EXCLUSIVE: Kim Do Wan on finding younger brother in Moon Sang Min; accepting Wedding Impossible role

In an exclusive conversation with us, actor Kim Do Wan who played the role of Lee Do Han in the rom-com Wedding Impossible expressed his goals as an actor. Read more below.

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Moon Sang Min, Kim Do Wan: courtesy of Studio Dragon
Moon Sang Min, Kim Do Wan: courtesy of Studio Dragon

Wedding Impossible, as you hear the name of the K-drama, you wonder just what would make a wedding so impossible. Led by Moon Sang Min, Jeon Jong Seo, and Kim Do Wan, the Studio Dragon production is based on an interesting storyline between three people whose fates get entangled. We had the amazing opportunity to interact with actor Kim Do Wan via an email conversation that has given way to insights into his selection of the script.

About Kim Do Wan

The 29-year-old actor is the face behind many key characters in famed K-dramas, including the likes of Start-Up and My Roommate Is a Gumiho. You may have also seen him in Suzy- Yang Se Jong starrer Doona! While his cameo in Big Mouth was definitely one to remember. 

The latest character portrayed by Kim Do Wan in Wedding Impossible saw him playing a homosexual man, next in line to inherit the business owned by his magnificent family. After landing in a fake marriage arrangement with Jeon Jong Seo’s Na Ah Jeong, he ends up needing his dear younger brother, Moon Sang Min’s Lee Ji Han’s help, to protect his secret as well as become the successor.


Kim Do Wan: courtesy of Studio Dragon

Kim Do Wan Interview for Wedding Impossible

In an exclusive chat about playing the character of Lee Do Han in Wedding Impossible, actor Kim Do Wan opened up on his relationship with fellow cast and crew members. Read the full interview below.

What made you accept the role of Lee Do Han and were there any difficulties in executing your part?


Kim Do Wan: I accepted the role of Do Han because I felt that Do Han was different from the characters I had played so far. When I choose characters, I always want to try new things. Although I always have fears or concerns about playing a new character, there were no particular difficulties with acting Do Han.

How would you describe your relationship with Moon Sang Min on screen and off screen?

Kim Do Wan: At the beginning of the drama, Ji Han and I have some small conflicts, and gradually we have emotional and deep conflicts. In fact, I had fun acting with Moon Sang Min, for example when he taught me things like how to shoot fight scenes well. My real younger brother is a bit cold, but Moon Sang Min feels like the youngest cute brother who is very lovable, so as we acted together, our chemistry got better and we worked with great happiness.

Moon Sang Min, Kim Do Wan: courtesy of Studio Dragon

Are there any particularly memorable behind-the-scenes moments from filming that you can recall?

Kim Do Wan: Every time the director, actors, and staff members were all bright and positive, so I was happy every time I worked on the drama. I always had a good time with filming this drama and every moment was fun and memorable.

What are your goals as an actor in 2024 and what's your ultimate goal?

Kim Do Wan: I don't tend to set specific huge goals. As an actor, I want to do my best every day and always reflect on myself and do new challenges to develop myself. Not only in 2024 but also as my ultimate goal, I want to take responsibility for my life and get older in a healthy way.

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