15+ Most Expensive Nike Shoes in the World That’ll Amaze You

From Drake OVO x Nike Air Jordan 12 to Air Force 1, check out the most expensive Nike shoes for all sneaker lovers in the world!

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Explore the Most Expensive Nike Shoes in the World That’ll Amaze You
Explore the Most Expensive Nike Shoes in the World That’ll Amaze You

Nike shoes are indeed a status symbol. Founded in 1972 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, Nike is a company known for its sporting goods and is one of the world’s largest suppliers of athletic shoes and apparel. The company has been making a wide range of footwear, including running shoes, basketball shoes, football boots, soccer cleats, cross-training shoes, and other athletic footwear since the early 20th century. Fun fact: Some celebs have spent up to $25 Million to buy one of the most expensive Nike shoes!

Nike undoubtedly is one of the most popular brands due to its innovative designs, quality products, and marketing campaigns. So, it is not uncommon for people to spend thousands of dollars on iconic sneakers by Nike. In this article, we will be looking at the 15+ most expensive shoes by Nike released to date. Read on!

15+ Most Expensive Nike Shoes Released to Date

1. OVO Nike Air Jordan 10

Price: $2 Milion

Released: 18 July 2016

Endorsed by: Michael Jordan and Drake

OVO Nike Air Jordan 10 was originally tailor-made for the famous singer and rapper Drake when Drake and Jordan collaborated. These shoes were coated in 24-karat gold, becoming one of the most expensive Nike shoes of all time, and weighed about 100 pounds. Here the engraved word "OVO" represents the shoes' leather construction. These Nike sneaks were not announced to the public until Drake wore them, making sneaker lovers go crazy!

2. Nike Air Yeezy 1

Price: $1.8 Milion

Released: 10 February 2008

Endorsed by: Kanye West

These Nike shoes were not announced to the public until Kanye West wore them while performing at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. The shoes were crafted in shades of black leather with contrasting beige heels and a pink medallion engraved with "Y" (highlighting Nike's partnership with Yeezy).

3. Nike Air Jordan

Price: $560,000

Released: 1985

Endorsed by: Michael Jordan

1 Bred

The designer Peter Moore wanted to showcase the color palette of Chicago (representing the Chicago Bulls game) and thus crafted AJ1 in bright red, black, and white. Once the game was over, Jordan autographed these sneakers, and they were put up for auction in 2020. An anonymous sneaker collector bought them for a whopping $560,000, making them the third most expensive Nike shoes!

4. Nike Waffle Racing Flat Moon Shoe

Price: $437,500

Released: 1972

Endorsed by: Bill Bowerman

One of the most expensive Nike running shoes, Flat Moon Shoe, was crafted by none other than Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman. These running sneaks showcase a blend of off-white, white, and black colors. Did you know that Bill put the rubber into his wife's waffle maker to create the shoes' soles? Genius, right?

5. Nike Air Jordan 12 OVO Drake Edition

Price: $100,500

Released: 2016

Endorsed by: Michael Jordan and Drake

Yet another one of the most expensive shoes of Nike was crafted in collaboration with Drake and Jordan. Highlighting a classic and vintage fusion of white and gold, these make an ideal pair of sneakers to wear with traditional as well as formal outfits!

6. Nike Air F

Price: $88,200

Released: 2006

Endorsed by: HBO series "Entourage"

orce 1 Entourage x Fukijama Gold

Nike came up with an idea to fuse street style with intricate artsy vibes. So the designer crafted these expensive Nike shoes by adding elements of gold to funky graffiti-like artwork. Sneakers lovers, is the result not captivating?


7. Nike MAG " BTTF": Back To The Future

Price: $76,925

Released: 2016

Endorsed by: Hollywood movie "Back To The Future 2"

By the mere name, we can understand that the designers at Nike wanted to bring futuristic sneakers to the sneaker industry. And what better way to do so than by crafting shoes that highlight a magical feature that can make any sneaker-obsessed person go WOW? These expensive Nike shoes make a perfect example of Sci-fi-themed sneaks with muted tones of white and grey enhanced by a glowing icy-blue effect!

8. Nike Dunk High Pro SB FLOM: For Love or Money

Price: $63,000

Released: 2004

Well, the name of these expensive shoes suggests two things: money and love for sneakers. Crafted with brown leather and designed to include supporting white heels and laces, the designers only made 24 pairs of these expensive Nike shoes, wherein every pair of sneakers had the same theme (money) yet a diverse design. Fascinating, right?

