WWE Throwback: When Randy Savage blamed Hulk Hogan for his divorce with Miss Elizabeth

Taking a trip down memory lane, we look back at one of the most iconic real-life WWE feuds between Hulk Hogan and the late Macho Man Randy Savage aka The Mega Powers. Read below to know how Miss Elizabeth became a major factor in their real-life drama which ended up mirroring their WWE storyline.
After eight years of marriage, Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth divorced in 1992.
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WWE fans will agree that the 1980s belonged to The Mega Powers aka Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage. While beginning as enemies in the ring, their feud established Savage as a top-billing star alongside Hogan. It was in 1987 when The Mega Powers were born as Hulk saved Macho Man and his real-life wife, Miss Elizabeth, from the Hart Foundation and The Honky Tonk Man. The tag-team was seen as a superhero duo fending off the heels up until Wrestlemania 4, where Hogan and Andre The Giant lost in the quarterfinals due to a double disqualification. Hence, Ted Dibiase, who was allied with Andre, entered the finals instead. Savage got his time to shine in the spotlight as Hogan aided him to win his first-ever WWE title.

At Summerslam, the same year, The Mega Powers beat Andre and Dibiase and teamed until Royal Rumble 1989. Fans of Savage are aware of his temperament and jealousy when it came to Elizabeth and that created friction off-screen between the late wrestler and Hulk. It was around the same time that WWE was working on a breakup angle between the tag-team. The seeds were sown when Hogan accidentally eliminated Savage during Royal Rumble 1989. This led to Randy turning on his partner as an epic clash took place at Wrestlemania 5, which was billed by WWE as 'The Mega Powers Explode'. The feud would continue for years as the two maintained distance from each other in real life.

Moreover, Hogan left WWE in 1993 while Savage said goodbye in 1994. Both wrestlers would end up in WCW and even worked together on a reunion angle. In 1996, using Randy as bait, Hogan would do the unthinkable and turn heel while forming the NWO with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. At some point, even Savage joined the iconic faction but the friction between the former tag-team partners remained sour grapes.

Things took a nastier turn in 1992 as it was the year when Elizabeth filed for divorce from Randy. Savage was of the notion that it was Hogan and his wife Linda Hogan who encouraged his ex-wife to turn on him and blamed them for the same. "Hogan and his wife and [Vince] McMahon planted ideas in her head that she was missing out on some magnificent untamed life adventure," The Ultimate Warrior had shared, via TalkSport.

Given Savage's jealousy, a frightened Elizabeth found a safe space with Linda and hence had been hiding out at the Hogan home as she needed to break free due to settling down too young. In her own words, Elizabeth hadn't really finished growing up. In 1993, when Hogan travelled to Miami to shoot for a film, he took his family along with him and extended the invite to Elizabeth who happily tagged along. Randy had shared in an interview that Elizabeth ignored him for four days before telling him to get a lawyer because she wanted a divorce.

Out of sheer desperation, Savage headed to Miami. He demanded Hogan for Elizabeth's whereabouts with the former being aware of the fact that she was with another man [Said to be a small-time producer who was Hogan's friend] in her hotel room. Hulk took a furious Randy and the hotel manager to Elizabeth's room and ran back to his hotel room. Twenty minutes later, there were forty police cars because of the commotion created by the late wrestler. Hulk's black eye during Wrestlemania 9 is said to have been courtesy of Randy, post finding Elizabeth in her hotel room.

Hogan shared in an interview, "[Savage] said that I was the one who started it, that I was the one who got him divorced. He blamed it all on me. I was just trying to be cool. I was just inviting her down to hang out with Linda and the kids... I didn’t know she was gonna run wild on him. After that, bro' – he snapped, you know? There was no fixing it."

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Reportedly, it was a month before his fateful death in 2011, due to a heart attack, that Savage reconciled with Hogan. "Here's your scoop in the midst of all this drivel. Randy had a 'blank you; list a mile long, right? It seemed like the last two months of his life he went around making amends to everybody that he ever had any problem with, including Hulk Hogan," Randy's brother Lanny Poffo had shared with X-Pac on his podcast. 

It was Hogan himself who posthumously inducted Savage into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015.

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