Who is Song Geon Hee? From Snowdrop to Lovely Runner, Exploring actor’s emerging career

Song Geon Hee has recently found immense fame from his role in Lovely Runner, let’s find out more about the actor.

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Song Geon Hee: courtesy of tvN
Song Geon Hee: courtesy of tvN

Song Geon Hee, the South Korean actor born in 1997, has risen to prominent fame in the last few days for his role in Lovely Runner. The actor’s journey from a novice to one of the up-and-coming actors in the industry in such a short time is truly commendable. However, his popularity did not arrive overnight as he persistently worked hard and stepped into various roles which showcased his true potential. Moreover, with each role, the artist continues to evolve and display tremendous growth. 

Early Life and Debut

Song Geon Hee stepped into the world of acting in his early twenties, making his debut in 2017. Like many aspiring actors, he started with minor roles that offered limited screen time but were crucial in honing his craft. He first appeared in the K-drama titled Gangnam Beauty where he played a small role yet it set the foundation for future successes.

Song Geon Hee also played a role in the critically acclaimed drama Sky Castle. In this satirical series that delves into the lives of wealthy families obsessed with their children's education, Song Geon Hee played Park Young Jae.  

Diversifying Roles and Continued Success

In 2019, he appeared in the coming-of-age drama At Eighteen, which offered him a platform to further showcase his acting range. The same year, he took on a role in Love Alarm, a Netflix original series based on a popular webtoon. This project introduced him to an international audience, expanding his reach beyond South Korea.


In 2020, Song Geon Hee ventured into the fantasy genre with Mystic Pop-up Bar. The drama, which combines elements of fantasy, mystery, and comedy, revolves around a mysterious bar that serves troubled customers who visit in their dreams. In the same year, the actor also appeared in Missing: The Other Side, a mystery-fantasy drama about a village inhabited by the souls of missing people. He portrayed Thomas Cha.  

Historical Drama with Snowdrop and Joseon Attorney

Song Geon Hee continued to expand his acting skills with roles in historical dramas. In 2021, he starred in Snowdrop, a highly anticipated series set against the backdrop of South Korea's political turmoil in the 1980s. Song Geon Hee played Lee Kang Moo, Yeong Ro’s brother and a key character entangled in the tense and dramatic events of the era. Although he has limited screen time, he made enough impact with his work. 

In 2023, he appeared in Joseon Attorney, a legal drama set in the Joseon Dynasty. His character, Han Yi An, is a young attorney who fights for justice amidst the complexities of Joseon law.  


Recent Projects and Future Endeavors

However, the role that brought him commercial fame and thrust him into the spotlight is in Lovely Runner as Kim Tae Sung. Initially, his character appeared to be a selfish person with no regard for other people’s feelings. However, as the story progressed, his role underwent tremendous development and became a crucial factor in bringing the main couple together. The audience naturally fell in love with not just the character, but also with Song Geon Hee himself, who effortlessly portrayed the role.

The actor is currently in talks to appear in new K-dramas but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. The audience certainly cannot wait to watch more of the actor on-screen. Are you excited about his future endeavors? 

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