9. Nike SB Dunk Low Paris

Price: $62,000

Released: 2002

Nike SB Dunk Low Paris sneakers emphasized the artistic side of Nike, more precisely, French art by the well-known Bernard Buffet. It also means that not only were these a limited collection of Nike's expensive shoes, but every single sneaker was superbly unique in its creativity.

10. Nike Air Jordan Silver Shoe

Price: $60,000

Auctioned: 2012

Endorsed by: Michael Jordan


Having already played around with solid gold accents, Nike designers experimented with solid silver and every sneakerhead would agree that the result was simply gorgeous. Moreover, the Nike Air Jordan Silver Shoe was only made once and weighed up to 10 pounds! Although, no one can wear it, having such a stunning and expensive Nike shoe in their personal collection is likely to be a dream for any sneaker lover.

11. Nike Air Jordan IV (4) Retro Eminem Encore

Price: $56,700

Released: 2005

Endorsed by: Michael Jeffrey Jordan and Eminem

This Nike Air Jordan IV Retro was yet another limited edition collection by the brand. The story behind crafting this expensive sneaker was the release of Eminem's new album "Encore." To celebrate the success of the said album, Eminem collaborated with Nike to bring out one of the most fabulous versions of Michael Jordan's sneakers. This brand-new version displayed a dark color palette of royal blue and black with a bright red logo.

12. Nike Air Force 1 Diamond Encrusted

Price: $50,000

Released: 2007

Endorsed by: Big Boi

You can trust Nike to play around with precious gems and bring out the best shoes anyone has ever seen! After their success in incorporating solid gold and solid silver into their acclaimed sneaker designs, the designers at Nike set out to craft another unique shoe. This phenomenal design brought together champagne gold and eleven carats of diamonds while keeping the sneaker snowy white in color. Undoubtedly, the sneaker won the hearts of many people and was auctioned by the rapper, Big Boi, who donated the entire sum to a charity!


13. Nike Dunk SB Low Yellow Lobster

Price: $42,624

Released: 2009

Nike Dunk SB Low Yellow Lobster is probably the brightest sunflower yellow sneakers that you must have seen to date. The playful shoes beautifully show off a lively color palette of yellow, red, white, blue, orange, and brown. These rare shoes were actually never meant for the general public but for select 34 employees of Nike. Sneakerheads, would you have liked to buy these quirky and eccentric Nike sneakers?

14. Nike Air Jordan 11 "Jeter"

Price: $40,000

Released: 2017

Endorsed by: Michael Jeffrey Jordan and Derek Jeter

If we have learned anything from this list of the most expensive pair of Nike shoes, it is that every sneaker Nike has designed has something unique and special. And when speaking about special shoes, we cannot skip mentioning Nike Air Jordan 11 "Jeter." To pay tribute to Derek Jeter (THE greatest baseball player) during his retirement, Nike crafted these sneakers in rich blue velvet with pure white heels.

15. Nike Eminem Carhartt Air Jordan 4

Price: $30,000

Released: 2015

Endorsed by: Eminem

Nike has often indulged in the concept of gifting, be it to their employees, friends, or family. These Nike Eminem Carhartt Air Jordan 4 were also born out of Nike's gifting vision. Wanting to create tougher and more badass-looking sneakers, the designers at Nike collaborated with Carhartt work gear. These expensive Nike shoes highlighted overall jet black color, leather interiors, and chrome-encrusted eyelets. Isn't the result breathtakingly sensual?


16. Nike Macklemore x Air Jordan 6

Price: $25,000

Released: 2014

Endorsed by: Macklemore

Back when green was the new black, the designers at Nike took full advantage and came up with yet another brilliant and sleek design. This Air Jordan 6 was a gift to the Seattle rapper and collaborator Macklemore from the Nike brand. The company created 12 red (called clay) and 11 green (called cactus) sneakers with wax leaves and the softest leather. Not only did they look buttery and marshmallowy, but were also super comfortable to wear!


Even among the wide array of most expensive Nike shoes, some stand out as being the most coveted like the Air Jordan 11 or Air Force 1 Diamond Encrusted. With their signature styling, quality craftsmanship, and stylish designs, it is no wonder that Nike’s shoes cost more than other brands. Moreover, all of these 15 lavish shoes have their own unique story and place in sneaker history, and each is a powerful symbol of what athletes, celebrities, and also general sneaker lovers are willing to pay for quality!

Are you, too, a sneaker lover? Tell us your favorite pair of Nike shoes in the comments section below!

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