Hide EXCLUSIVE: Lee Min Jae says ‘misery loves company’ about role with Lee Bo Young, shares crucial acting advice

In an exclusive conversation with actor Lee Min Jae, the Hide star shared if he’d still be open to high school roles and what kinds of scripts he’s looking for. Read below.

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Lee Min Jae: courtesy of SLL
Lee Min Jae: courtesy of SLL

Rising star Lee Min Jae is just 24 by age but is already proving to be an actor we can look out for in the coming years. A theatre graduate, Lee Min Jae is gaining attention for his heartthrob-like roles that play to his strong suits while building a dependable filmography. His young but mature vibe has landed him impressive roles and the world awaits a breakout portrayal that would rightfully showcase his talents.

About Lee Min Jae

The young gun has been in this business for a while now, with small roles dating back to about 8 years ago. But it was in 2022 when Lee Min Jae began appearing in supporting characters and it was then that his real talent to steal the show became very much apparent on the screen. From Racket Boys to Love All Play and Cheer Up, sports K-dramas have fit him the best so far, while a lovesick green flag character in Crash Course in Romance gave him the right amount of spotlight. 

Lee Min Jae Interview for Hide

Post-Crash Course in Romance fame, Lee Min Jae bagged one of his first main roles in Oh! Youngsim. His latest project came with the SLL production Hide, where yet another crucial portrayal awaited him in the form of Do Jin Woo, a mysterious man in the thrilling tale of Cha Seong Jae’s disappearance and the search that follows. 


Watch Hide teaser

With Lee Bo Young and Lee Chung Ah pulling off some sharp acting in Hide and Lee Mu Saeng giving another deep-ended character his own twist, Lee Min Jae who was one of the youngest on the sets, shared his experience working beside the seasoned players. Read the full exclusive chat below.

How would you describe the relationship between Do Jin Woo and Na Mun Yeong?

Lee Min Jae: 'Misery loves company,' and 'Cha Seong Jae.' It can be explained by these two. In the drama, Do Jin Woo and Na Mun Yeong share a deep bond because they are going after Cha Seong Jae, albeit for different reasons.

As most other actors on set were your seniors did you miss having young blood working with you?

Lee Min Jae: I didn’t. I rather had a great time filming with the seniors on the set of Hide. When it came to acting, I was able to learn a lot through their acting, so I couldn't wait to go to the set and act with them.


Were you able to quickly form a bond with your castmates and what kind of acting advice, if any, did you receive from them?

Lee Min Jae: Bo Young, Mu Saeng, and Chung Ah sunbaenim adored me (laughs), which made me feel more comfortable on set, and I also asked them many questions about acting. Whenever I did, they encouraged me, saying, "You're doing so well right now," which helped me a lot.

What drew you to the role of Do Jin Woo?

Lee Min Jae: I was drawn to the role because it was a character I hadn't played before. Although I had a hard time understanding him as the life of Do Jin Woo was something I had never lived, the encouragement and advice from the seniors, as I said above, helped me a lot.

Lee Min Jae: courtesy of SLL

As you grow up, are you moving away from high school roles or would you still like to go back?


Lee Min Jae: I really want to do the best I can with where I am now and what I can do. I don't frame myself to a specific character. I’d like to pull off what I'm given and do my best for it.

Sports K-dramas seem to be right up your alley, what is your favorite role so far and what sport would you like to take on next?

Lee Min Jae: It's hard to choose a favorite role because all the characters I've played are so precious to me that I can't let go of any of them. (Laughs) And, as I like to work out... This one is also difficult to pick just one.

What does 2024 look like for you? What scripts do you wish to receive or new things you want to try?

Lee Min Jae: I start every new year with the same mindset. "Don't forget where I started," "Don't come forward with greed," and so on. In 2024, I just want to do my best and work hard, with no regrets about my work. That's why I haven't given it much thought about what kind of scripts I want to work on. But if I had the opportunity, I would love to challenge myself in various genres like zombies, melodramas, etc.


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