The Highs & Lows Of Bollywood Makeup (2)

The Highs & Lows Of Bollywood Makeup (2) 0

Gauri Khan

• What I love about this look, is Gauris skin. Although she has foundation on, you can see her skin through it and it is glowing. Gauri is blessed with great skin, but she usually goes overboard in trying to make it look perfect. A lightweight foundation has been applied with a light dusting of powder. The finish is just perfect, a semi matte look.
• The hint of colour on her eyes is a great way of making a statement without going over the top. Coloured eyeliner is a great way to introduce colour if you are scared of applying bright eyeshadows.
• The lips are left fairly muted, with what seems like a natural coloured lipgloss. Overall, the main part of the look is the eyeliner, and by keeping the rest of her face so muted, the look is carried off perfectly.


• I don't even need to explain what is wrong here, but I shall! The jarring lip colour is clashing so badly with Gauris skintone. She obviously has warm undertones to her skin, and using such a cool coloured lipstick doesn't mesh well. She could have achieved this look if the pink lipstick had warmer undertones.
• There is hardly any eye makeup on Gauri. I know why she went so neautral [to keep the focus on the lips

• Although this is heavy makeup, the colours used gel so perfectly with each other, that it makes the whole look work. The smokey eye is perfect, blended at the crease and smudged into the lower lashline.
• Bipashas foundation looks perfect. The right balance between matte and dewy. The colour is also perfect for her skintone.
• A nude peach blusher has been used, but with a very light hand.
• The lip colour is just yummy! It goes so well with the blush and the eyeshadow. Although it is a peach shade, it also has hints of terracotta which warms up the complexion.


• I understand that the flash has a lot to do with this, but the powdered makeup makes Bipashas face look dull.
• The foundation application is extremley patchy. The forehead and jawline have not been covered properly and Bipashas real skin colour is showing through.
• As the contact lenses are so obvious, Bipasha should have used some kohl liner, so the harshness of the contacts didnt clash with the whites of her eyes.

Amisha Patel

• Amishas skin looks so healthy here. A dewy foundation has been applied, and maybe set with something like a setting spray. Setting sprays can add a healthy glow to the skin [for example MAC Fix +

• I know this picture is taken at night, with a flash, but other people in attendance of this event didn't look THIS ghastly.
• The foundation is WAY too light for Amishas skintone. Although she is quite fair, the foundation seems to be on the pink side and has in turn, made her look ashy.
• There is excess blusher on Amishas cheeks. It isnt applied right either, it seems to be unblended and harsh.
• If you look closely, bronzer has been applied onto the nose, it looks out of place.

Sonam Kapoor

• Sonam is hardly seen in false lashes, so when she does wear them, her eyes look mesmerising. The rest of her eye makeup is kept simple, letting the lashes do all the talking.
• Sonams skin looks fresh and dewy. The dusky pink blusher is perfect to add a very natural flush to the cheeks.
• The lipgloss is an amazing colour. It works so well with the blush and the outfit especially [which was a silk nude coloured top

• A common mistake with Sonams makeup, is the fact that her face is always so powdery and matte. I think she uses a powder foundation as opposed to a liquid one.
• Following on from the use of powder, Sonams undereyes are always HEAVILY concealed. To top it off,, they usually look dry because the powder has been used to set the concealer. Sonam needs to try using a liquid concealer only 2 shades lighter than her skintone.
• Sonams lips look very messy here. The lipstick has smudged away, and the lipliner is also inconsistent.

Kangana Ranaut

• Kangana has the smouldering look perfected! The smokey eye is also elongating her eyes, because the shadow is applied in a cat eye effect.
• The face is kept neutral with hardly any blusher. It is important to keep the rest of the face muted when the eyes are intense.
• The nude lips are also complimenting Kanganas skintone.


• The whole look is TOO MUCH. The hair, the makeup, the dress colour.
• Kangana has so much blusher on, that is taking up most of her face. The colour is also way to bright.
• Kangana doesn't have the most perfect skin, and using such dewy foundation only makes her skin look oily. The foundation is piled on and no powder has been used.
• The grey eyeshadow is making Kanganas face look dull. Silver and grey is hard to pull off on South Asian skin as the undertones are usually warm. The mascara is hardly visible, which makes the eye look unfinished.
• Lastly, the lipgloss is too shiny. The colour is spot on, but a lip stain should have been used.


You are Right about Gauri. She also does have Flawless skin.

Gauri in the 2nd picture and Kangana in the last photo are SCAAAARRRYYYYYY

Great post!

Good post, and observation, but lighting makes all the difference.

Bipasha & Sonam's bad make-up are relatively OK compared to Gauri, Kangana & Amisha! LOL

love gauri's make up really great love the pink gloss

nice work makeup critic

Sonam's bad pic looks like it was taken on a day she was ill. She looks very unwell in that pic :(

Bipasha's bad make-up has got evrything to do with the flash she looks gorgeous in the first pic

thanks makeup is always interesting to read your post....i wud also want to see katrina's high nd lows of makeup

amazing post yaar......too good....looking forward for more ..keep it up :)

Love the post...awesummm

wow I love these posts keep up the good work MakeupCritic (:

great post makeupartist..keep it up :)

I love these posts! Keep them coming :)

Best posts ever by MakeupCritic...good job

Thankyou guys!! I'm going to do a new post soon on the actress' with consistently good makeup.

Bipasha looks gorgeous in that picture. MakeupCritic keep it up!! I love these posts :) I got so excited when I saw this post lol

HI MakeupCritic,

you are post is g8 ........
Can you please post how to do basic make up ,
like what kind of foundation's we can use ,
compacts, basic eye make up , how to use lip liners,lip gloss etc ....
what kind of products are best to use for the people who don't know anything about make up.

it will be quite helpful .....


Love these posts Makeupcritic! You're spot on as usual. Keep 'em coming please.

Mostly agree with you. I think Bipasha looks good in hers, both good and bad. I dont like Gauri's good - not a fan of how her eye makeup is applied - that 1 line of blue is very dated.

i didnt like ur "good make up" of Kangana at all....the good make up of her is this:

and bipassha looks good in "bad" too...

I love ur analysis on different makeup styles.. please continue with these.. also gives us some more tips on how to use mke up on fair skin....

can comeone tell me which brand and color of contact lenses do these actresses use?

bipasha's bad is beauty..

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