EXCLUSIVE: Wedding Impossible’s Moon Sang Min on stopping fake marriages, meeting Under the Queen's Umbrella cast, more

In an exclusive conversation with Moon Sang Min, the lead actor of the romance comedy Wedding Impossible, he dished out similarities to his character, Lee Ji Han. Read the full conversation below.

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Moon Sang Min, Under the Queen's Umbrella: courtesy of Studio Dragon, tvN
Moon Sang Min, Under the Queen's Umbrella: courtesy of Studio Dragon, tvN

Moon Sang Min will turn 24 in a couple of days. If you've followed along his journey, you'd know he was talented. If you've just subscribed to his talents, you're in for an interesting ride. I may be biased to have been a part of the former, but the truth is he is a promising young fellow with hits already under his belt. And dare I say, one of the most impressive as well. If this still has not caught your attention, scroll down to where he shows off his impressive looks, and we're sure he'll hook you right in.

About Moon Sang Min

Starting off as a model, his 190 cm stature could have easily aced the field if not for his keen interest in other forms of content, leading him to act in web dramas and eventually move to mainstream shows. A small role in My Name later, Moon Sang Min was already on to bigger projects as he pulled off the character of Grand Prince Seongnam in Under the Queen's Umbrella. Duty After School viewers would agree he deserved some changes in the storyline, but his latest is yet another challenge.


Wedding Impossible poster: courtesy of tvN

Moon Sang Min interview for Wedding Impossible

Studio Dragon production Wedding Impossible stars Moon Sang Min alongside Jeon Jong Seo and Kim Do Wan in the lead roles. Playing a chaebol heir named Lee Jihan, he finds himself in a fix when his homosexual older brother proposes a fake marriage to an actress and is on the verge of seeing it through. Things turn complex, and a love story ensues among the entangled trio, which must now battle their emotions and put a stop to the mess they’ve so concocted. 


In an exclusive conversation, Moon Sang Min told us about his grown-up role and the nitty-gritty of understanding it. Read the full chat below.

As Lee Ji Han, you had to portray a mature, suit-wearing adult, a total change from your past roles. What difference did it make in your preparation, and do you think you look better in suits or school uniforms?

Ji-han shows various suit outlooks. For example, his styling changes depending on whether he is newly employed or not, and when his emotional status changes, I tried to show external changes in accordance with internal changes. Sometimes, Jihan wears a large knit sweater with fuzzy hair, but after going through emotional changes, he straightens his hair and looks neat. It would be meaningful for viewers to focus on these changes as well.

Between suits and school uniforms, I think school uniforms suit me better. I still feel a little awkward with wearing a suit. (laughs)

I still feel a little awkward with wearing a suit.
Moon Sang Min on why school uniforms look better on him

How would you describe Lee Ji Han, and what similarities or differences does he hold from you in real life?

Jihan is honest and genuine. He does his best in every second. One of the strongest strengths of him is consistency, sincerity, and passion. That's why he's such a character that you can't bear to hate him, even though he can be hateful at times.

I think Jihan and I have pretty much in common. First of all, Jihan talks a lot, and I tend to talk a lot too. (Laughs) And while my older brother was watching this drama, he actually told me that it was similar to what I do to my older brother. Like what he says, I think he might actually be somewhat similar to Lee Jihan. The difference is that Jihan is active, and I am not. I think that is the main difference between us. And the fact that I'm not a chaebol? (Laughs)

Moon Sang Min: courtesy of Studio Dragon

What's your take on the set-up of Wedding Impossible, and hypothetically, would you step in to stop any such marriage plans made by your sibling?


I chose this drama because I always wanted to try the romance comedy genre and wanted to act a cute boyfriend who's younger than his girlfriend. I feel really grateful that I can be part of this drama and also get a chance to act the attractive character, Lee Jihan.

And yes, I would definitely step in to stop such fake marriage of my sibling. First of all, I would be shocked by the fake marriage, just like Jihan, and then I would try to find a better solution for my sibling. (Laughs)

Moon Sang Min, Kim Do Wan: courtesy of Studio Dragon

Why do you think Lee Ji Han has no greed for the heir position, and how does it help him?

I think Jihan didn't have any desire to take over the company because of trauma in childhood. He thinks he doesn’t deserve it because he feels guilty himself. Due to this childhood trauma, I grew up to be quick-matured, confident, and ambitious. So, Jihan gets along well with people around him and is popular. (laughs)

Moon Sang Min: courtesy of tvN

Your camaraderie with actress Kim Hye Soo and other cast members of Under the Queen's Umbrella continues strong. Have you met up recently?

Unfortunately, we haven’t met up recently because we are all busy. But I’m still in contact with Kim Hye Soo and other members. They are really good friends to me.

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