the comic space, even with his filmmaker father. Creating his own identity in this space would always be a better idea, and this is even achievable as VD has the knack of rocking in the comic space. 

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