Billie Eilish Throws An Exclusive Listening Party For Her New Album Hit Me Hard and Soft; Fans React

The exclusive listening party that leads to a surprise appearance from Eilish herself , leaves fans crying happy tears! The listeners reveal their favorite song from the album!

Published on May 17, 2024  |  09:07 PM IST |  53.3K
Billie Eilish (via Instagram)

Billie Eilish sends love to her die-hard fans!

Her latest synth-pop album, Hit Me Hard and Soft, was released on May 17 and instantly became a chart-topper. Yet, the Bad Guy singer wanted feedback from her fans and appeared to see their live reaction through a listening party. The fans seem thrilled, to say the least! Their excitement doubled when Eilish greeted them personally on a video call. 


Bille Eilish makes her fans cry tears of joy

BBC Radio One shared a video of its exclusive listening party, which included three young hardcore Eilish fans: Laura, Bower, and Grace. They listened to the album “before anyone else” and were seen jamming and crying tears of joy. 

When the Ocean Eyes singer popped up on their screens, the girls were screaming and cursing out of joy. "I actually don't have any words to say right now," Grace said. "I cannot explain how much I love everything that you f---ing do."

Laura couldn’t stop sobbing but managed to tell the singer that her songs “saved my life.” She also revealed that her favorite song from the album was Lunch. Meanwhile, Grace picked Chihiro as her top choice. 


What did the critics say about Hit Me Hard and Soft?

Fans and some critics got an early glimpse of the album, and reviews started pouring in on Thursday, a day before the official release. Eilish’s album could be considered critically acclaimed after positive reviews from four giant UK media outlets.


The Guardian called the album production embedded with “subtlety and hidden detail.” The singer’s signature muffled background noises are so intricate that one needs to listen wearing headphones to really hear them. The outlet compared it to “catching something out of the corner of your eye.”

The Independent called the album “a record that whispers its way through a marvelous maze of music to deliver some big emotional wallops." CNN writer Alli Rosenbloom noted that the young entertainer proved her track of successful releases yet again, emboldened by her Oscar and Grammy wins. 


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