EXCLUSIVE: Nam Ji Hyun gets candid on Little Women's epic finale, Kim Go Eun, Kang Hoon and more

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, Little Women star Nam Ji Hyun also shared a special message for her Indian fans.

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Nam Ji Hyun plays Oh In Kyung in Little Women.

When you're equipped with a tantalising combination like the one between director Kim Hee Won (of Vincenzo fame) and Jung Seo Kyoung (of Decision to Leave fame), the viewers are gifted with one of the best series of 2022: Little Women. A complex storyline filled with plenty twists and turns, Little Women - produced by Studio Dragon - is also nurtured by its impressive ensemble; headlined by Kim Go Eun as Oh In Joo, Nam Ji Hyun as Oh In Kyung, Park Ji Hu as Oh In Hye and Wi Ha Joon as Choi Do Il.

When it comes to Nam Ji Hyun, the 27-year-old actress has time and again left us enchanted with her impressive performances. However, as Oh In Kyung, the Suspicious Partner star really hit it out of the park. An intricate character sketch before her, Ji Hyun embodies In Kyung's acute stubbornness to always do what's right, no matter what the cost. A solid woman character, written by a woman writer-nim!

Eventually, all three sisters accomplish what they set out to do. Although some were hurt and some lost what was theirs, they learned life lessons and realized what was precious in their lives. Their journey was long and tiring, but in the end, they walked out of it as different people. Personally, I think all three sisters have matured quite well, and I hope the viewers think so as well.
Nam Ji Hyun

In an EXCLUSIVE chat with Pinkvilla, I spoke with the lovely Nam Ji Hyun about how she sunk her teeth into a twisted yet realistic character like Oh In Kyung in Little Women, her working experience with Kim Go Eun and Park Ji Hu, what she thought about In Kyung and Ha Jong Ho's (Kang Hoon) unique relationship, the secret behind her effervescent beauty, a special message for her Indian fans, and more... Note: The interview questions were sent after the conclusion of Little Women Ep 6.

Read Nam Ji Hyun's candid interview with Pinkvilla for Little Women below:

Starting the interview, I have to mention how fans have been bowled over by your confident performance in Little Women. Given how you have filled the shoes of Oh In Kyung for the past few months, what do you think is the USP of this character, in particular, that sets her apart from your previous roles?

In Kyung's greatest strength is that she runs towards her goals without hesitation. Her goals are to fight against injustice and achieve her definition of justice. At times, she seems aggressive, ruthless, and willing to take risks. There are times when she makes questionable choices as she stands by her principles rather than giving in to reality. Therefore, how viewers interpret her depends on the viewers themselves. This is why In Kyung is different from the roles I played so far and why she is fascinating.


As I mentioned before, fans admire how headstrong Oh In Kyung is when it comes to doing what's right, even if it comes at a cost. In real life, do you follow the same principle when it comes to your career and picking projects, doing what you feel is right?

Everyone has their own standards when making decisions. I tend to listen to those around me and then make my own decision. Rather than following a specific procedure, I try to make the best judgement considering my current circumstances. But I don't think I could make choices as boldly as In Kyung.

Given Ha Jong Ho's (Kang Hoon) unrequited love and devotion for/to Oh In Kyung, what do you think of the unique pairing where Oh In Kyung's true feelings towards Ha Jong Ho are not really known especially with how fans are loving this onscreen pairing?

If you keep watching, you would understand In Kyung's thoughts and feelings towards Jong Ho. Then, you would understand their relationship. Their relationship depends on In Kyung, as Jong Ho has always been a faithful, unchanging character. I hope you follow their relationship until the end.

You and Um Ki Joon as Park Jae Sang have intense scenes throughout the show. How was it working with the veteran actor, where you'll have to tackle the conflicting, emotionally charged sequences?

In reality, actor Um Ki Joon is not scary at all. He is very kind. So even when he is fully immersed in his acting, he does not make me uncomfortable at all. Our scenes together were rather fun, as In Kyung matched his fieriness and fierceness. We were like two blazing balls of fire.

Since you're closely attached to Little Women, do you think the ending of the series will live up to the curiosity surrounding the series? Can you tease what fans can expect from the second half of Little Women?

Eventually, all three sisters accomplish what they set out to do. Although some were hurt and some lost what was theirs, they learned life lessons and realized what was precious in their lives. Their journey was long and tiring, but in the end, they walked out of it as different people. Personally, I think all three sisters have matured quite well, and I hope the viewers think so as well.


You worked closely with Kim Go Eun in Little Women, given the unbreakable bond between Oh In Joo and Oh In Kyung. What do you think is the one quality that you truly admire about Kim Go Eun as both an actress and a friend?

Kim Go Eun is a great actor. Acting seems to come naturally to her. Personally, I think her greatest strength is her sense of humour. Not only does she make the viewers laugh, but she develops it as a part of her character. She is really good at that. It's thanks to her that there are so many wonderful scenes in Little Women, especially towards the end. I was happy that she acted as my sister.

You started your successful career as a child actress. Did you give any acting advice to Park Ji Hu, who has been garnering praises for her works at such a young age, something which you can relate to?

Park Ji Hu is doing great already. She has a colour of her own. She has her own acting style, which comes naturally to her and will become more and more apparent as time passes. There is nothing for me to do for her, except to cheer her on.

We've seen you play characters in dramas, who always have a twisty edge to them. Amongst them, which has been the most challenging character for you to undertake and why?

I've never thought about it that way. I just sympathized with my characters and felt their emotions as if they were my own. The most challenging role for me was In Kyung in Little Women. She was a complicated character that could not be understood through a single scene. I understood her only after I thought deeply about her thoughts and actions. She was difficult and special at the same time. I would like to thank the director for helping me overcome my challenges and the writer for creating such a realistic character.

Something that fans would love to know about you; what is the secret behind your evergreen beauty and is there any beauty tips you'd like to tell your fans?

I try to be myself. Rather than having a fixed image of beauty, I understand that my appearance changes over time. Once time passes, it does not come back. So I try to value every moment and reflect back on my thoughts. With this mindset, I could live a healthy lifestyle. Personally, I think the best beauty tip I could give you is to have composure in life.


Whether it be as Oh In Kyung in Little Women, Eun Bong Hee in Suspicious Partner or Yeon Hong Sim in 100 Days My Prince, you have a major fanbase in India for your amazing performances. Is there a message you'd like to send to your Indian fans?

First of all, thank you for watching my dramas. I promise to return through exciting dramas, so please continue your love and support. I hope you enjoy Little Women. I hope that my dramas spread a little happiness in your life.

What a fabulous performance by Nam Ji Hyun, indeed!

Which was your favourite Oh In Kyung scene in Little Women? Share your personal picks with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

P.S. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for our EXCLUSIVE interview with Park Ji Hu, as she reveals which Our Blues star she'd like to work with next.

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